Boyfriend Dreams – Everything You Need To Know

“Last night I dreamt of my Boyfriend!” Ahh, your boyfriend! I knew we’d get to this someday. Dreaming about a boyfriend can mean a number of things depending on the situation and circumstances of the dream. This article will help you understand some of the symbols surrounding these dreams. The meaning of boyfriend dreams will depend heavily on the current circumstances of your life.

What do these Dreams Mean?

Boyfriend DreamsWhen you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you’ll need to concentrate more on the other symbols in your dream as your boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life. A boyfriend can be a friend, enemy, lover, companion, or the symbol of any of these things in the emotions. If he threatens bodily harm, however, it might be best to take this as a literal, true dream, and act according.

Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions and reasoning’s behind their presence in your dreams.  Often these kinds of dreams that include your boyfriend reflect real life concerns you have with them whether they are good or bad.  These dreams often show the underlying feelings, emotions or fears you have with the relationships, or perhaps portray your own struggle with your feelings in certain situations.  It could uncover fears for the future or reveal a fixation with the past.

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If in the dream your boyfriend is dead, that may symbolize that you think the relationship is dead and over.  It could also mean you feel stagnated in the relationship; your needs and feelings are not being recognized or prohibited.  This kind of dream may suggest that you break off the relationship since it is not a positive one.  A boyfriend leaving you in a dream may mean that certain aspects of your life are no longer helpful or supportive for you.  Subsequently, the arrival of a new boyfriend represents new situations and aspects that will be helpful and supportive for you.   If the boyfriend in your dreams is loving and kind then that could mean you subconsciously believe that you are a person worthy of being loved.  It is a sort of way for you to reaffirm your love for yourself.

“Dreams involving boyfriends can tap into several different emotions…”

Should you dream of dating a friend’s boyfriend, it is not necessarily about the boy himself.  It may have more to do with slight envious feelings for you friend.  You may desire certain qualities that they possess.  It could also mean that you wish to be closer to said friend.   If you are dreaming about having another boyfriend there is a good chance that there is something that the ‘dream boyfriend’ is doing that you want you real life boyfriend to do.  You should try talking to your boyfriend about these certain aspects and desired changes.

If you dream about your boyfriend being gay or that he doesn’t love you anymore than it can represent feelings about insecurities that you have in the relationship. It may also mean that your relationship is headed in a new direction and that you are having anxiety and fears about this changing situation.

Dreams about an Ex Boyfriend

dreams about boyfriendDreaming of an ex-boyfriend may show unresolved feelings of love, or a current unsatisfying relationship.  The ex-boyfriend may be a symbol of all the hopes of love that you desire and are not being granted by the current relationship.  Alternatively, seeing an ex-boyfriend in a dream may also suggest that the return of a problem or a bad habit.  It could also be your subconscious warning you that you are recommitting bad habits, perhaps dating someone like your ex-boyfriend that wasn’t good for you.

If you have a enduring desire for your ex-boyfriend, than dreaming about them may represent the desire for something that you can’t have.  Another, simple explanation for dreaming about an ex-boyfriend may be that you just have unresolved feelings for them, or that your current boyfriend reminds you of your ex, either positive or negative.

Dreaming about a Boyfriend Usually Indicates Feelings

All in all dreaming about your boyfriend can simply be a reflection about your feelings for him and the nature of your relationship.  If in the dream things seem rocky, then you should assess your relationship.  If in the dream everything is rose colored and wonderful, then you are happy with how things are and shouldn’t worry.  In either case, dreaming about love interests indicates you have feelings for them, one way or another.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  • Lyssa Morse

    I’ve been having dreams the past 2 weeks now abt my boyfriend not really making an effort and not really caring but he didn’t break up with me really… It still hurts though. Actually I took a nap earlier and I did dream he was flirting with another girl. I have been dreaming every night for the past 2 1/2 weeks abt random things but mostly abt him and my ex (who is my bestfriend). what should I do?

  • amber

    I been dreaming about my boyfriends ex-Girlfriend that she found out we was 2gether an whn she found out she keeps trying 2 get him we go back with her…. an I also keep having dreams about him having kids which he don’t have any kids what does theses 2 dreams mean???? An it keeps making me wake wake up mad at him thinking he is going 2 leave me 4 her or I think he is still talking 2 her but idkk if it cause I’d the problems I had with er before or what but I would like other opinions about it please

  • kc

    lately i have been having dream of my bpyfriend leaving me for someone else and nevet tells me why. i wake up sad almost every morning why do i keep having these dreams but diff senarios …

  • Jirmin Taying

    I had a dream that i went to meet my boyfriend n my friends helped me to meet him but as he saw me he went back inside his house and then i was crying like hell but still he didnt came out…n i waited for him crying.

