Boyfriend Dreams – Everything You Need To Know


“Last night I dreamt of my Boyfriend!” Ahh, your boyfriend! I knew we’d get to this someday. Dreaming about a boyfriend can mean some things depending on the situation and circumstances of the dream. This article will help you understand some of the symbols surrounding these dreams. The meaning of boyfriend dreams will depend heavily on the current circumstances of your life.

What do these Dreams Mean?

Boyfriend DreamsWhen you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you’ll need to concentrate more on the other symbols in your dream as your boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life.

A boyfriend can be a friend, enemy, lover, companion, or the symbol of any of these things in the emotions. If he threatens bodily harm, however, it might be best to take this as a literal, real dream, and act according.

Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions, and reasoning’s behind their presence in your dreams. Often these kinds of dreams that include your boyfriend reflect real life concerns you have with them whether they are good or bad.


These dreams often show the underlying feelings, emotions or fears you have with the relationships, or perhaps portray your struggle with your feelings in certain situations.  It could uncover fears for the future or reveal a fixation with the past.

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If in the dream your boyfriend is dead, that may symbolize that you think the relationship is dead and over.  It could also mean you feel stagnated in the relationship; your needs and feelings are not being recognized or prohibited.  This kind of dream may suggest that you break off the relationship since it is not a positive one.  A boyfriend leaving you in a dream may mean that certain aspects of your life are no longer helpful or supportive for you.

Subsequently, the arrival of a new boyfriend represents new situations and aspects that will be helpful and supportive for you.   If the boyfriend in your dreams is loving and kind then that could mean you subconsciously believe that you are a person worthy of being loved.  It is a sort of way for you to reaffirm your love for yourself.

“Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions…”

Should you dream of dating a friend’s boyfriend, it is not necessarily about the boy himself.  It may have more to do with slight envious feelings for you friend. You may desire certain qualities that they possess. It could also mean that you wish to be closer to said friend.

If you are dreaming about having another boyfriend there is a good chance that there is something that the ‘dream boyfriend’ is doing that you want you real life boyfriend to do. You should try talking to your boyfriend about these certain aspects and desired changes.

If you dream about your boyfriend being gay or that he doesn’t love you any more than it can represent feelings about insecurities that you have in the relationship. It may also mean that your relationship is headed in a new direction and that you are having anxiety and fears about this changing situation.

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Dreams about an Ex Boyfriend

dreams about boyfriendDreaming of an ex-boyfriend may show unresolved feelings of love or a current unsatisfying relationship. The ex-boyfriend may be a symbol of all the hopes of love that you desire and are not being granted by the current relationship.

Alternatively, seeing an ex-boyfriend in a dream may also suggest that the return of a problem or a bad habit. It could also be your subconscious warning you that you are recommitting bad habits, perhaps dating someone like your ex-boyfriend that wasn’t good for you.

If you have an enduring desire for your ex-boyfriend, then dreaming about them may represent the desire for something that you can’t have.  Another, simple explanation for dreaming about an ex-boyfriend may be that you just have unresolved feelings for them, or that your current boyfriend reminds you of your ex, either positive or negative.

Dreaming about a Boyfriend Usually Indicates Feelings

All in all dreaming about your boyfriend can simply be a reflection of your feelings for him and the nature of your relationship.  If in the dream things seem rocky, then you should assess your relationship.  If in the dream everything is rose colored and wonderful, then you are happy with how things are and shouldn’t worry.  In either case, dreaming about love interests indicates you have feelings for them, one way or another.

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  2. I’ve this dream and in this dream me and my boyfriend and some family members are in this building and it’s the same building each dream. Me and my boyfriend argue a bit in the building and then one of us leaves mad or unhappy. The last dream my boyfriend left and when I followed he ran away from me. What does this mean??

