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Dreams Starting with B

“B” - “The letter B can indicate many things in a dream. It might represent a person that you know whose name starts with a B. It may also…”


Baby Carriage - “The baby carriage represents a positive change in the future. It reflects an increase in responsibility. You may have a serious…”


Bachelor - “The bachelor represents freedom in relationships. Dreaming of the Bachelor may indicate that you feel chained to a current…”


Back (Going Back) - “Dreaming about going back, even if it is not clear what you are going back to, can be very powerful. It represents…”


Back Turned - “This is perhaps one of the most unsettling visions that we can receive in a dream. However, depending on who has their…”


Back (Lying On Back) - “Dreaming about lying on your back can always be interpreted as being vulnerable. However, the tone of the rest…”


Backpack (School) - “The School Backpack represents the institution that surrounds you. The institution may be a school, a corporation, a…”


Backpack (Hiking)- “The hiking pack represents a long arduous journey of self-discovery. It indicates an unfulfilled wish to be self-sufficient and to…”


Backseat - “Having a dream of yourself sitting in the backseat of a car represents a loss of direction or control in your life. If you have a dream…”


Backward (Walking backward) - “Dreaming about walking or falling backward is a strong archetype that indicates fear and loss of control…”


Bad Feeling - “Having a bad feeling in a dream is very common and can be clearly interpreted. Bad feelings are usually exactly what they…”


Bad (Doing something bad) - “Having a dream about doing something bad symbolizes your guilt about something in your waking…”


Bag - “Bags of all types are a symbol of carrying something that is normally difficult to carry. In our dreams this may translate into carrying…”


Baggage - “Baggage presents to our dreams a way of representing life-altering changes. Alternatively, baggage may simply indicate an…”


Bait - “Bait, or fishing tackle, in your dream is an omen of positive things in your future. Fishing in general represents a hope in things to…”


Balcony - “The balcony is a place used to view things that are a far way away. Similarly, in your dreams they symbolize a way to see events that…”


Baldness - “Baldness indicates a sense of honor or impotence. If the baldness is seen in a mirror, it represents impotence. If the baldness is…”


Ball (Dancing) - “Going to a ball in your dreams is indicative of a wish or desire being fulfilled in your everyday life. It commonly is associated…”


Ball (Toy) - “The ball represents hardships and trials. Depending on what is happening to the ball will help to determine what its relation to you…”


Balloon - “The balloon represents high spirits and hope. If the balloon is anchored, it means that happiness is present in your life. If the balloon…”


Bananas - “Bananas are a phallic symbol in our dreams and represent playful sexual encounters. These are positive indicators of sex. If you…”


Bank - “Banks represent everything to do with the financial aspect of your life. Depending on the surrounding theme of your dream, the bank…”


Bankrupt - “Dreaming about being bankrupt is not always indicative of monetary issues. Oftentimes, bankruptcy is representative of ethical…”


Basement - “Dreaming of a basement indicates that you feel trapped inside the extenuating circumstances of your present career. Looking for…”


Bathroom - “Bathrooms represent privacy and thoughtfulness. Dreaming about being in a bathroom often means that your mind is asking for…”


Bats (Baseball Bats) - “Baseball bats are a symbol of violence and fear. If you dream about a baseball bat, it indicates that some sort of…”


Bats (Animal) - “Bats are a symbol of shadow and night. They are an emissary of negative portents. They do not represent evil in particular, just…”


Beach (Sand on Beach) - “The beach represents tranquility. Sand on a beach represents the infiniteness of our blessings and memories. If you…”


Bedroom - “The bedroom represents peace, privacy and unbridled sexuality. The comfort and peace that you can only find in your bedroom…”


Bees - “Bees are a strong sexual symbol that represents masculine virility. Dreaming of bees indicates intense sexual tension in your…”


Berries - “Berries indicate happiness and bounty. Dreaming of berries is often a sign of many small blessings to come in the near…”


Birds - “Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality…”


Bites - “Bites, whether from insects, reptiles, spiders, or other animals such as dogs or cats or squirrels, always indicates fear…”


Blood - “Blood is deeply archetypal symbol of life. Spilling blood is an omen of death in your future. Dreaming of blood inside veins is a sign…”


Border - “Borders represent rules and regulations that we feel are out of our control. If you dream about crossing a border, it is a symbol…”


Box - “Boxes are symbols of restraint or secrets. If you dream of yourself trapped in a box, it indicates that you do not feel like you have…”


Bra - “Bras are a very sexist symbol. They represent the constriction of society on females. If you dream about putting a bra on, it means that…”


Brakes - “Dreaming of the sound of screeching brakes or pushing hard on the brakes in a vehicle is a powerful omen that you need to stop…”


Breaking - “Dreaming of something breaking can be very specific of several things. If you dream of a mirror being broken it is a symbol…”


Breaking Up - “Dreaming about breaking up, when you are the one who initiates it, is almost always a sign that you should end a relationship…”


Breasts - “Breasts are a symbol of fertility and motherhood. They are also a sexual symbol. If you dream of breasts, whether yours or another’s…”


Bridge - “Bridges are symbols of crossing obstacles. Dreaming about crossing a bridge represents that you will overcome a difficult situation…”


Building - “Buildings are symbols of protection and constraint. If you dream about being lost in a building, it is a sign that you feel trapped…”


Buried Alive - “Dreaming about being buried alive is very frightening and is a warning that all of the things in your life that are causing…”


Bus - “Dreaming about a bus represents a long patience-trying journey. You are currently or will soon encounter a situation that requires…”


  1. Hi im not sure which my dream comes under best, in my dream lastnight i was sat down, in the passenger seat of the car, i looked to my left and in the side ( where you would put a drink say, was loads of diffrent sizes of bouncy balls and some marbles also, what does this mean, i have never had anything like. This before.

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