Clothes Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Clothes Dream Symbol – Dreaming of clothes is an expression of your individuality. They reflect the inner desires of who you truly are. They can also represent searching for a better understanding of yourself and for better ways to communicate with others.

Getting dressed in a dream can indicate you hide your true self behind a false front. This may mean there is something holding you back from achieving your dreams. What are you hiding? Taking clothes off is a sign you avoid making excuses and have no problem with being transparent. Dreaming of being naked is a clear warning you expose too much of yourself to others or you may be lying about something important.

clothes-dreamsDressed formally is a sign you may fear others see you as cold and frigid. Being dressed in this manner is a warning others sometimes see you as someone to fear rather than to respect. You may be someone who expects everyone to act on your command. This is a time where you need to think of others and make the effort to make others feel good about themselves. This can make you feel good about yourself and give others a new perspective about you.

Being dressed in a uniform or business wear is a sign you feel misunderstood. You may even feel no one listens to what you have to say. You may feel undervalued as people may take your input seriously. Your attire signifies your need to feel part of the crowd. Someone who needs to be part of the mainstream of society. This may be a time where you need to stand tall in your truth for all others to hear.

Dreaming of being proud of your appearance is a sign of self-confidence, but others may see this as arrogance. Always dress to please yourself rather than to please others. Being ashamed of the way you are dressed indicates you need to make changes to your life. You are feeling that may confuse you or you are putting off making the changes you need to make to move forward. It is time to find better ways to express your true self.

Additional Meanings

Clothes both protect and adorn our bodies. Clothes keep us warm in the winter and depending on the style, cool in the summer. They can cover us completely as is the case of a bulky winter coat. On the other hand, clothes may not leave much to the imagination as in a string bikini. Some clothes are simply practical and are chosen for comfort. Some are extremely fashion minded.

Clothes are fitted to shapes our bodies. Some fit well, and others can be too large or too tight. Clothes can be flattering or not, conservative, businesslike, young or old, and sexually flirtatious. The question that strikes fear into the hearts of many men is, “Do these clothes make me look fat?”

In so many ways, clothes define us. The brand, fabric, cost, and design say much about what we can afford, our unique style, culture, and even our age.  Clothes can be a symbol of our success, worldliness, or religion. The clothes we wear can represent our jobs, such as nurses or policeman’s uniforms.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, Chapter 1 of the Bible says that God created the heavens, the earth, the beasts, and the waters. In Chapter 2, the man and woman were created. Only a few short verses later, after eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve noticed their nakedness. They hid, in their modesty, in the nearby bushes and sewed fig leaves together. These were, at least as the story tells it, the first clothes.

Clothes are the outer decoration of our physical bodies. The phrase “Clothes make the man” implies that exactly. The type of clothes you wear in a dream can be synonymous with your outward personality. This is the face you show to the world or wish the world to see. The intensity of the color can amplify or diminish these aspects. How you feel while wearing clothes also deserves consideration. Loud, colorful clothes can indicate a boisterous, outgoing, spontaneous, or sexually charged person. For instance, a woman wearing seductive lingerie, who is happy in the dream can indicate healthy sexuality. But, if the clothes are accompanied by the feeling of being ashamed or objectified, then, the clothes demonstrate a deep-seated feeling of vulnerability or guilt.

Brazen and harsh colors may suggest that you feel that you are being judged and other people do not like you. Dark colors can be conservative or sophisticated as in the case of a high-buttoned shirt or a black tuxedo. Sullen colors can represent a withdrawn, sad, or lonely person. Light colors would signify a light heart, carefree individual. White usually will mean innocence or naiveté.

Dreaming of buying or wearing new clothes means that one feels successful in their waking life. Dreaming of wearing old, ragged clothes can mean you fear being seen as a failure or feel inferior in your outward appearance. If you are mending your clothes, it means you are working on your appearance, and making necessary changes to make the clothes fit better, or last longer. When your clothes become torn or soiled, it means that part of you feels unsatisfied or frustrated in your efforts. To dream of washing your clothes means you take care of your outward appearance. To wash your clothes obsessively implies that you are too focused on what others think of you.

When dreaming about clothes, one is dreaming about the image they wish to paint for the outside world. A word of wisdom, the clothes you wear only highlight the outside.

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  1. I dreamt picking my clothes that fell from line after wash , in a dirty water to rewash. What does this mean.

  2. I dreamt that my boyfriend was in the shower and I was picking up his clothes off the floor. Any ideas on the meaning of this?

  3. i was in the market i saw some clothe with a lady and there was this particular one i admire so much among the clothe she was holding. But she later gave me the clothe( skirt…. and then i notice there were some little stain on it. So then I was contemplating on buying the skirt then someone came to tell me the stain can remove that i should buy it ….then i woke up .

  4. Greetings, hope to get a little insight on this dream. I dreamed last night that I was a fashion designer (in my mind not a very good one) and had to sew my design. I didn’t feel the item I had designed/creating would turn out well or even be appealing to anyone. Well when someone asked to see my design I held it up and it was gorgeous, it was a lavender (or lilac) dress. It was a sheer one shoulder dress. I was pleasantly shocked it turned out so lovely & everyone’s reaction to it. But when i held it up on the hanger it was really lovely. I thought about the dream today laughing at feeling like my sewing and toiling away was a waste of time & that I didn’t have the talent to even be designing much less sewing the design.