  3. After being in relationship with him for seven years, he broke up with me, I did my best to get him back but all in vain, wanted him back so the love I feel for him, I pleaded with everything, I promise, but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that instead should contact a doctor love that could help me pray for my love to bring back to him, but I’m the guy who never believed in prayer, I had but to try, I sent the akim dr man, and he told me it was okay that everything will be fine within three days, my ex back to me within three days, he prayer and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 16:00. my ex called me, I was so surprised I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, he wanted to go back to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and I went with him, that’s how we started living together happily again. Since then, I made a promise that no one I know has a relationship problem, I would help that person by him or her in reference to the only true love and powerful doctor who helped me with my own problem and that is different from all false there. anyone could need the help of the doctor love, your email address: ( you can email him if you need their help in your relationship or anything. You can never stop talking about you sir Your Email

  4. Hi all , last night i dreamt my boyfriend and I had a perfect relationship we were affectionate , funny , the best version of ourselves … when all of a sudden he cheats on me with a girl I considered to be my Friend (in the dream don’t know her in real life) and i leave him , and he just doesn’t care? What could this symbolize? I just don’t understand how we went from over the moon to cheating so quickly??

  5. I dreamed that my boyfriend would leave me for some other girl and I would always try to get him back and either he realized it or I would disappear from the dream and then he would get depressed and disappear too

  6. I dreamt we were talking on oovoo and my mum kept coming in and interuptting, then i kept teleporting to a bus naked at 1am with my clothes on the ground. wtf….

  7. i keep dream the same dream for months that i am with my ex boyfriend but i am not happy and dont now why it keeps hoping but i always run back to my love chris all the time in my dream and i am happy again

  8. valeria flores on

    Ive been having dreams about my boyfriend. Currently hes in jail for violation of probation. & since he got there like 2 weeks ago since then i been dreaming of him. My dreams are so weird first one was that he lied to me & we broke up. Another one was that he was taking me somewhere & he just drop me off. Another was that we was heading to a house it was me, him, his friend,& it was his birthday & i didnt even knew until he was getting like birthday card on the mail. My dreams are different everyday & idont know what it means

    • Ashley Thompson on

      my boyfriend is currently in jail and has been there for 1 month , i also have different dreams most are of him cheating on me i just woke up and my last dream was of him ignoring me for his friends and i had to force him to be with me , he kept going back with his friends and flirting with another girl i finally got him and chocked him he didnt move so i was running away from his friends carrying him just so he could be with me , i often feel scared that my boyfriend will leave me since I am pregnant with his child we have only been together for 7 months and i am 6 months pregnant,and my ex cheated on me so many times i allowed it and im so scared that this guy will do the same and i wont let go or he just wont want to be with me , my parents divorced when i was 11 and I dont want my baby to go through the same i want to be with this guy for a long long time . Can someone please tell me why i am having these dreams and what this last one meant ?

  9. I am always dreaming about my boyfriend cheating and leaving me. In my dream, he’s cheating with one of my friends. He seems to treat me coldly and cheats even when when I’m around. He alse gets annoyed with me always in my dream. On the contrary, he’s a very loving and caring in real life. Someone that you don’t think can actually do the things he did in my dreams. What’s the meaning of my dreams?

    • I have been having the same dream, reoccurring, the dream has a different type of situation, but it’s the same girl everytime. Except were not close friends, it’s his ex girlfriend.

    • I’ve had those same dreams where my boyfriend ignores me and cheats on me right in front of me. And in person he too is loving and sweet. So one day i checked his phone and found out that He had been cheating on me while I was at work and even brought her to our home. So in a way he was cheating right under my nose.

  10. I had a dream just this morning about me having a talk with someone, he’s a friend. Then we are heading to a gathering. I sat at the table and later on, my boyfriend in reality comes with his new girlfriend in my dreams. In reality we were in a relationship, but in my dreams, we broke up i guess and he was with another girl.
    The girl has a long hair, she’s kinda fat. Opposite with mine. 🙂
    What does this imply?

  11. I keep having this repeat dream that my fiancé leaves me, and that he wants to take my son, and when my daughter is off the breast her too. And then we fight and everything always goes back to the words but we were suppose to get married. HELP!

  12. Hi all,

    My boyfriend has been dreaming about me leaving him. Twice this week he has dreamt this. He says in his dreams we remain close and that it seems we are a famous, because the world wants to know why we broke up.
    In real life, we are easily one of the best couples we know. No arrogance intended, we just are so insanely and openly happy, we don’t keep any secrets from each other and we are madly in love. Only this week we made some very big plans for our future together – marriage and babies in the next few years. I can’t imagine any reason why we would break up, but these recurrent dreams about us scares me. I am about to file for divorce from my former husband so we can have the future we want together, perhaps he is doubting my ability to stick by him?
    The other thing that further concerns me is that I did a home oracle card reading with my best friend the other day. The past and present cards were quite accurate then I turned the Heartbreak angel card over (which was positioned in my future). We both have terminally ill mothers (which is a daily heartbreak for me), so I don’t know if it could have related to that rather than heartbreak in the romantic sense?

