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“I was smoking in my dream!” Dreams that involve you smoking can have several potential meanings.  If you are a smoker in your everyday life, then dreaming of smoking often suggests that you are looking to suppress your emotions, protecting either yourself or those around you from what you really feel and what your true reactions to a situation would be.  It suggests that you are most likely a very private person who has difficulty letting others into your life and you often try to hide who you really are from those around you.  Your dreams may be trying to tell you that you need to be more open and welcoming to people – and perhaps let them into your life a little more by sharing a few more details about yourself.

Smoking Dreams Have Different Meanings

Dreaming of smoking can also indicate that there is some kind of disagreement occurring in your waking life at the moment.  It is possible that your actions are being determined by someone else, rather than yourself, and that there is something you need to do in order to change this.

dreams about smokingAnxiety is often a reason for dreaming of smoking, especially if you are a smoker, but this is not always necessarily the case.  Your subconscious will have picked up on the fact that smoking is often used to reduce anxiety, so this suggests to you that you need to stop worrying so much.

If the dream involves both you and a friend smoking together, or perhaps a small group of people, then this can represent the kind of society where the atmosphere is very much like a clique, rather than a true friendship.  If your dream involves you being part of the smoking group, then you feel as though you are included.  This can perhaps represent a work situation, so think about how you feel around your colleagues; are you part of the group within the workplace or are you more of a loner?

It can indicate going back to an old habit or bad influence

If you have managed to successfully quit smoking, but still find yourself dreaming of partaking in your old habit, then this is often called a compensatory dream.  You are likely to still miss the smoking that used to occur during the day, so your mind compensates by showing you images of you smoking while you are asleep.  This type of dream is extremely common after giving up an addictive habit such as smoking, and many ex-smokers find that this will occur, at least for a while.

If you are specifically dreaming of smoking cigarettes or offering them to another person, then this is a strong suggestion that you need to take some time for yourself and start to relax a little more.  This is particularly important if you are not a smoker and are against the idea of smoking, because it suggests there are negative influences in your life that are leading to stress.  Whether this is a behaviour or a situation, you need to work out what it is and how you can reduce its impact on your life.

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  1. In my dreams , me and my crush I recently got over , we’re smoking in the terrace and talking something deep I don’t remember . I wonder what it means

  2. I Dreamt Of My Husband Smoking While He Is Not A Smoker, The Following Morning We Had A Disagreement That Lead To Fighting

  3. What does it mean to see some you like Smoking And You stop them from. I take the cigarette from him so he won’t smoke.

  4. I keep having the same dream of suffocating on cigarette smoke. I don’t smoke, don’t plan on it and don’t like people who do. I’ve had similar dreams before but this seems to be the same one. I can’t tell if it means something or just my subconscious fear of dying from secondhand smoking. I am only 17 and I have to sell cigarettes to people at a local grocery store. Please help?

  5. What does it mean if you keep dreaming of your significant other smoking even though they never have and are against the idea?

  6. I had that dream last night in wich i went outside to smoke but when i opened the box of cigares there was only one cigare left and that made me sad and kind of worried. I dont know why though…

  7. I had a dream where my three yr old was smoking I was with a group of people and this unknown older lady kept looking at me all mean I disciplined my child for smoking she kept staring weird dream any thoughts

  8. This doesn’t mean that if you feel the urge to smoe and you do that you have a weak will.
    What he told me was all tthe really easy way around thhe tricks
    of the Tobacco Companies and how, once you know your enemy, how
    really easy it is to stop smoking, without drugs, patches, hypnotism or
    any other aids. I think it really depehds on each individual, so in order to find out what the best ways too stop smoking are,
    one nerds too consider each method foor its advantages and disadvantages.

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