Running Dream Meaning and Interpretations


“I had a dream I was running away!” Running, in a dream state can have several different interpretations depending on if you are running from someone or something, towards someone or something, whether you are alone or in a group, and so on.  When, in your dream, you are running towards someone or something it also depends on if it is a positive or negative target.  If positive then you are on the right track towards a particular goal or you are willing to assume certain responsibilities.

It can also mean you are ambitious and have a positive attitude; you are meeting and confronting certain situations head-on.  If your target you are running to is negative it can signify addictive and/or codependent situations or activities, as though you are continually drawn back to them.  This could be related to a recent break-up or having someone leave or run out on you.

Distance Matters in Running Dreams

If, in your dream, you are running away from something or someone that usually means that you are avoiding or putting distance between something you fear or makes you uncomfortable.   It could mean that you are skirting your responsibilities or you feel guilty A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.about something.

If you are running from some sort of danger or attacker of some sort it suggests that you are not confronting and thus avoiding your fears.  By successfully eluding your attacker or pursuer than it may mean that you are able to change that which had you ‘on the run’ before.

When in a dream state you are trying to run but can’t get your feet to move it may mean that you lack self-confidence or self-esteem.  The inability to run can also be linked to feelings of helplessness or feeling run down.  There may be a connection to negative feelings in relation to a certain situation or goal.

It can also allude to you desiring to accomplish something but not having the perseverance to start or follow through on something.  By trying to stick to your goals and put the effort in during your waking hours it might help you to overcome this inability to run.  Another link could be to the actual state of REM sleep where your body is in a certain state of paralysis.

Are you Running Alone or in a Group?

Running alone in a dream can mean that you are motivated and determined to reach a certain goal.  You are finding success in the pursuit of your goal and rising above those you know around you.  It may also mean that you will attain far greater success in life, whether from wealth, health, or social status, than your friends.  When running together with others, however, it may signify that you will all participate in some sort of festivity together and that your affairs will be mingled.

When trying to determine what running in your dreams means you need to consider if you are running away or towards someone or something to see if you are avoiding or confronting certain situations.

You must also consider if you are alone or with others to determine if you are motivated or intertwined with others for the future.  Running by itself can also mean that you are on the right track and should continue down the road you are on.


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  1. I dreamed a few times that I was able to run as fast as or even faster than a car. I just ran to get where I wanted to be. At times I would see something that could be dangerous but I was able to elude it. The danger wasn’t a big part of the dreams though. Running freely for long distances without getting tired seemed to be the focal point.

  2. I had a dream I was in a group of people I didnt know running in a circle so powerful it was making a tornado,
    An I couldn’t keep up, I also Fremont
    Of sitting in the shower sunburnt win hot water pouring on me ?? At the end I was getting swooped my crows as I was walking and didn’t flintch . Some one please explain this

  3. please help me interpret this dream because am afraid what can happen now,i dreamt that i angry smash a glass cup against wall and when i wake up,i was cleaning my room when i mistakenly push the plate i put the same glass cup i broke in my dream and it was broken please who can tell me what will happen

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