Ocean Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ocean Dream Symbol – The ocean in your dreams symbolizes probability and possibility. It is the beacon of the outcome of situations and conditions that will affect our circumstances in our waking life. The ocean is made up of water, which reflects our emotions, our creativity and spiritual source of wisdom.

oceanThe ocean is the largest body of water on the planet. It’s vastness and all it’s contents are still virtually unknown to scientists, because of its depth and complexity. It was from the ocean all life has been born. Therein lives the simplest of one-celled organisms to a very complex array of fish, plants and mammals. The movement of the currents affects the temperature, the climate and the weather. It is instrumental to life in general.

When glancing at the ocean, we see only the surface. But as vast as the surface is, it tells nothing of what is beneath. The ocean is a world unto itself, hidden from plain view. Man can only enter the sea so far whether in a wetsuit or submarine. It is still impossible to travel to the furthest reaches. It is for that reason it remains an undiscovered frontier. There are canyons and mountain ranges along its floor. Entire ecosystems of life flourish within the coral reefs, all without our knowledge.

And so it is with the ocean in a dream. The realm of possibilities and hidden treasures are endless and unknown. Psychologist Carl Jung brought forth the idea of the ocean as the womb of creativity for the unconscious mind that gives birth to new ideas. In the dream the state, the ocean is the state of a problem or situation and it’s probable outcome.

The ebb and flow of your emotions can sometimes build up and turn into tidal waves that get released on your surroundings. When you dream about the ocean it is important to look the state of the ocean to determine the meaning of this symbol.

When you dream of seeing or traveling on the ocean, a calm sea means your situation is stable. All will go smoothly. Serene water and smooth sailing indicate no disruptions or delays. If the waves are choppy or violent and the boat is rocking or in danger of crashing, take heed. You may arrive safely or finish your task. Though it could pose some challenges.

Or, in the worse case scenario, spell disaster. Setting out or travelling on a stormy ocean, with big dark waves, foretells of many difficulties and the possibly that you should consider abandoning the voyage or waiting for better weather.

If you dream of swimming in the ocean, it symbolizes exploring or a diving into your emotions. Do you enjoy the water? This means that you express yourself well and have no issues dealing with your ongoing relationships, jobs or situations. Do you find it difficult to keep your head above water? This means you are struggling with communicating your needs and wants. It may also indicate that you are overwhelmed in your daily life. If you dream of drowning, this is your unconscious mind telling you to stop; you should step back from a situation. If you dream of rescuing someone from drowning, then you will be able to conquer your challenges.

The deeper you dive into the ocean the more you are willing to explore or need to explore your creativity and spiritual self. If you swim easily into the ocean your creativity is flowing.  If you are finding it difficult to go deeper you may have creative blocks. The message would be to keep pushing forward until you find the source of your blockages. Once they are released, creativity can then flow. Answers to life’s questions come more readily when creativity is unhindered and the spirit is free to express and explore.

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  1. I had dream.. where I saw my elder sister and her husband with one moving on something very high like a crane all of a sudden I saw them moving above the ocean all of a sudden they fall in to that ocean I saw her and I ran towards them I started shouting call for help immediately I jump in to the ocean to rescue them
    they came out and I came out before I woke up.

  2. Jacqueline Patchett on

    I just woke from a dream that I was with my older sister and someone else I know. We were doing something then my sister got wet through from behind by a wave. We waded through the water and my sister had just missed being hit by a car under the water and the driver and passenger were on top of the car but it seemed like it was being driven.
    The next wave knocked me off my feet but I recovered. Then we ran up a sloping rock then i woke up. All the time we were laughing.

  3. Just woke up now from this dream. Myself, my two toddler boys and boyfriend of 8 years were on this docked boat about to go somewhere because we had luggage for some reason. While we were sitting on the boat (that was docked in now water at the time) I could see the waves starting coming towards us, starting small at first hitting the boat. The water was all the way on the deck of the boat just over our ankles. After a short while, the waves started getting stronger and bigger and started coming towards the boat hitting it and the water level was alot deeper. Everytime a wave hit I had to hold on the side of the boat with my boys tightly pinned between me and the rails of the boat with every hit of the waves. The last wave to hit was a massive wave. When that one hit I could hear a voice, who sounded like my boyfriend, asking if I know where we are. When I look at my boys I realized we were under the water and my boys trying to grasp for air. I held them up because we were not that deep under and just lifted their heads out of the water. At the same time the water subsided and went back and that’s when I told my boyfriend we need to get off the boat before the next wave hit and we got off leaving our belongings behind.
    Please, please help me interpret this dream. I’m not able to sleep at the moment coz I’m so worried right now.