  • Rashidah

    I dreamt that i went to a concert with my friend family and my boyfriend tag along. So we wanted to eat at a cafe. He bought something for me then suddenly a girl came to my side and seated right beside me as was told from my boyfriend. i thought she was just a friend, and the shocking part was he puts his hand on her and keep feeding her so i got angry and scolded him. It triggered me to slap him and thats when i realised it was my ex boyfriend! But the whole time i saw is my boyfriend and the whole time was i know it was my boyfriend im dreaming. Even after i slapped my ex boyfriend face, im still thinking it was my boyfriend. And lastly in the dream, he didnt run after me yet he went with that girl… im curious and im also feeling too broken for this dream :(

  • kelly

    For the past few nights I have had a dream where im furious with my boyfriend. One night I was mad because he left me for another girl and I was hitting him and fighting with her. Then the next night I had a dream that I was mad at him and hitting him because he left me. The whole time in the dreams he has this smirk little smile on his face like he dosent care. We have been dating for a little over a year and he lives with me. What does this mean?

  • Shawn a

    So I have been having a recurring dream for the past month. Me ans my boyfriend have been together for almost a year now. Everthing has been seriously magical, we still have never faught once, basically inseparable and we plan to have me move into his house by April. However I keep having these dreams that feel so so so real that my boyfriend dumps me! He doesnt dump me for someone else or cheats on me, he like nicely does it and tries to still be my friend? I woke up crying during last nights dream. Its becoming rediculous being dumped by my boyfriend every night haha. Any ideas?

  • kit

    I don’t understand and i am so confused about my dream!well it’s been 9 years since i’ve seen this woman.We have mutual understanding relationship before in my past,when i was a high school student like her.I left her since i know that the love we felt before is forbidden.I’ve known her since 11 yrs ago but the problem is,i keep dreaming about her.That she still have feelings about me,that she still care and i remain special in her life.I almost forget this woman but it reminds me every time i dream about her.When i keep dreaming about her.I suffer too much thinking and asking myself,why and how come she still likes me or something?that she’s married already that’s obviously she never love me or thinking about me anymore.I feel so sad just me who suffer and thinking too much but her,she’s happy in her life right now.I even wanted to ask her,did you even dream about me at night?! i don’t want to disturb her life anymore since shes married but i hate to suffer like this…so hard:( any explanation about these?

  • kristine Paruli

    I just had a bad dream about my bf.
    Summone told me that my bf isinlove with somebody else.his friend gf.(in real situation i had a feelings too that he is falling inlove with the girl she just met on his duty at hospital 4 months ago. They always chatting And he kept her text to me or everything about her because she said i was paranoid they were just frends he said.but they hanging out without me knowing he lied)
    Then i see them hug. I was hurt. Yhen i told it to his frend that they cheated on him too his friend said i think i love her mire because she did that. I said to hin whats wrong with me. Then he said nothing.

  • Jemimah Coligado

    i dreamed of my boyfriend. and he died and i was really sad in my dream. i cried and told him
    that i thought you wont leave me. were still together and were together for 4yrs. i dont really know why i dreamed pf that. and i also had a dream before that my mother
    die. is there any connection
    with that?!

    • Dionne Clelland

      To dream that your boyfriend is dead means that in the waking world you may feel that part of your relationship is dead or things aren’t working out anymore.

  • yanira

    Hii! I dreamed that me and my boyfriend were in the car and he decided to get off and do something idk what. Bt all of a sudden I saw fire and he was burning. I was really scared! I woke up nd I felt like crying. I really do love my bf…. im wondering what all this means?

  • Glorivic Montiel

    i am 13 years older to my boyfriend.i proved it that he loves,then last night i had a dream he was talking with the other lady,,actully i’ve dreamed twice about this..what does it mean..

