Dreaming about Politics and Elections – What Does it Mean


With the current political landscape around the world, it is easy to get tied up into politics. Whether you are on the left, right or center, politics is a topic that can create a lot of passion from all parties involved.

Dreaming about politics can reflect the current political climate around you. If you are someone who believes strongly for or against a particular party, then your dream can manifest that love or hate depending on who you dream about.

If you find yourself watching the daily news worrying about a particular issue before going to sleep, that worry might manifest itself in your dream and reveal itself to you in a number of different ways. Dreams are a way for your unconscious mind to release anxiety and tension that can build up in your mind.

Dreams involving a conservative or republican figure will have different meanings depending on your political views. Someone who is a stout conservative might find that these dreams reflect a desire to conserve more or to be more meditative in your daily approach. Perhaps you have strayed away from your moral values and need to get back to your roots.

Conversely, if you are a Liberal who dreams about conservative values, it could indicate your distaste for people who have opposite opinions that you hold dearly. It may also indicate, and internal desire to challenge your own beliefs.

Dreaming about liberal ideas or politicians may indicate the need to become more open-minded in your thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps you have a view of how the world should be, without considering the value that other views might have.

Dreaming of left-leaning politicians could also mean that you have been spending a lot of your time watching politics in the news and it is seeping into your unconscious mind. Dreaming about specific figures is your brain’s way of dealing with the constant flow of new information.

Dreaming of an Election

If you dream of an election it may indicate that you have a decision to make in your life that you have been holding off. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life and you need to decide what you want to do.

If there is a real-life election occurring, then this dream may be a reflection of your current political environment. Since politics can become extremely polarizing as the election grows near, you will find yourself thinking about the election the closer it draws near.

To be involved in an election may indicate that you hold the opinions of others around your highly. Perhaps you are always trying to appease everyone else, without thinking about your own needs and things that would make you happy.

What Was the Mood of Your Dream?

To interpret any dream it is important to ask yourself how you felt during and after the dream? Was the political dream pleasant and something that made you feel happy, or were you scared and sad during the dream?

Perhaps you dreamt about another party winning an election and you losing. This may indicate your fear of the future and what it might bring. It is important to try to understand what you felt during the dream.

If you had a positive dream about politics, then perhaps that is a reflection of your current political views. If you were scared or angry during the dream, it may indicate a lack of openness to other people’s ideas around you. Perhaps you are surrounded by the same ideology and need to branch out to other groups.

Dreaming about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a strong polarizing figure among many people around the world. The meaning of this dream will depend on your personal views of the President whether they are negative or positive. Some people look at Trump as a strong minded individual who is leading the country in a better direction, while others view him as a narcissistic man who is only serving his own interests.

Was your dream a positive dream or a negative one? Were you happy or sad in the dream? The emotions that you felt in your dream can have a big impact on your overall perception of the dream and what it means to you.

Final Thoughts

The same dream for two different people can have completely different meanings. It is important to realize that your dreams are unique to you and therefore, the interpretation of your dreams must be subjective and take into account your own values. That is why you are best equipped to find the meaning of your dream because you are the one living your life.

Please use this interpretation as mere guidelines to help give you ideas to consider. These interpretations should not be considered expert advice and in no way substitute any medical help. If you have any mental health issues you need to consult a professional to help you deal with those. The world of dreaming is subjective, so it is important to understand that the meanings will vary.


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