Dreaming of the Passage of Time the Future Interpretations


Dreaming of time is generally a sign of wishing time away. Of not coping with the pressures of everyday life. You need to look at all aspects of your dream to get a deeper understanding of what time in your dream means.

The Passage of Time

When you dream of time running out this may reflect your thoughts about getting older. It can also mean you are wishing for more time for something. Do you worry about missing out on something? Are you worried about being late or missing a deadline? Do you self-sabotage your success? Do you use not having enough time as an excuse to give up on your dreams? This is a reminder that time is precious and you can never get back what you waste. This is a remind to use your time wisely. Time is a precious commodity and it eventually runs out.

Dreaming of stopping or freezing time can represent your fears and the pressures of everyday life are overwhelming you. This is a sign you may feel time is running out in some way in your waking life. You need to take steps to deal with this. Yu may need to take action.

Conscious of Time

Watching the clock in your dreams is a sign you need to make time work for you. When the hands of the clock are pointing at numbers, take note of the numbers as they will be important to your waking life. Dreaming of being late for an appointment indicates you feel time is running out. It can also be a warning you currently have a lack of attention to detail. Are you making mistakes? Are there minor details you leave to the last minute?

Being early for an appointment can mean you are waiting for something to happen before you can move on. Sitting around waiting may not get what you want. You may have to take action.


A dream of a photograph in a dream about time is a sign you may be holding onto the past. Do you have false hopes of some kind? Do you expect too much from others? Take a look at who is in the photo in your dream. This could me a reminder of a different time in your life.

Time of Day

Dreaming of specific times of the day is a sign you need to structure your time to cope with the everyday pressures of life. Different times of the day can have different meanings for you. For example, 12 noon is lunchtime, 6 pm is knock off time at work and it is time to relax, and 11 pm may be bedtime. This type of dream could mean your life is too rigid, too planned. Relax a little. Not everything is about meeting deadlines. Negatively, it can also mean that you need more structure in your life. Maybe you need to set some deadlines to achieve success.

The Past and the Future

Dreaming of a time capsule can mean you want to escape your current life or situation. Are you under a lot pressure? You may want to go back to the past or fast forward to the future, to a time where you can realize your hopes and dreams.


Dreaming about getting older or about older people, can mean many things. Seeing an elderly man can represent the wisdom gained throughout life and how you have learned about forgiveness. Seeing an elderly lady is about life and death. This is a message about your life lessons and the wisdom you have learned along the way. If you are the one aging in a dream, this is a message to let you know you are being a wise person.

When you dream of aging this may be a time where you need to use the lessons of the past. It can be a reminder that you have the skills and knowledge to achieve whatever is in your heart. Use your wisdom to help you in the current situation. It can also mean you are worrying about get older. Does getting older often play on your mind? Do you fear dying? This may be a dream to alert your consciousness to these fears so you can face them head on.

Historical People and Events

Dreaming of historical people and events can be a reminder of how thing once were. It can be a reflection that you wish to return to simpler times. Do you dream of escaping the pressures of everyday life? Do you want to simplify your life? This could be a time to investigate this more closely.

The Future

Dreaming of the future is a sign your life is out of control. It may be a warning you need to take back control. This is symbolic of the things you still want to achieve in your life. Or, it can mean you need to have a deeper understanding of others when dealing with them. Take the time to know what you are talking about.

Seeing yourself in the future can represent your fear that you will fail in the future. This is not a dream showing you the outcomes, but it represents the possibilities stemming from your fears. Making plans for the future can mean you reconnect with an old friend. Is there someone you often wish was back in your life?

Dreaming of guessing about your future can mean you have finally seen through the illusions around you. You have rebalanced and look forward to what the future holds. Seeing yourself taking care of this means there will be disappointment or some sort of embarrassment crosses your path. But you are well-equipped to deal with this with barely a second thought.