    Please help put my mind at ease. 🙂

  13. I have been dreaming a lot about my boyfriend leaving me for someone better. In these dreams I always beg him to stay. It gets so bad that I cry in my sleep. My housemates have woken me up asking if I was okay. Just recently, it’s started to effect me more, causing a weird depression to set over me and I tend to cry at a moments notice. I don’t understand, am I just that insecure?

  14. First off let me start by saying I never remember my dreams. This morning I woke up, and remember everything very vividly. My ex boyfriend was outside my house and my father was out there as well. My ex boyfriend asked for my dads approval to take me out. My dad ends up approving and my ex goes home to get ready. When my ex comes to pick me up, my current boyfriend come to the house with flowers and gifts. I look out the window they aren’t arguing which is weird.. My ex sees my current boyfriend and heads back to his house, my boyfriend follows him and talks to him outside his patio, I ended up leaving with my current boyfriend , I turn back around and my exes face was so depressing, it broke my heart.. What could this mean?

  15. Me and my boyfriend are a little ways away for a while. I had a dream where he came to my school and did nothing but hug me, I have a wild imagination so he had a weird power, he turned a couple people into things and he really likes clowns, so he turned the room dark and had magically got a clown face, I simply smiled at him. After that was over, the teachers started calling him a devils child, I got PISSED. I was screaming no he’s not! And he just hugged me again and whispered don’t worry as long as I’m with you, I don’t care about anyone else.. Then my dream ended

  16. I had a lucid dream where it began as my boyfriend asked my name from behind me and we hugged. Then, human Princess Celestia noticed a door near us almost opening and looked at us and said, “We must hide. It is not safe here.” Which I replied with “What..?” and bf still right next to me said “You’re dreaming, but there are these really badass villians that want to kill us and we don’t have weapons, so-” The door opens. “HIDE!” and I’m in a window sill thing staring at the door. All of a sudden, it opens with a really bright light and the dream ends.

  17. I had a dream I was out with my bf he viewed a new flat then we went to a bar were he met the bar maid. He sent me home an he stayed out with her then they moved in his new flat together an he left me

  18. My bf and I have a long distance relationship.
    It was a realistic dream, I could almost feel being there but I wasn’t and it’s not a memory.

    In my dream, I somehow managed to come into his room through his closet. It’s an open closet with a curtain and I was sitting just behind the curtain shuffling passed towards him which wasn’t far.
    He was laying and I was sitting on the floor beside him. He was taking a nap and I was playing with his hair. He woke up eventually and laid on his side facing me. He looked at me softly but seriously and looked kinda sad, then looked to the floor or my hand maybe both. He held my hand and started playing with it, kinda like fidgeting, locking and unlocking fingers, squeezing finger tips, matching our hands together and stuff (it’s not unusual for him to do so). Then he sat up slightly, locked fingers and sandwiched my hand between both of his, squeezing softly, then unlocked but continued the sandwich. He stopped fidgeting a little and said ‘I do want you you know’ then gave me a quick glance with a sad expression as if he was going to cry. I just smiled at him even though he wasn’t looking and said ‘Hmm I know’ in a soft cheerful ‘I know silly’ tone. I brushed through his hair while he was still playing wih my hand. Our eyes met and he still looked sad, subtle tears in his eyes but I didn’t seem surprised and just kept smiling softly. He let go of my hand and gestured to lay next to him so I did and he just hugged me tightly but gently. I fell asleep in the dream and woke up in real life.

    Even though it’s not unsual, it keeps playing over and over in my head. Sometimes the full thing or just a replay of the short dialog.

    • It’s not bugging me but I don’t know…it’s just always on my mind since I dreamt it.

      Can someone explain it?

      I think it may be that he said ‘want’ rather than ‘love’ that’s subconsciously bugging me… But at the time ‘want’ had a stronger meaning. A week later he said both when he messaged me in the morning.
      Maybe I just miss him…

      • Maybe he said and did all the things you keep your self from admitting you need him to do and say when you aren’t together. In your sleep, your mind finally used the dream as a way to get what it needed – real physical contact, reassurance, and to know he doesnt just love you or need you but WANTS you. Even if its just the feeling of your hand in his.