  5. katie sadwick on

    My dreams tend to be about tight clothes a lot. Everytime I have some really important event to go to like a wedding, party, vacation etc. I dream that either I am putting on clothes that are too tight and get stuck in them and end up missing my flight or being too late. Or I am changing several outfits and just cant find the right one to wear until I’m too late and have missed the event all together.

  6. I had a dream that I was getting ready to take a shower and right when I was getting the last article of clothes off I would be fully dressed again. I kept doing it over and over. I even showed a friend. Couldn’t believed it. I was even praying the evil away cause I didn’t know what was going on. It didn’t work tho. Never got a shower. I finally woke up. What could that been about?

    • katie sadwick on

      A shower, bath, washing are all inidicative of cleansing. Perhaps you are trying to get rid of a bad habit and are not able to.

  7. I dream that my whole family wearing a fancy we’re going somewhere to a place we never go

  8. What does it mean to see someone wearing ur sweater like jacket and refuses to give it back to you in the dream.

  9. I dreamed last night that I was in a bargain store, and there were plenty of denim shorts, different kind of styles and designs. And I was so fascinted in choosing the best and I found one. it was already in my hand when I took a glance it was not the one that I have picked. So, I try to look it again from the bulky shorts but I never find it again. so I feel disappointed that I never get the one that I choose and the one that I really have liked so much. what.does it mean? does it makes sense to my waking life? thanks

    • katie sadwick on

      This dream means that in real life you seem to want the things you can’t have. It could even mean you desire someone else’s boyfriend or husband or are in love with an unavailable man.

      It could also mean that you in general you take a long time making decisions and hence end up losing out something of value.

  10. I dreamed I was washing my black sweater it is very warm and soft and I was just washing it just like I would , no emotion behind doing so, what is that mean ?

  11. I dreamt that in a church service, my clergy clothes were given to someone else by my father. I got to know it was him by my youngest brother. I went to meet my father and quarreled with him in the dream, then I woke up. Please What does this mean?

    • is your clergy clothes your identity as a person of good character?

      “given to someone else” by your father – in your waking life, do you have a good relationship with your father? do you often feel that you couldn’t measure up to his expectations?

      Is your youngest brother someone you trust and have a good relationship with in waking life?

      you “quarrelled with your father” in your dream – do you have negative feelings about your father in waking life? could your youngest brother be the key to helping you reconcile your relationship with your father?

  12. I had a dream of seeing a black top I don’t own but I had seen a shop long time ago lying on my floor and lately I have been under lot of stress… Can someone help me with the interpretation… I have never seen something so clearly almost like it was real..I thought I own it and it was on my floor and I slept thinking again I will pick it later

  13. My mother came to me in a dream and picked out a lilac dress and told me to wear it but the dress was too small for me to wear. I asked her was the time close and she nodded.what does this mean

    • katie sadwick on

      This means you are being pressurised to do something you are not yet ready for by a significant adult in your life.

  14. Hi, I see myself shopping for baby dresses specially female, don’t know what this means.

    I have no baby and was not looking for any shopping.

  15. I had a dream that I was with my friend at her mother’s shop. When we were gonna leave her mom insisted I should buy clothes. So when I looked back I saw a turtleneck l, so we went back inside and i picked that, then found out it was a scarf, so i changed again into a jacket idk. I changed again to different kijds of dressee, when i was wearing a tube i removed my bra, my friend suddenly took it and said something about my chest being big and wish she has big chest too. So Trying out these dresses I feel uncomfortable.

  16. I dreamt when two people were putting on my clothes one a blouse and the other a skirt. I had a fight with the one wearing the shirt for taking it without my permission

  17. Today and yesterday 2 time i dream my younger brother wearing a nice clothing like a fancy clothes for Vacation or something like that but i never see him wearing nice clothing? but why 2 time with different clothes but very fancy? but yesterday was a Nightmare before i saw my younger brother, my older cousin he used to live with us n called him brother because his mom left him n i dream him last nite that he want to kill me in the hanging neck with his roper on the trees but i hanging him first and he got stuck with it and then i saw my younger brother walking on the street and i calling out his name for help and he heard it and help me but it was quickly and then he walk and heard another help and it was my cousin but he was already hanging his neck and chocking him but my brother help him out and i was hidden from my cousin??? why? what this mean?

  18. I saw the colors of my cloths n shoe changes. It was bright and attractive. It was me who was changing clothes but I didn’t saw that I was changing rather I thought if changing n ur was already changed. I was happy comfortable n enjoying

  19. I dreamt borrowing someone my favourite pair of pants for some money And i was happy to do so So what does it mean

  20. My sister once had a dream that she was kicked & stamped by her mother to iron a bundle of clothes: the more she kept refusing to do it the heavier she was stsmped, but she did not do it.

  21. Akintola Gideon on

    I once had a dream that I exchanged clothes with a friend of mine. I took off my shirt and gave him mine. He also did the same. Soon enough, I realised the shirt he gave me was worn and torn, the one I gave him was new. Before I could turn to protest, he had left with some nearby ladies, singing as he walked off with them. What does this dream mean?

    • Gideon you need to pray and beware of your friend taking what u have labour hard for or reaping the fruit of your labour
      someone close to you is about to transfer his or her predicament to you..while he he or she enjoy your rewards

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