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Clothes Dream Symbol – Dreaming of clothes is an expression of your individuality. They reflect the inner desires of who you truly are. They can also represent searching for a better understanding of yourself and for better ways to communicate with others.

Getting dressed in a dream can indicate you hide your true self behind a false front. This may mean there is something holding you back from achieving your dreams. What are you hiding? Taking clothes off is a sign you avoid making excuses and have no problem with being transparent. Dreaming of being naked is a clear warning you expose too much of yourself to others or you may be lying about something important.

clothes-dreamsDressed formally is a sign you may fear others see you as cold and frigid. Being dressed in this manner is a warning others sometimes see you as someone to fear rather than to respect. You may be someone who expects everyone to act on your command. This is a time where you need to think of others and make the effort to make others feel good about themselves. This can make you feel good about yourself and give others a new perspective about you.

Being dressed in a uniform or business wear is a sign you feel misunderstood. You may even feel no one listens to what you have to say. You may feel undervalued as people may take your input seriously. Your attire signifies your need to feel part of the crowd. Someone who needs to be part of the mainstream of society. This may be a time where you need to stand tall in your truth for all others to hear.

Dreaming of being proud of your appearance is a sign of self-confidence, but others may see this as arrogance. Always dress to please yourself rather than to please others. Being ashamed of the way you are dressed indicates you need to make changes to your life. You are feeling that may confuse you or you are putting off making the changes you need to make to move forward. It is time to find better ways to express your true self.

Additional Meanings

Clothes both protect and adorn our bodies. Clothes keep us warm in the winter and depending on the style, cool in the summer. They can cover us completely as is the case of a bulky winter coat. On the other hand, clothes may not leave much to the imagination as in a string bikini. Some clothes are simply practical and are chosen for comfort. Some are extremely fashion minded.

Clothes are fitted to shapes our bodies. Some fit well, and others can be too large or too tight. Clothes can be flattering or not, conservative, businesslike, young or old, and sexually flirtatious. The question that strikes fear into the hearts of many men is, “Do these clothes make me look fat?”

In so many ways, clothes define us. The brand, fabric, cost, and design say much about what we can afford, our unique style, culture, and even our age.  Clothes can be a symbol of our success, worldliness, or religion. The clothes we wear can represent our jobs, such as nurses or policeman’s uniforms.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, Chapter 1 of the Bible says that God created the heavens, the earth, the beasts, and the waters. In Chapter 2, the man and woman were created. Only a few short verses later, after eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve noticed their nakedness. They hid, in their modesty, in the nearby bushes and sewed fig leaves together. These were, at least as the story tells it, the first clothes.

Clothes are the outer decoration of our physical bodies. The phrase “Clothes make the man” implies that exactly. The type of clothes you wear in a dream can be synonymous with your outward personality. This is the face you show to the world or wish the world to see. The intensity of the color can amplify or diminish these aspects. How you feel while wearing clothes also deserves consideration. Loud, colorful clothes can indicate a boisterous, outgoing, spontaneous, or sexually charged person. For instance, a woman wearing seductive lingerie, who is happy in the dream can indicate healthy sexuality. But, if the clothes are accompanied by the feeling of being ashamed or objectified, then, the clothes demonstrate a deep-seated feeling of vulnerability or guilt.

Brazen and harsh colors may suggest that you feel that you are being judged and other people do not like you. Dark colors can be conservative or sophisticated as in the case of a high-buttoned shirt or a black tuxedo. Sullen colors can represent a withdrawn, sad, or lonely person. Light colors would signify a light heart, carefree individual. White usually will mean innocence or naiveté.

Dreaming of buying or wearing new clothes means that one feels successful in their waking life. Dreaming of wearing old, ragged clothes can mean you fear being seen as a failure or feel inferior in your outward appearance. If you are mending your clothes, it means you are working on your appearance, and making necessary changes to make the clothes fit better, or last longer. When your clothes become torn or soiled, it means that part of you feels unsatisfied or frustrated in your efforts. To dream of washing your clothes means you take care of your outward appearance. To wash your clothes obsessively implies that you are too focused on what others think of you.

When dreaming about clothes, one is dreaming about the image they wish to paint for the outside world. A word of wisdom, the clothes you wear only highlight the outside.

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  1. I dreamt I was sitting writing something on a paper, tying someone else wrapper from my waist to my leg. The owner came and and demanded for it, I told the person I was using it to cover my leg from exposing. The person took the wrapper from me, I woke up adjusting my night gown. What does my dream mean pls?. I need answers.

  2. Ana fe Nacua Laure on

    In my dream I wear for kind of clothes and I have big long pants , one of my classmates in my dream said I like the clothes you wear you look like Muslim, but I feel uncomfortable so I take off some of my cloth clothes, I wear sun glasses but it wear broken the other holder, and I saw my high school teacher he is going to give us a exam. Then I went to a kind of building that have many rooms and I went to the washroom. And I get up that point.

  3. I dream of being give someone dirty heavy clothes to washing, it was like a very heavy Jacket……meaning

  4. John Mallinger on

    I had a dream that I came home, my wife introduced me to our new Japanese maid. I went to bed and when I woke up, I was surprised to find my clothes had been changed. I was no longer in my pajamas, but in a nice set of clothes. I asked my wife about this in my dream and she said the maid is pretty good at doing things like that. I then felt a bit embarrassed that someone other than my wife would do that. I then looked into the hall outside our room and the maid was smiling and waiving at me. My wife then told me to watch out, she is a bit perverted, and then my wife left the room. I then got up, took the fancy clothes off so I could slip into something that I felt was more comfortable when the maid opened the door and started caressing my naked back. I woke up at this point. I was a bit confused about the dream and have been trying to figure it out for a bit.

  5. I dreamed that I am geting in a car or bus and as I am geting to help other passengers, one of the passengers suitcase is full of my old clothes that I either gave or sold to them; and I envy them and I want them back because I now have nothing.

  6. Amrita Bagchi on

    For about 2 weeks or more I have been witnessing worn out, dirty clothes in my dream . Especially a new dress which I had bought for a special occasion. I really need to know the interpretation of this dream/nightmare.

  7. Stanley george on

    I had a dream seeing my friend whom Is far older than me washing my cloth. Please what does it mean

  8. I had a dream about my old best friend from about 6 years ago. I messed up our relationship in reality during the time when I was really depressed about my life. In the dream we saw each other from a distance we were both wearing dresses and as we walked towards each other the wind blew up mine in front of a bunch of people outside then it blew hers up and we were both really embarrassed. Then she was asked me to wash a large lime green scarf thing and said it was really gross and smelled but and no matter how much she washes it, it’s never clean and she would probably just throw it out. I told her I could fix it and to not throw it out and then we walked away I don’t remember actually washing it but later on we were friends and she moved in with me.

  9. I am grateful with dream interpretations. I thank GOD for the wisdom he gave to the interpreters.
    Glory be to GOD.

  10. Prasanna Naidu on

    Hi I had a dream that a rich person and a known Frend give me brand new cloths (denim) fabric. What does that mean

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