Girlfriend Dreams


“I had a dream about a girlfriend!” Dreaming of a girlfriend is probably one of the most straightforward dreams to interpret.  If you already have a girlfriend and you are dreaming of her, then take note of what your feelings towards her are in the dream.  It may represent anxieties that you are experiencing in your current relationship; perhaps you are uncertain about whether you want to stay in a relationship with her, for example.

If your feelings towards your girlfriend in the dream are positive and the two of you seem to have a good relationship, then this suggests that the two of you are happy and committed in real life too.  Girlfriend DreamsPerhaps it is a suggestion that you may want to take the relationship a step further, and perhaps consider asking her to marry you.

If you don’t have a girlfriend but are dreaming of having that special someone in your life, this is usually a sign that you are looking for more affection and intimacy than you are currently receiving.  Perhaps there is someone about to enter your life, or who you have just met, that might be interested in a relationship, or a friend who might be looking for more.

Girlfriend Dreams Suggest a Desire For Commitment Without Marriage

Dreaming of a girlfriend usually suggests a desire for commitment, but without the associations and expectations that go along with being married.  Think carefully about how you are treating her in your dream, particularly if you are not dreaming of your real-life girlfriend, because sometimes a girlfriend in a dream can be a representation of yourself.  Treating her badly can actually be suggesting that you need to take better care of yourself.

If you find yourself dreaming of a girl whom you know in real life but who is dating someone else, then this can indicate a lack of passion in your life.  It does not represent a deeply hidden desire for this particular woman, so don’t worry.  You may want to think about your current relationship and whether you are truly happy, or perhaps consider taking up a new activity that fills you with enthusiasm.  Regardless of whether it is your relationship, social life or work, you need to find a new passion because your life would seem as though it is becoming routine and boring.

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Girlfriend and Cheating Symbols

If you are dreaming of your girlfriend cheating on you, then rest assured that this is not actually the case, and she is highly unlikely to be doing so.  What this means is that you are feeling some insecurities, perhaps about your relationship, though it could just as easily be any other aspect of your life.  It could be anxiety about the future, even though your relationship seems to be stable and secure at the moment.


If, in the dream, you find yourself cheating on your girlfriend, again it does not mean that this is going to happen.  It does suggest, however, that there are feelings of guilt going through your mind that you need to work through, regardless of whether these are caused by your relationship or not.

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  1. My finace had a dream about me crying profusly and he said he was askin me wat happaned i kept on saying am sorry and den askd me if i cheated on him,i wisperd into his telling him yes.pls wat does dos dream mean.

  2. So I had a dream about my ex girlfriend whose currently married to someone else. In the dream it seemed like me & her were actually together again & we were all lovey dovey.

  3. Two nights in a row i’ve had dreams about getting a girlfriend, yet it was two completely different women altogether.

    In my first dream, I was becoming acquainted with a goth chick who was really into heavy metal and was pretty much en route into a romantic relationship with her and in the second dream, I began dating a more normal gal who was really into Jazz and even used a dating advice site that used Jazz music as metaphors for different people with various attitude quirks.

    Its funny how one person could have two separate dreams about dating women who was so different from each other, yet both had the same outcome.

  4. Hey I had a dream about my gf going out clubbing, I know it sounds crazy but we both agreed on no clubs while we are together in the dream that whole days was going good then her friend came over later that night then all of a sudden she came down dressed in tights and s little top. I asked baby!! Where uu going and she didn’t say anything just ignored me, I asked again but after looking around I and seen her friends packing getting ready to leave my gf. Was doing the same . I asked are you going to the club… then the dreame skipped to her being in the club it was walking distance so I went as well trying to get her not to saying bae I thought we had a agreement on the club situation but she still went and in the club I was trying to pull her talk to her ever thing in my power to try to get her to leave the next scene started after me doim that next thing she gets mad and storms home when i get home all her friends are around so I ask where is she and I’m sorry for messing y’all night up . .I’m thinking maybe .not the one for her next thing I know I turned around and see her and say!!! We need to talk after that she woke me up out my sleep,….. does this mean she is bored with me or tired of bein with me I keep having dreams about this similar situation

