Dreaming of Hurricane Harvey – What Does it Mean?


Whenever there is a natural disaster, there is always a sudden spike of in the number of dreams about hurricanes and other natural disasters like tsunamis, volcanoes, and other disasters. If you have a friend, family or a loved one who is affected by the disaster, that can result in even more dreams about that disaster.

Hurricane Harvey is a recent natural disaster that has devastated parts of Texas with massive flooding throughout the state. Millions of people were affected by Hurricane Harvey; the massive flooding caused record breaking flooding throughout much of the state.

Regardless of whether or not you were affected by the disaster, seeing the disaster unfold on TV can have a big impact on how you feel about it. Even though natural disasters rarely occur, the moment a natural disaster hits there is often a huge number of people who start thinking about these events happening to them.

Watching movies that feature ‘end of the world’ scenarios can also have a strong effect on your dream patterns. Usually, whatever you are thinking about throughout the day before you go to bed, will be on your mind when you sleep.

If you spend your entire day thinking about the flooding and Hurricane Harvey victims, you are likely going to dream about that event at night. While there is no guarantee as to what we dream, often we will dream about anything we occupy our minds with.

What Does it Mean When Your Dream of a Hurricane?

“Hurricanes and any sort of natural disaster are a dream symbol of an enormous and faceless threat that you fear completely overwhelming and destroying your life as you know it. This dream may indicate that an actual hurricane threatens you, but it more likely indicates a simple insecurity in your life and home.

Dreams that feature hurricanes often indicate feelings of being out of control and unable to cope with certain emotions. Perhaps you have been keeping your emotions bottled up and have failed to find an outlet that you can express yourself. Are you prone to emotional outbursts or are you in control of your emotions at all times?

While the home is supposed to be a haven from the dangers of the world, if your home does not feel safe to you, it is easy to feel that nothing is secure. Dreaming that a hurricane threatens your home is an indication of how you feel about your innermost self – your goals and dreams, your relationships, and your day-to-day life.”

Source: Read the Entire Dream Symbol HERE

Were You Affected by Hurricane Harvey?

If you suffered through Hurricane Harvey, it is likely that you will have recurring dreams about the memories related to your experience. Anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience in the storm is going to have a hard time dealing with many unanswered questions.

The more you were impacted, will have a strong effect on how you feel about that disaster.

Any traumatic events that we face in our lives, can have a significant impact on our minds when we sleep. That is why it is important to talk to a counselor or a psychologist if you have lingering issues that have affected you in your life.

People who have childhood trauma, even dream about those events years laters. Unresolved conflict and issues can haunt people when they sleep if they do not make an effort to try and resolve that conflict.

Can Natural Disaster Dreams Predict the Future?

Some people believe in the ability to see the future in dreams.

While I will not doubt there are some people who do dream about events in the future, the reality is that most of these dreams happen by chance, not because of psychic abilities.

If you do the math, the probability that someone has a dream of a tsunami before a tsunami happens in very likely. Given the fact that there are over 7 billion people in the world all dreaming every night, you are almost guaranteed to find someone who dreamed about a disaster before it happened.

Just because a few people dream about a disaster before it happened, does not mean they can predict the future.

While some people are definitely more sensitive to their surroundings and their unconscious minds may pick up on things that others do not, there is no scientific evidence to conclude that anyone can predict the future with a dream.

Now, if you dream about a natural disaster occurring, and the news is warning of a potential hurricane Harvey heading your way, then you better listen to your unconscious mind and assume it is a good chance that the hurricane will hit you.

Support the Flood Victims

Is your unconscious mind telling you to make an effort to support those affected by the storm?

If you can’t stop dreaming about the victims of the Hurricane, the best thing you can do is make an effort to support victims of the flood. There are countless charities and organizations that have been created to help the victims of Hurrican Harvey.

Website Links to Support Hurricane Harvey Victims:

Click HERE to Make a Donation to GoFundMe Pages

Click HERE to Make a Donation to the Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey


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  1. PS. My life and plans are actually suddenly on shaky ground right now. There has been a virtual earthquake in my plans and I am in danger of losing my home. I lived in the same place for 25 years and now everything is up in the air. So, there you have it. Also my daughter is involved with a life partner whose entire family besides her and their baby is in the same area of Mexico who suffered a major earthquake.

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