Boyfriend Dreams – Everything You Need To Know


“Last night I dreamt of my Boyfriend!” Ahh, your boyfriend! I knew we’d get to this someday. Dreaming about a boyfriend can mean some things depending on the situation and circumstances of the dream. This article will help you understand some of the symbols surrounding these dreams. The meaning of boyfriend dreams will depend heavily on the current circumstances of your life.

What do these Dreams Mean?

Boyfriend DreamsWhen you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you’ll need to concentrate more on the other symbols in your dream as your boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life.

A boyfriend can be a friend, enemy, lover, companion, or symbol of any of these things in the emotions. If he threatens bodily harm, however, it might be best to take this as a literal, real dream, and act accordingly.

Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions, and reasoning’s behind their presence in your dreams. Often these kinds of dreams that include your boyfriend reflect real-life concerns you have with them whether they are good or bad.

These dreams often show the underlying feelings, emotions, or fears you have with the relationships, or perhaps portray your struggle with your feelings in certain situations.  It could uncover fears for the future or reveal a fixation with the past.

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If in the dream your boyfriend is dead, that may symbolize that you think the relationship is dead and over.  It could also mean you feel stagnated in the relationship; your needs and feelings are not being recognized or prohibited.  This kind of dream may suggest that you break off the relationship since it is not a positive one.  A boyfriend leaving you in a dream may mean that certain aspects of your life are no longer helpful or supportive for you.

Subsequently, the arrival of a new boyfriend represents new situations and aspects that will be helpful and supportive for you.   If the boyfriend in your dreams is loving and kind then that could mean you subconsciously believe that you are a person worthy of being loved.  It is a sort of way for you to reaffirm your love for yourself.

“Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions…”

Should you dream of dating a friend’s boyfriend, it is not necessarily about the boy himself.  It may have more to do with slight envious feelings for your friend. You may desire certain qualities that they possess. It could also mean that you wish to be closer to said friend.

If you are dreaming about having another boyfriend there is a good chance that there is something that the ‘dream boyfriend’ is doing that you want your real-life boyfriend to do. You should try talking to your boyfriend about these certain aspects and desired changes.

If you dream about your boyfriend being gay or that he doesn’t love you any more than it can represent feelings about insecurities that you have in the relationship. It may also mean that your relationship is headed in a new direction and that you are having anxiety and fears about this changing situation.

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Dreams about an Ex-Boyfriend

dreams about boyfriendDreaming of an ex-boyfriend may show unresolved feelings of love or a current unsatisfying relationship. The ex-boyfriend may be a symbol of all the hopes of love that you desire and are not being granted by the current relationship.

Alternatively, seeing an ex-boyfriend in a dream may also suggest that the return of a problem or a bad habit. It could also be your subconscious warning you that you are recommitting bad habits, perhaps dating someone like your ex-boyfriend that wasn’t good for you.

If you have an enduring desire for your ex-boyfriend, then dreaming about them may represent the desire for something that you can’t have.  Another, simple explanation for dreaming about an ex-boyfriend may be that you just have unresolved feelings for them, or that your current boyfriend reminds you of your ex, either positive or negative.

Dreaming about a Boyfriend Usually Indicates Feelings

All in all dreaming about your boyfriend can simply be a reflection of your feelings for him and the nature of your relationship.  If in the dream things seem rocky, then you should assess your relationship.  If in the dream everything is rose-colored and wonderful, then you are happy with how things are and shouldn’t worry.  In either case, dreaming about love interests indicates you have feelings for them, one way or another.

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  1. I dream that my friend is my boyfriend then I broke up with him then after that my othe friend became my boyfriend..

  2. Yolissa Raya on

    I dreamed that my boyfriend broke up with his girlfriend and we started to hang out a little more. Then he asked me out and I said yes! And we dated for a while and when he came over to my house no one knew that he was my boyfriend so we only talked and then cousin was over so then my boyfriend went to my cousin and started to kiss her and I came back from somewhere and I was like hey babe and he was like we are done and ignored him till my dream ended. I don’t have a boyfriend tho?!what does this mean?

  3. Monique Williams on

    I had a dream that my boyfriend came out of an apt with a girl that I don’t know of, and she kept on staring at me.. so I asked do she know me and she smiled and said yes. I was pissed so I called my boyfriend by name to come here, which he did and he told me please don’t start anything, and if I wanted to be with him just say so I’m thinking that we are already in a relationship so why would I even say such thing and why is he with her, they both get into his car and he calls me on his phone and tell me once again that I can be his i was so upset in the dream I woke up..

  4. I’ve been having recurring dreams of having a life with my boyfriend(having children, getting married, living together, etc.). However, about a week ago, I had a dream we were in a car accident. No one was injured(except the car). When the relationship started I had one dream of him leaving, and others that were mainly sexual. What do these mean?!

  5. I had several dreams over the past few weeks of my boyfriend and I sleeping and making love to each other, but in every dream he still needs to move. In real life we haven’t slept together yet and he is thinking of moving to Denver. What does it mean?

