Death Dream Symbols


Meaning: Ah, the mystery of death! It is probably our greatest fear and is very common to dream about. This is a long one, so get ready… Freud has a rule about figuring out what the dead person represents to you. If there is no mention, or you do not realize that the person in the dream is dead until you wake from your dream, then the dead person is really reflection of you. If you talk to the dead person and know that they are dead, then the person who is dead is probably actually that person to you. If the dead person or animal in your dream is alive in real life, then you are probably worrying about their health and safety. If the dead person you dream about is actually dead, then you are probably working through your projection about what they would think about your current situation. For example, if in real life you’re dating someone new, you might be subconsciously wondering what your mother would think about them if she were still alive. You’re getting the answer in your dream. Traditionalists would say that the spirit of your mother is actually speaking to you, it’s your choice what you believe, but either way you should listen.


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