  • Haley

    Last night I had a dream that I met a guy who I was really interested in, but I have a boyfriend (for over two years now) and I ended up leaving my boyfriend for the other guy. Which scares me a little because recently I haven’t been feeling the same towards my boyfriend. Does this mean it’s possibly time to let go of him? I’ve been feeling this way for a couple weeks now but I just don’t know how to react to it. I don’t want to hurt him but I feel like I’ll just end up leaving.. Help please. :/

  • tutu

    I dreamed I was sitting by my boyfriend, we were talking about a book(which one, i remembered so clearly in dream, but as i woke up no more remember), but the atmosphere is quite and a bit sad. I said I will write him diary of what i learnt from the book. He said he will make a dictionary for me with note/explaination of the difficult points which I don’t understand in the book. But i don’t know why in the dream when he said will make a dictionary for me as gift, I feel he is going to leave me and leave this as memory. I was so sad and just about to hug him, i woke up. and I really feel so pain.

    I love him so much. we are in distance. These days, I feel he is a bit cold to me, do not contact with me initiatively as before. I am not sure is that bcz i was busy those days and cold him while he didn’t feel fine. or it bcz sth else? what does it mean of the dream??

  • julie-ann

    Two days ago idreamed that my ex boyfriend was dead and i found of video of him saying he loves me. Then yesterday i had dreamed that me and him were texting and making jokes. Idont believe dreams mean anything but . . .

    • RossaP

      Very strange dream. Sounds like he is definitely in your thoughts for you to be dreaming of him that often. I think the first dream you have of him could be your subconscious mind telling you how much your boyfriend appreciates you, even though he might not sure it on a regular basis.

  • Esha

    I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 4 years. We are about to have our first child. We’ve been going through somethings …. so this last year has been rocky. Last night I had a dream that he left me for this girl he had sex with way before he met me. What is this.?

    • SallyP

      Anytime you are going through big changes like having your first changes there is always the fear of the future and the unknown. It is not unusually for women to have dreams about their partner cheating on them when they are become closely tied together with someone they love. You should ask yourself what is causing the trust issues in your relationship. You might find that you are simply having anxieties of the big changes that are about to happen and your deep fear is that he won’t stick by your side. It is important for you to use your own intuitions and guidance to understand the true meaning of your dream. Good luck :)

  • marouan

    This month i dream that i’m loving my girlfriend more than 20 day , what the cause let me dreaming about she evey night

  • amanda

    I have had my boyfriend for over a year and things have been great and I love him. Buy last night I had a dream about him loving another girl and he told me while me and him were having sex. What can this mean?

    • SallyP

      Sounds like there are some trust issues in your relationship. Usually dreams about cheating and partners having sexual relations with other people are arisen from underlying issues that you might have. Maybe your subconscious has noticed something your conscious mind fails to see or you are simply being overly fearful. Try and find what is causing you to have the trust issues with your partner.

  • Talia

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 8 months. Our annibersary is on Christmas. Our third month we dated he hurt me. He was on instagram talking to his ex asking her to give him oral sex. Then a month later he lied to me sayin he was at the gas station but he really went to go talk to and walk with another girl. I forgave him and ever since then I been having dreams about him leaving me for other women. in my dream he had sex with his ex best friend, he tried to come on to my friend, and he went to homecoming with another girl and I got upset which it was a little weird. Can someone help me please?

    • Jen123

      Sounds like your boyfriend has exhibited all of the signs of a complete waste of your time. Your dream is trying to show you that you need to move and think about something else. This guy doesn’t treat you like any respectable gentleman should treat their girlfriend. The best thing you can do is break up with him and look for a more quality guy. The dream is trying to tell you that he will cheat on you the moment the opportunity arises. Just my two cents.

    • Amanda

      This reply might be a bit late but it seems to me like you are still in high school? I don’t mean to be mean this is just my opinion but I think you should leave him. A guy that does those kinds of things will always be like that until he falls enough after he’s had enough. If its not with you he will cheat on someone else. He will also ask you for sexual things and use the old excuse “prove your love for me”. I was lucky enough to have gotten such a great man in my life and I’ve been with him for 4 years now. It hasn’t been a happy yellow brick road. He also cheated on me the first 2 years of our relationship. Its very embarrassing to say. I left him that day and had constant nightmares. We finally worked thw things that bothered us and now were morw happier than ever. He proved he was trustworthy again over time but it’s his last chance. So please don’t stay with him just because you “love him” stay if you can work out out between the two of you and be happy after. Make him prove himself to you, you’re the queen of the relationship! Be strong and move on if he’s worthless.