  6. Last night I had a dream that my boyfriend had me tied up in a chair cutting me and hitting me … He kept mumbling something but the only thing I could make out was the word time .

  7. I had a dream I walked in my room and my bf was in there and he had told me he moved in with me? What does that mean?

  8. I dreamt that I couldn’t recognize my boyfriend and he was trying to love on me but I didn’t let him because I couldn’t recognize him.

  9. Keetha jamez on

    My boyfriend family don’t approve of me coz am not Muslim n I have refused to convert. So yesterday he traveled to try n convince his parents again. In the process I dreamt that they have approved of me n me n him are happy n hugging. What does it mean??

  10. I am NBSB means no boyfriend since birth, but last night I dream about having a boyfriend and then suddenly one child comes to me and says she is my daughter,she’s crying. I’m shock at that time because I dont know that I have already a child with someone else, and then the father came out and he said he is my husband! I am really confused and shock! Having a boyfriend and then husband with a child? I dont know what it means?

  11. I dream that my boyfriend have a baby twins one of the baby look alike like him one black like me but am not the one that give birth to those kids.

  12. My boyfriend keeps having dreams about me and I don’t understand them, Like one of them I left him for my shitty ex and came back pregnant, and another is that we were on this cliff and it was sunset and as he proposed to me I got shot IN THE HEAD!!!!! like what does this mean???

  13. Nomsa Masizane on

    I dreamed about my deceased baby daddy ,he past away 4 yes ago, now I’m in a relationship but I dream of him talking to my current partner as if they are old friends then they left with a lady I work with , after sometime she came back and I ask her where are they and she said they want somewhere but they are coming back,I said no why is my deceased baby daddy leaving with my current and I woke up

  14. Rainy Constantine on

    I had a dream I had a boyfriend(I don’t IRL) but then I left him for another guy in which he turned out to be like really bad and tried to kill everyone, idk what it means haha

  15. Erika Leonard on

    I have had this dream twice in the last five years. In my dream I get hurt by someone and there is this short guy whis face I cannot see that keeps telling me that he has been there all along. That I have been overlooking him. And I give in and experience the most extreme happiness of my life. Last time it lead to me dating a bunch of loser and ex’s from my past. I don’t want to do that again. What can this dream mean?

  16. I had a dream that me and my ex got back together, then he broke up with me. Also he left his young son with me. In the dream I was his talking to his son about calling me mom now that his dad was gone??

  17. I just want to share my dream an trying to know what is the meaning of it. Its a little confusing. I was dreaming lastnight about my boyfriend. Me and him are going for vacation on september and in my dream, we went for vacation with our bagpack on. We went to somewhere near the beach and he carried me going to the beach but the water is not that deep. Only knee level. And i was so happy and enjoying with him but i was a little scared about him running to the water while hes carrying me.and he found a pair of slippers in the middle of the beach,he wore it and we went back to our hotel.when i was trying lay down beside him, his face is different, my boyfriend is 40 and when i saw his face hes like 20’s. And really different. I dont know the person anymore and i asked him, i noticed you look younger and your face isnt look like my boyfriend anymore. And i am looking everywhere to my boyfriend and i was scared amd i am missing him sp badly and i am crying and hurt. And one woman whos working in the hotel i asked her if she saw my boyfriend, and she told me that ohhh! Theres a black magic happening now, someone took your boyfriend and you cant go easily there because theyre not in earth right now, before you go there you have to give him 350,000. And i was crying because i lost my man and i couldnt find him. Just waiting and gets to the point that im impatient.

  18. Elizabeth was here lol on

    I dreamed that I was cheating on a rocker kid on “The Voice: The Best of Hard Rock in Blind Auditions Worldwide” at 9:15 of the video on youtube. I was cheating on him with my husband from the Waking Life. I thought how weird that had to be. The feelings for my husband in my dreams we’re hot of course but I was caught in action with my husband and I have no idea what in the world these dream means. I mean there we’re more to the story but the dream before was fuzzy but I remember that bits in pieces. I tried to look it up but that’s pretty difficult since it don’t match a cheating dream dictionary of most. Post me if you have an ideal? 😀

  19. Estephania Martinez on

    I had a dream where my boyfriend came over and you know I didn’t tell anyone in my fam because they would rat me out, so throughout the dream it was him my boyfriend but then towards the end i was kissing some girl and I was so confused, so then I tried kicking her out because well she wasn’t my boyfriend and then it switched to this other girl and all she said was “I want to go suck some dick.” And left to my neighbors house,, maybe it’s just a dream but it still freaks me out that I was kissing a girl in the dream :/

  20. I had a dream that my boyfriend walked in on me with another guy and he shot the guy and ran away then the police came but I denied that it was him

  21. I had a dream that my boyfriend for almost a year now broke up with me to sleep with another girl got me back and then cheated on me with the same redheaded girl. It’s a repetitive dream and I wake up in tears I live with him also.

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