        Or… maybe astral projection is real and you visited him while the two of you were sleeping. The ultimate way to communicate long distance! When your souls meet on the astral plain! … less likely though

  19. Serena Rockwood on

    I just had a dream that my boyfriend was somewhere in a tux, and i came to stop by and see him. well he was flirting with another girl, meaning he was putting his hands around her, and touching her. so i flipped out, i mean i went crazy. like a crazy woman would. and after that i dont remember….but i told him about the dream and all he said was that i was stressed and didnt get enough sleep…im really confused on what my dream is telling me..somebody please help me.

    • Maybe paranoia that he could be with someone else without you knowing? I don’t know, probably your subconcious getting to your paranoia side?

  20. Miss Cristina on

    I had a dream that my boyfriend of 6 years left me for some blonde. it was really upsetting. He still lived with me but dating her. she was holding my daughter and for some reason stuck her finger in my daughter’s mouth. I snatch this chick up and beat her a$$. After I was done I woke up. What does this mean.

    • Why I don’t no suddenly I dream about my lover I don’t even think also he come and spoil my sleep mood everything wat is there in between us plz help me I need him back wat should I do

  21. Hey!
    I dreamed about me and my boyfriend.
    So it went like this.
    I was working in a Hotel then my Boyfriend and his wife and his baby daughter came to the Hotel. Then I entertained them.
    Then he grabbed me and then pulled me to a corner.
    And said ”Please come back to me. You’re the girl I love and I love the most.”
    And I said ”You have a family now. It’s not allowed any more.”
    Then he walked away, he was very sad.
    Please tell me what it means. Thank you!

  22. i dreamed that my father takes me to a building and opens up a room in which a man was lying on a bed covered with a white cloth. As he puts off the cloth, it turns out to be a dead body of my boyfriend whose one eye was damaged and there was blood all around him.then i see myself sitting next to him crying,screaming and shouting badly.just then i woke up! if you could please help me with my dream.

  23. I had a dream that my friends and my boyfriend went to this house. I don’t remember the house it is kinda new and I saw a dead bird laying next to a tree and then a cat behind me said something but I forgot then I ran and my friend megal said run don’t let that cat bite you it has rabies and then I looked back and saw the cat carrying the dead bird and walking away then I heard my b

    • Oyfriend yelled don’t hurt her I love that cat then I ran arround and saw him laying in the snow and I asked if he was okay and he did not reply and then I went under these steps with my friend and we was talking about having a sleepover and ya

  24. I keep on having a recurrent dream that my boyfriend intentionally tries to stay away from me, instead opting to sit next to a girl I cannot stand. Some dreams theyre laughing and talking together, completely ignoring me, and other times he’s just ignoring me. I want these dreams to stop; its making me insecure in real life and I hate it so much. Please help me! Maybe if i figure out what these dreams mean I can move on with my dream life.

    • DIANA,
      I had a similar dream, where my boyfriend is at everyone else’s needs, and paying attention to everyone but me. In my dream I was in danger and running for my life, to walk into my house to find him at home with all these woman having the time of his life as if I don’t exist. I blow up and tell him I have been suffering and he just turns his back to entertain someone that is of no importance. It’s been a reoccurring dream so that’s why I think theres definitely some underlying tension, that we haven’t been able to talk about. On top of that we do have a quite a gap in age difference so thy could also have a lot to do with why I feel this way.

  25. Someone Random on

    Ok so this morning, my boyfriend told me that he had a nightmare that the police officers came and took me away and he couldn’t see me anywhere or visit me at all. Plz we love each other so much so I need to find out what this means IM SO CONFUSED!

    • Miss Random,
      You’re boyfriends dream indicated that on some level, he believes this relationship to be wrong. That he is doing something wrong by being with you. Also, that other lookers on, authorities or anyone else with power over you, would object to the relationship as well. May I ask your age? I assume you are young, in your teens perhaps. I can’t see an adult being so rattled or confused over a dream such as this. Then again, I may be wrong. I think that possibly you are under age, and that you are either hiding this relationship, or the relationship is not accepted by those who care for you. Maybe you and he have spoken about you moving in with him, or maybe you have been spending time together in which the people who care for you think you are elsewhere. At any rate he is having stressful dreams of your current situation. He may possibly not be ready to take the relationship to the next step or is fearful or the consequences if he does. With love……

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