  5. Hi last night I had a dream about my current girlfriend who I would like to speak to her but she kept ignoring me and hanging out with her friends. In the dream I was doing a paint job and while I was walking back home I saw her sitting on a stair with a bunch of old friends of mine whom I rarely see them in real life and I called her but she kept ignoring me so I grapped her from her hand and begged her to lets go to talk somewhere quiter but she refused and said she was going to the movies with her friends but I told her for just a minute. In the mean time a friend of mine whom we used to hang out but today rarely see each other and in real life is in a relationship jumps in the middle if our conversation wearing a fine suit and began to flirt with her, I asked him to leave but he ignored me and my girlfriend pushed me back and continued to talk and laugh at him. At one moment the two began to kiss each other. Can u pls explain this dream to me thnks

  6. I had a dream about a girl that I know and had a crush on some time ago. In the dream we diched school and hung out the whole day. We were hugging all the time. What surprised me the most was that she hugged me back. It was getting late and we were waiting for the buss qhen she dessided to give me a blowjod. And just as she was about to start the came and two guys came out. Pn of them had a shaved head and said my dick was small… Thats the end. HELP ME!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!!

  7. i had a dream that i went on a church trip. and i wrote this short book about all the things i love about this guy named Simon. we feel in love and started dating while we where watching some movie. and before we where about to kiss i woke up:( i have been trying to find who this simon guy is… i wont sstop looking

  8. I dreamed of my girlfriend that was sleeping beside me and it feels really true . I still feel her when i woke up. ?
    What was it

  9. ok so i had a dream last night i new it was quite a long dream butt can only remember bits n peices .. first off iwas evning time like 5 and sunny there was a small apartment of town houses streched out. from east to south ..,across from them was a small brick wall and over the wall was blacktop kinda like a basketball court butt with no hoop if you hoped back over the wall and walked straight down south.the apartment you would come to a big glass door.leading to a pool .i do remember talking to my friend .he told me something about cops being on there way.after hering this from my friend butt was not very worried about it i walked down to the glass door to go to the pool .when i reached it i saw the girl or in this case my dream GF she was swimming with some else a obese man he pick her up an threw her in the water..right after i recall her makin this statement he’s stronger than you ,as she exited the pool i said butt im faster i told herthe cops are commin.asked for akiss i kissed her thenisaw them enter

  10. This is part of a very large dream… I will put you in the middle of the action, a gay tried to get me in a dark area of a very cool store then I see my gf, all she manages to get out is “he-” then another kid dunks her head under water! I couldn’t do anything but watch in horror as this happend, the last thing I saw was the absolute terror in her eyes! Then I blacked out. I wake up ( in the dream, weird right? ) And suddenly I realized that she was no longer there. I asked the girl who just about drowned her ” Where is she? Where did you take her? ” She lets out a giggle ” Oh her? She pushes me onto a mattress, she lays next to me. I am too weak to get up. ” Pfft, you won’t be needing her anymore… my eyes suddenly shut, and I feel movement around my legs. ” She doesnt like you anymore > 🙂 ” I am able to open my eyes again. But there is a blanket above us, I cant see whats going on inside the blanket. But I know where this is going… ” I ” fixed ” you up, doesn’t ” it feel better “? > 🙂 Doesnt ” it feel good?” I try to wake up, but then she said something that really scared me, “Oh dont leave yet, I got something in store for you… >:)” suddenly I hear a radio. The girl started screaming no but it was too late, i had already woken up!

  11. I had a dream about a “blade of legend” and that I needed to go on a quest in a group and I fell in love with a girl in the group but didn’t say anything, however later in the dream she discovered this and became my girlfriend… What does this dream mean?

    • i had a dream that i went on a church trip. and i wrote this short book about all the things i love about this guy named Simon. we feel in love and started dating while we where watching some movie. and before we where about to kiss i woke up:( i have been trying to find who this simon guy is…

  12. i dreamt my father saw my girlfriend lying down beside me…and he called me aside to tell me he dont like my girl.
    Then people started chasing her and injuring her with fork and there was blood on her body.
    she ran towards me then i carry her to place were to escape, then those people started chasing me too..
    i ran to a church were i was carring a cross as a “cross bearer” ….then one member of the church now told me that those people are outside the church……thats when i woke up…
    please tell me the meaning of this dream thanks….