Glimpse of the Future

When you get a glimpse of the future in a dream it is a reminder you need to take more control of what happens to you in your life. This dream reminds there are things you need to do, but you have been procrastinating. Get off your butt. Get out there. Take action. There is no point wanting and wishing for something, if you do not take action.

Dreaming of future highs in your life that have every likelihood of happening, can mean you need to observe the people and things that happen around you more closely. This helps you tune in more closely to your intuition. It is a time to follow your gut instincts.

A dream where you get a glimpse into the future can mean you fear that things will not happen in the way that you plan. What you see in a dream may not be the truth of what happens in reality. It can be your subconscious projecting your fear to the forefront of your mind.

If you dream of making plans for the future, it is a sign that you will soon receive unexpectedly good news from someone you have not heard from for a while. Trying to guess the future in a dream is letting you know you are balanced and grounded. No longer are you living under a veil of illusions.


Dreaming of reincarnation can be symbolic of your soul reliving another life before being born to you. Our souls have lived before. Some, many times. And, it is believed, your soul is capable of remembering past lives. These dreams can bring important lessons and wisdom to help in your waking life in the present.

You may dream of a historical figure such as Florence Nightingale. This does not mean you are reincarnated as her. It means to take a look at the details of the person. Florence Nightingale’s is famous for her selfless healing of the sick and poor. This could reflect your own qualities or be a message you could be more like her. It could be there is something you are trying to work out in your life. And an historical figure may visit your dreams as a clue to the answers you need.

True past life dreams are a sign you are open to the lessons of the past. You acknowledge that you have lived before and that there is value in drawing on that wisdom. Sometimes only mere glimpses of a memory will come. Other times you may meet an old flame or see some other part of your life that directly relates to something going on in your waking life. These dreams will come to you at times when you most need them.

Play close attention to all the details in a past life dream to get a deeper understanding of its true meaning.

The Past

When you dream about your past (an old house you lived in, as a child dressed for a birthday party) it can be warning you are repeating past negative behavior in your current life. Or, you are about to repeat them. It could be that you have not truly moved on from past habits and the person you used to be. This is not a good sign. This could be a warning you should know better. You are now better equipped to behave with more integrity. This could be a warning that if you continue on as you are, the end results will be similar to those in the past. It is a clear message to grow up!

Dreaming of the past can be a wake up call to take a long, hard look at yourself and the way you deal with things. Ignore this type of dream at your peril. For repeating past behavior and mistakes means you have not learned the lessons of the past. This is destroying you, and will continue to destroy your life until you face your truth.

Time Travel

Dreaming of travelling through time can be caused by past regrets and fear of the future. You may be trying to avoid a difficult situation. Or, there may be a situation or emotions you wish to rekindle.

Time travelling is a sign everyday pressures are getting to you. You may want to walk away or wish for less responsibilities. You may travel back and forward through time to avoid the truth of your reality. Maybe you have made a mistake and face failure in you waking reality and you are trying to avoid the consequences. Or, you long for change because you cannot cope with your current reality. But, change eludes you for this very reason. You are trapped in a circle of negativity of your own making. You need to break out to achieve success.

Dreaming of time travelling can also indicate you are a romantic. Do you often daydream? Do you romanticize everything in your life? For a deeper understanding of a dream of this type, analyse how you feel in your waking life.


Seeing a sundial in your dream can represent your feelings that something is not quite right in your real life. Have you set yourself unrealistic dreams? Do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others? Do you work for something that does not exist? You may need to reassess your goals and make new plans that you can achieve.


Watches and clocks measure time and help you understand whether your dream is about the past, present, or future. They also help keep you on track. Dreaming of a watch or clock can symbolize how structured by time your life may be. It is a sign you should relax a little. Do not be so structured about everything in your life. Try to ease up on the deadlines and let the energy flow.

Dreaming of a clock can represent your heart and emotions. Do you panic when you see a clock or watch has stopped? This can indicate your emotions are out of control. A stopped clock can also symbolize death somewhere of a person or of an ideology that no longer serves you well. But, watches and clocks most commonly represent time passing you by.

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