  4. Naomi Bastedo on

    Just had this dream and I wanted feedback.

    I was in the ocean and I was searching for bodies. I found 2 and rescued them and the protocol was to bring them out of the water and ask them their eye/hair color, date of birth and today’s date. One person thought it was 2008 and the other thought it was like 2016. I had to tell the person who thought it was 2008 that he technically must’ve passed back then and we couldn’t do anything to save him at present day. It was so devastating for me and him and we both started crying & I held him. I was able to still save the other guy because he hadn’t been passed for that many years.

  5. I had a dream where i was swimming in the ocean and it was calm along with a few other people. Apparently i knew the people i was with. Then spirits or bad spirits were drowning the people around me. I was getting tired of the swimming and underneath me I could see that there was a reef however, when i looked in the water the reef was made of human bones. I was getting tired and remember having to step on it with my feet to get some rest. Then i began swimming again for the shore line.. and a man or spirit of the man asked me your my nationality and I told him. He then helped me get the rest of the way. The troubling part was that as I am swimming I can see the dark shadows in the water in shape of people. Some I knew and other I did not. The feeling of the human bones underneath me and my foot gave me a feel of disgust. I woke to feel the same way.

  6. I had a dream last night the ocean was slowly coming out to the road even the road was cracking of ocean water I saw and went up the high floor In my flat as the water was rising slowly just to be safe would see it from the 8th floor but it never rich high to the floor I was standing. There were no waves it was quietly rising. What it means?

  7. I had a dream last night about swimming deep underwater in the sea, it was clear blue and I felt extremely peaceful until I went up for air, the sky was grey and the waves were too strong that I was struggling to swim back to shore, but when I went back under it was completely calm.

  8. I had a dream , where it was almost like an out of body experience I’m watching this boat go across the ocean from high up and it’s so beautiful I can see the white foam at the back of the boat and the people then it’s as if I am slammed back into my body, I don’t know if it is the right word but it felt like that and there are no lights on and I’m panicking, I couldn’t get my phone torch on in the dream either .

  9. Had a dream that I was in a deep water submersible exploring very, very deep in the ocean. It was pitch black and dark all around, then I found a ship wreak, as I was going alongside with my submersible lights on I picked off the rusted hull a huge big consch shell, it was very big, about the size of a football and white. And was empty, the sea creature who had used had discarded it. The area around me was illuminated by a school of luminescent fish, I could see from their light. I was not at all afraid of the deep dark ocean, I felt like a rugged explorer and was excited.

  10. Mahogany Sparks on

    I had a dream where me and my ex-boyfriend where site seeing underwater.We saw fish and coral.Everything was so pretty!I was so nervous from the start because i don’t know how to swim and we were under the ocean.We rode past all kind of sea stuff. But then we started like shaking alil bit n i wanted to go back.we ended up on a island that had a restaurant look like it was for vacationers.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

  11. I had a dream where masked people dragged me and two characters, who seemed to be my children in the dream, down to the bottom of the ocean and chained us up leaving us there to die. We thought we were done for but somehow we were immortal. It was a strange dream but it has to have a meaning behind it.

    • Halima Saeed on

      I had a dream many times it seems to be related to the ocean. Once I dreamed that my daughter is drowning and I count find her and then I saw a dog was submerged at the bottom. Again I dreamed that my kids were playing and I so worried and running behind them screeming saying that don’t go in to the water stay away of it. Then suddenly police arrives and they start checking on people.

  12. In my dream I was a dock but I went in to the water and I don’t know how to swim but did make it to a fence with post holding it just before the break water it was claim but all in a sudden started moving quickly and the water moved over me and I had to hold my breathe and at that time I was holding as tight as I could so the waves could not take me, it would push me back and forth . Finally it calmed down and I got out, but I saw a small girl in the water and I went in to get her and the waves started moving again I was able to move little by little to get her and myself out and everything was calm. No one claimed the child so she stayed safe with me.

