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Dreams Starting with A

“A” - “The letter “A” in a dream represents beginnings, and a solid foundation for an endeavor. It also represents something which is excellent….”


Abbey – “An abbey represents spirituality in the dreamer. It also represents a haven or cloister, and a desire to shelter oneself from the dangers….”


Abdomen – “Your abdomen represents your subconscious and deep feelings. The emotions connected to your abdomen in your dream can give…”


Abduction - “Dreams about abduction indicate a fear or a feeling that circumstances in your life are being controlled or manipulated by….”


Abnormal – “Dreams often include abnormal or fantastical elements. It is important to notice exactly what elements in your dream are…”


Aborigine – “An aborigine in a dream represents instincts. It also represents freedom from societal constraints. It could indicate a desire for the…”


Abortion – “To dream of an abortion means that you are resistant to some change in your life. This dream symbol includes undertones of….”


Above – “The physical placement of items in dreams is essential to understanding the symbolism of the dream. If an item is above another…”


Abscess – “An abscess indicates that there is something harmful in your life which is growing more dangerous as it remains hidden and…”


Absent – “It is unusual to notice that something is absent in a dream. The dream-state suspension of disbelief is responsible for making…”


Absorb – “Absorption is a state of receptivity to the influences surrounding one. This can be either positive or negative, depending on…”


Abstinence – “There are a multitude of things that can be abstained from in dreams. To abstain from food could indicate an ascetic tendency…”


Abundance – “To dream about abundance is an auspicious sign. It indicates that you are comfortable and confident in your present situation…”


Abuse – “If you dream that you are being abused, then this dream can give you an insight into a dangerous or toxic relationship which you…”


Abyss – “An abyss represents the unknown, and the subconscious. It could represent a circumstance in your life, or a choice you have to…”


Academy – “To dream of an academy indicates a feeling of inadequacy. The position of being a student indicates that you feel a lack of…”


Accelerator – “Dreaming about an accelerator on a car indicates a feeling of power. You feel that you are capable of travelling where you…”


Accent – “To dream about speaking in an accent indicates that you are not confident that you can make your thoughts understood. If you…”


Acceptance – “We often dream about abstract themes that are especially prominent in our lives. To dream about acceptance means that…”


Accident – “If you dream that you cause an accident, then you fear losing control of your actions or the consequences of your actions. You fear…”


Accomplice – “An accomplice in a dream is someone you can trust completely. You believe in their will to go along with you, and usually…”


Accordion – “The symbolism of the accordion varies depending on the role the accordion plays in your own popular culture. It can represent a…”


Accountant – “Dreaming about an accountant, or about being an accountant, reveals some desire or impulse for order and organization in…”


Accounts – “Accounts in a dream represent the sense of order or control you have over your life. If you dream that you are creating accounts…”


Accuse – “A dream about accusation is often a sign of the dreamer accusing him or herself of a particular fault. The accuser in the dream…”


Acid – “Acid is a corrosive substance, and in a dream it indicates a fear or feeling that something is eating away at you. It could indicate…”


Acorn – “An acorn in a dream is a symbol of potential and latent promise. If you dream about an acorn falling to the ground, then some event…”


Acquit – “To dream of acquitting or being acquitted of a crime is an indication of your acceptance of an event in your life that you once…”


Acrobats – “Acrobats in your dreams are a symbol of the way you feel about your ability to handle the circumstances in your life. You might…”


Address – “To dream about an address indicates a need to orient yourself. If you dream about the address of a place where you used to live…”


Acting – “If you are acting, or playing a part, in your dream, this is an indication that you are not being true to your genuine self in your…”


Actor/Actress – “If you are an actor or an actress in your dream, then you are pretending something in your life and hiding your true…”


Acupuncture – “Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on achieving and preserving health more than on treating disease…”


Adder Snake – “An adder or snake is a dream symbol of a person who is untrustworthy. Likely this is a person who is in a close or influential…”


Addict – “If you dream that you are an addict, it signifies that you have lost control over an aspect or circumstance in your life, and are instead…”


Addiction – “An addiction in a dream is a symbol of something that you feel dependent on to accomplish your basic goals. This dream is an…”


Admiral – “If you dream that you are an admiral, this is an indication that you feel in control of your life, and in authority over other people…”


Admiring – “Admiration is a straightforward dream symbol that usually just means what it looks like. If you admire someone else, this is…”


Adopted – “The significance of this dream depends largely on the emotion connected to the symbol. If the emotion is negative, then an…”


Adultery – “A dream about adultery is an indication of betrayal or insecurity in a relationship. It could also indicate a fear that you are not…”


Advancement – “Physical advancement in a dream, such as traveling on a journey or taking steps forward, indicates working toward a goal…”


Advertisement – “If you dream that you are placing an advertisement, it means that you will need to work outside your comfort limit to…”


Advice – “Advice in a dream is a very powerful element. The speaker may take the form of various sages in your life, or it may even be you…”


Aerosol – “To dream of an aerosol can indicates feelings that are under pressure and volatile. Perhaps you are carrying a lot of stress and have…”


Affection – “A dream about affection indicates that you have a healthy image about yourself, and probably a strong relationship with someone…”


Afraid – “Being afraid in a dream means that something in your life is controlling you or has power over you. The exact meaning of this…”


Affliction – “Dreaming about a physical affliction or illness signifies that something is preventing you from accomplishing the things you…”


African – “The meaning of your dream about an African depends largely on your own identity and worldview. It may reveal thoughts or…”


Agate – “Agate is a symbol of strength and protection especially against bad dreams. If you dream about agate it is a…”


Age – “Dreaming about age can be a very important portent to your life. However that does not mean that dreaming about age…”


Aggression – “Dreaming about aggression is very common. Whether you dream that you are attacking…”


Agony – “Dreaming about agony can be divided into two clear types. Either the agony is experienced…”


Agoraphobia – “Wikipedia defines agoraphobia as an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety…”


AIDS – “AIDS for most people represents an irrational fear of the unknown and almost certain…”


Aim – “Dreaming about aiming is representative of reaching a goal. If you dream about aiming…”


Air – “Air is one of the four sacred elements of nature. The other three are water, fire, and earth. To dream…”


Air Conditioner – “Air Conditioners are a symbol of wealth and status. In a world where most first…”


Airport – “Airports are symbolic of travel and distant destinations. To dream about being inside of an…”


Airplane – “Dreaming about flying in an airplane, while being a symbol of travel, is much more than…”


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