    • i had a dream that i went on a church trip. and i wrote this short book about all the things i love about this guy named Simon. we feel in love and started dating while we where watching some movie. and before we where about to kiss i woke up:( i have been trying to find who this simon guy is…

  13. I had a dream that I had a girlfriend and we were Very happy like I felt I could go anywhere with here what does that mean?

  14. plzzz help had a really weird dream . firstly i dont have a girl friend but that s not because i am nerd or geek or sth but it s not popular in our country. the dream (i had a girl friend then we were about to have sex but sth interuppt us i cant remember then i went to hang out with my friend at that dream we had exams then she went to a school at this dream all other girls were looking at me because i was sexy then i went to find her boom she disappered i didnt quit but i also couldnt find her) there was another part but i think its another dream . thanks for reading and plzz help!!!!!!!

    • I remember having dreams where I couldn’t get around to the sex. It was when I was a virgin an experience I have never had couldn’t be felt through a dream because I had no idea what it was like. Sounds like you live in a monogomous culture and you are seeking to take a step into your future in finding someone to commit yourself fully too. I believe strongly in monogomy and have, since then, obtained a long term gf and lost my virginity and the dreams no longer stop me before sex. Just my take on your concern could be off a bit.

  15. Hi I had a dream where my current gf ex fb was tryin to come in an talk to my gf I pretty much told him to leave and he did then I walked in a room an found my ex sleeping at one end An my current gf at the other I asked my current gf what she was doin there an she said she didn’t know we woke up my ex gf and I proceeded to tell her I hope that she finds everything in a relationship that she has been looking for and me and my current gf leave what is the meaning of this I’m so confused

  16. Yeah hi, so. I had and keep having these fucked up dreams of my girlfriend. In them, she’s a complete asshole. Always. Tonight, she tells me (in my dream) that she thinks we shouldn’t be together, and all this shit About leaving me and whatnot. I remember someone else being there, but I can’t remember who.. I’m guessing that’d fall under iinsecurities? I’m just not sure anymore, and these dreams are killing me. I’m sick of waking up recently due to how upsetting these dreams have become. .

    • I have been having similar dreams if you find out more please share with me. In my dreams my gf seems to not care about my concerns and only talks about what she wants to. I always trying to have pressing convos though. Please tell me if you make any progress.

  17. I had a dream of someone I did not know but we were dating in then I woke up not knowing here face i do t think I’ve saw her in real life but I was in love. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

    • i had a dream that i went on a church trip. and i wrote this short book about all the things i love about this guy named Simon. we feel in love and started dating while we where watching some movie. and before we where about to kiss i woke up:( i have been trying to find who this simon guy is…

  18. My girl friend she has a hair tie on her wrist and she never really had taken it off.. then before I slept I had nothing on my hands.. when I manage to fall asleep I dreamed about her.. it was like she was really in my room and she had left a hair tie or given it to me on the side of my bed.. Still sleeping I put it on. While I woken up.. It freaked me out to find it here.!

  19. Just read it on

    i had a dream i was in my best friend’s (who is a girl ) and did something scarry then she came in and hugged me and we started to kiss but im dating someone WHAT SHOULD I DO ?!?!

    • Dreams almost never connote what you experience. A kiss with someone who you are not interested in, or are interested in from afar (I don’t know which applies, since you just said ‘best friend’ could signify awkwardness/uncomfort with a situation you feel stuck in, in waking life – or it could mean that you are wishing to play or live out a fantasy – which doesn’t have to be sexual – respectively.

    • it means your in love with your bestfriend and you know it. but you dont want to admit iit. therefor you should ask your best friend out. maybe she has feelings for you

  20. I had a dream today that i had a bestfriend who is a girl and in my dream at first i was crying wanting her to comfort me then after she started crying and i kept on calling her babe and she was okay with it. It was kinda like we were together but when i woke up i didnt remember her face but i just have this feeling like its someone close to me that i know even though i have no idea who it is. And I’m single but in my dream i felt like i did have a gf.

  21. Means your ugly as fck and he lost interest and he’s pounding someone hotter than you . Sorry honey , best way to deal with this is egg ready for him to dump you and just go adopt a cat because if you keep on dreaming him cheating on you chances are that your ugly as hell and no one will be faithful to you .

  22. Ask your boyfriend if he has done anything recently and if he hesitates or looks like he’s lying, then there you go!

  23. What if you keep having dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you? I’ve had three dreams where my boyfriend cheated on me

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