  13. I dreamed I was swimming in the ocean there were whales and sharks, but they were not after me.
    they were close but far away. A whale touched my leg but there was no harm. There were waves but I wasn’t really afraid. I can’t swim but I was swimming well in the ocean and made it to shore. I have been having recurring dreams of swimming, and swimming well in pools and ocean even though I don’t know how to swim. I have sort of a calming feeling in the dreams because I can swim. I am going through a lot in my life right now, lost of job, apartment and car. Lost of life as I know it of independence. I think my dreams may mean that I am learning to deal with the difficulties of life. Its not easy but I am learning to be at peace with difficult circumstances and I will come out ok at the end of all of this.

  14. Andre steenkamp on

    Hi ..I have just woken up…dreamt that I was chatting to people unknown in a house parallel to the sea…this was my house with my daughter and sons rooms facing the sea..whilst chatting to the mates..I noticed the sea was getting high and the waves where starting to hit the house ..calmly and below the window line…at first but noticed the waves where getting bigger..and started to hit t window height (just)…I ran to the my daughter’s room and the wave just got into the open window…I closed the window …then ran to my sons window whose was closed but a huge wave built up ..I saw it coming..and it hit the entire window hard…it held up but I awoke ..

  15. Barbie Jenkins on

    I dreamed of being on a smaller boat at a harbor tied up to all the other boats at the harbor and the water was choppy but clear and there was a giant cruise ship heading towards the harbor and in the dream it felt as if the big ship was going to hit my ship but then everything settled and calm down we regained our ship and everything calm down in the water cleared up and the day cleared up

  16. I had a dream last night .. it was like I was sleeping on outside on the ship in the middle of the ocean and I was failing into the water but I had something to hold myself for … and then I got back into the ship and night time when I wanted to sleep the ship
    Was crashed and the wood failed into the water … I was struggling to find someone to fix the ship

  17. Sarah Hampton on

    Me and my bf where in the ocean swimming to get somewhere and then we were on a school bus we where swimming and along the ay I lost head phones in the ocean we didn’t struggle through swimming. I just felt like we where in a rush to get to the bus on time and we made it butonce on the bus we couldn’t talk it was weird and random but I know it had some kind of meaning just not able to completely interpretat the dream

  18. Anthony , I’ve had a dream of being on the rocks on the Chesapeake Bay bridge almost in the deep water. Watching the deep water. I’ve dreamt this dozens of times. I never can make it to the top.

  19. I dreamed I took a very long swim along the coast for about 7 to 8 miles, in deep waters and wad not afraid of sharks (which I am). Then I walked back on the beach that same distance through tunnels, caves, and nice areas at times. I was then on a ship that sunk there in the same area or port and I survived. I was trying to get back to hotel where my family was, but forgot where I was staying.? Wad looking in registers for my name. What the heck does all this mean?

  20. I dream of being in a boat and prepared myself to hold on as a big tide was coming and flip the boat but I didn’t let go and was able to become steady again in the boat. For some reason the boat changed to a smaller boat and I begin to search for my children. I’m married but my husband was not apart of the dream. I have a niece that I care for on a daily basis and as I begin to look for my daughter I found my niece and she wanted to get on my boat but she was too heavy and the boat begin to sink so she got off and back on the life boat she was on. My daughter is half her age. I found my sister off waters as the scenery changed and my sister which is my niece mom had a life boat that was bigger than the one I had, I said oh good I try this and I woke up.

  21. In my dream my love one that just passed away (lover) had dived in. I dived in behind him to rescue him but once I got to the bottom of the ocean he was gone.

  22. I had a dream in which I saw the ocean and its creatures amongst barrels of oil lit ablaze. The creatures could not escape the water and therefore died before my eyes and I helplessly stood watching. Those around me said that we would change our ways if the creatures of the sea sought refuge on land. I started screaming that these creatures had no escape but my pleas for change fell on deaf ears. I am not some sort of environmental activist and therefore wonder why this dream came to me and what it represents.

  23. Dreamt of lying on top of a high mountain and seeing the ocean and the banks of the sea with some sites that seems like a industrial sites along. Also another dream of flying above and on top of the ocean.

  24. i have a dream.. an ocean but no water. i dont know if it was low tide. and i see also coral reefs in a dry ocean.. there was 2 coral reefs its like a small trench and i was walking in the middle.. the distance of the two reefs is so narrow. and i said to the person in my dream to be careful coz you might get reef cuts. what does it mean?? ( and I dont know person in my dream they are not related to me)

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