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When darkness is a key element of a dream, to rightfully understand it, you must closely inspect your overall feelings and consider what circumstances were occurring in the moment. Did darkness descend suddenly? Or did darkness fall upon you as you attempted to carry out some task? Was there another person that was cloaked or shrouded in darkness? How did you feel? Were you peaceful or afraid? Were you resisting or fighting the darkness? Was there a sense of foreboding or impending danger? Or did you simply notice the darkness around you?

For ancient people, darkness was revered. It was seen as a mystery. Dreams of darkness were warnings of unknown dangers or difficult times to come. In the darkness, our vision and ability to perceive what is around us is diminished and necessitates that we should use caution when moving forward as we attempt to navigate our way.

A person surrounded by darkness or one who embraces darkness should be seen as suspect, because they use darkness to cover their actions and hide their misdeeds. This can be taken as a forewarning that the person or situation is not to be trusted and should be possibly avoided.  If you choose to proceed, do so with awareness.

If within your dream darkness comes over you, it means that a forthcoming situation will be unclear or confusing. If you find yourself fighting with or in the darkness it means you are struggling with understanding your circumstances and are having problems finding your footing.

Darkness however, need neither be positive nor negative. When we go to sleep, we close our eyes and slip into the world of darkness. As the sun sets and dissolves into the night sky, the world is blanketed in darkness. Darkness is reflected in the seasons of winter with the shortening of the days, death of leaves of plants and their decay. This is not an end. The winter always gives way to the new. The joy of rebirth is celebrated by the promise of blossoming of spring every year. This is a necessary part of the cycle of life. Just as we don’t fear the winter, we have no reason to fear the darkness. We need only heed its message and remain alert, watchful and hopeful. Perhaps in your waking life, in a job or relationship, you are experiencing conflict and are looking for a solution. Darkness then, is it’s own message. The wise proverb “its always darkest before the dawn”, means that a solution always comes on the heels of the most difficult moments. Don’t despair. Relief is coming.

In literature, music and art, darkness has long been a symbol of the unknown and of our unconscious mind. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory states, “The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness” In the dream-state all that is hidden such as pain or conflict, which may be too challenging to confront when awake, rises to the surface. It is then we have the safety of our dreams to workout our inner issues that have been tucked away in the darkness of our mind. Everyone has a dark side. The duality of life necessitates it. What you do with that however, is your own personal choice.

Darkness in our dreams ultimately should be seen as a call to awareness, and as a gift from the unconscious mind. To dispel the darkness you have only to turn on the light. Becoming enlightened is becoming filled with knowledge. It is our opportunity to move from confusion to awareness, from unknowing to knowing, from darkness into light.



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  1. In my dream, I had my alarm set to ring at 3:00 a.m but my body was in rest but my mind wasn’t. All I remember was getting up and checking the time on my phone which was 2:14 a.m so i said to myself ill sleep and wait for my alarm to ring, until I finally fell asleep, but in my dream i got up 20 minutes before my alarm, walked out of my room to see that all the lights in my house were off, when we usually leave the kitchen light on, so i turned the flash from my phone as if it was gonna help, i couldn’t see anything until i made my way to the light switch and every step I took, darkness got thicker, I finally feel the light switch but when i tried to turn it on, nothing happened and all of a sudden a fear came over me, and i find myself screaming for the assistance of my mother while the dark grows over me, when I just woke up saying mom quietly.

  2. All I remember in my dream was like a void or black hole I was surrounded by darkness not a man but it’s like there was nothing there it’s all just empty

  3. I had this dream last night that at the top of some stairs there was a wooden table. On it were 3 books and if I touched one I had to open it and let darkness in me: which I did. I think it felt bad at first but maybe I liked it when it finished because I wanted to open another book and have darkness go inside me, but that didn’t happen. There was a voice before I opened the first book I believe but I forgot what he said

  4. I saw dark in my house.one of my friend is also with me.my full house is dark.since two days i am seeing this night dream.i want to know meaning of this dream.

  5. I have the same dream since I was in grade one or something like that, I don’t have the dream everyday but the feeling I get in the dream never change.
    So I dream about me being in the dark I can’t see anything but I feel like someone else is also there but there is no sound. So I start running away to nowhere but suddenly I see a small spot with light, I think the light was coming from a street lamp, anyway I reach there and look back to see who was following me I still can’t see anything but that thing was coming fast and suddenly my left hand to rotate backwards and I freak out and that’s it. What could this mean.

  6. AS above, I concider my self a good person and willing to help others with there problems and try to help them in anyway I can, im. like an agony aunt. I do try to be the best I can be. so why am I still having this dream that I have had since a small child.in my dream I am alone.i don’t feel threatened in any way. just confused why im going round in circles high in the atmosphere going round and round in the darkness. and I mean no light no moon no stars.just the pitch blackness. what dose this Dream mean. no-one can explain it to me.

  7. I have been having the same dream every night since I was a child. that im in space going round and round in circles in the pitch black. I feel safe in my dream.I would ask my mother every day what dose it mean? but she used to shout at me and say she did not know. I would then be afraid to ask again as I didn’t want her to get angry with me. why do I have this dream every night.please can you help.

    • somthing is coming for you i have dreams with darkness uyou need to channel the light out of ur body and see the bigger picture if you have ay more quttions contact me at this number 4234435437

      • Hello arran. thankyou for your reply. what do you mean ? how do I channel the light out of my body.could you please email me. Thanks for your reply. linda.

    • Hey Linda
      I have this dream as well but so far it has only been once in the darkness I too wasn’t scared and felt safe knowing it was something bigger at work as to why i kept spinning. I wasn’t in space but deep in the dark depths of the ocean but at the same time I knew I was in space as above so below. A scruffy looking man picked me up out of the ocean and I wasn’t me I was someone else and said 3rd time lucky. The more I reflect on the dream the more I think I was in the universal womb of awareness or consciousness and was reborn in a sense with a new awareness. Hope this helps

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