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Ocean Dream Symbol – The ocean in your dreams symbolizes probability and possibility. It is the beacon of the outcome of situations and conditions that will affect our circumstances in our waking life. The ocean is made up of water, which reflects our emotions, our creativity and spiritual source of wisdom.

oceanThe ocean is the largest body of water on the planet. It’s vastness and all it’s contents are still virtually unknown to scientists, because of its depth and complexity. It was from the ocean all life has been born. Therein lives the simplest of one-celled organisms to a very complex array of fish, plants and mammals. The movement of the currents affects the temperature, the climate and the weather. It is instrumental to life in general.

When glancing at the ocean, we see only the surface. But as vast as the surface is, it tells nothing of what is beneath. The ocean is a world unto itself, hidden from plain view. Man can only enter the sea so far whether in a wetsuit or submarine. It is still impossible to travel to the furthest reaches. It is for that reason it remains an undiscovered frontier. There are canyons and mountain ranges along its floor. Entire ecosystems of life flourish within the coral reefs, all without our knowledge.

And so it is with the ocean in a dream. The realm of possibilities and hidden treasures are endless and unknown. Psychologist Carl Jung brought forth the idea of the ocean as the womb of creativity for the unconscious mind that gives birth to new ideas. In the dream the state, the ocean is the state of a problem or situation and it’s probable outcome.

The ebb and flow of your emotions can sometimes build up and turn into tidal waves that get released on your surroundings. When you dream about the ocean it is important to look the state of the ocean to determine the meaning of this symbol.

When you dream of seeing or traveling on the ocean, a calm sea means your situation is stable. All will go smoothly. Serene water and smooth sailing indicate no disruptions or delays. If the waves are choppy or violent and the boat is rocking or in danger of crashing, take heed. You may arrive safely or finish your task. Though it could pose some challenges.

Or, in the worse case scenario, spell disaster. Setting out or travelling on a stormy ocean, with big dark waves, foretells of many difficulties and the possibly that you should consider abandoning the voyage or waiting for better weather.

If you dream of swimming in the ocean, it symbolizes exploring or a diving into your emotions. Do you enjoy the water? This means that you express yourself well and have no issues dealing with your ongoing relationships, jobs or situations. Do you find it difficult to keep your head above water? This means you are struggling with communicating your needs and wants. It may also indicate that you are overwhelmed in your daily life. If you dream of drowning, this is your unconscious mind telling you to stop; you should step back from a situation. If you dream of rescuing someone from drowning, then you will be able to conquer your challenges.

The deeper you dive into the ocean the more you are willing to explore or need to explore your creativity and spiritual self. If you swim easily into the ocean your creativity is flowing.  If you are finding it difficult to go deeper you may have creative blocks. The message would be to keep pushing forward until you find the source of your blockages. Once they are released, creativity can then flow. Answers to life’s questions come more readily when creativity is unhindered and the spirit is free to express and explore.

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  1. Dear Mr. Klein,

    I have dreamed a lot over the years, between weird or silly and being chased by dangerous people or just getting lost. Recently I began to have dreams about the ocean, but not in a pleasurable vacation thought provoking way. In a frightening way. I had two back to back. The first one I was accompanied by an acquaintance while placing some of my belongings on some big rocks along the shore of an ocean. He or she (I don’t recall the gender), my acquaintance warned me against my behavior due to possible waves washing my belongings away. I ignored the warnings, and quickly found myself racing further on to shore after spotting a huge incoming wave from behind me. I survived, but complained about losing my belongings until I woke up. In the second dream I was living in a two story beach house with a hand full of roommates. I was gazing up at the big window in the living room where I sat quietly when all of the sudden I heard two people in the corner of the room having a conversation about their concerns for living soo close to the ocean and questioning safety. Soon after they left the room a huge wave rolled in, reaching and crashing against the window and cracking it. I stood there in shock and couldn’t move. A few moments later I started running toward the stairs as I heard a second wave start to roll in. Just as I reached the second floor the wave had broken it’s way into the house to drown everyone except me. I looked downstairs from the top of the stairs, felt dizzy and then woke up. My mind is reeling since those dreams. Now I am scared of the ocean, but I am more concerned about what they might mean psychologically. What is your interpretation/opinion about those dreams?

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