Bike Dream Symbols


“I had a dream I was riding an old bike!” A bike in a dream is symbolic of the self. A bike is used as a method of transportation that requires skill and balance to operate. It can be old or new, broken down or operating perfectly. This is the same for a person. The bike is a dream symbol of the body, or the perception of the self in a given situation.

Do you feel the exhilaration or freedom, with the wind behind you as cycle down the road? This indicates that you are happy with your circumstance. You are following your highest bliss and are moving confidently towards the future. If you find yourself riding forward but are looking back, you are caught up in the past. If you don’t pay attention for too long you will usually wreck. The message here is: Focus on where you are going and not where you have been.

The Condition of the Bike is Important

Riding a bike in a dreamWhat is the condition of your bike? Is this the bike you always wanted or one you have had for a long time? A new bike indicates a new circumstance. If it shines in the sun or is pleasing to the eye, the opportunity is a hopeful and a positive one. If you climb onto the  bike with confidence you are certain of your success in your new venture.

An old bike can be your aging body or a longstanding situation. Perhaps you need to take care of your health and start exercising. Do you still enjoy a ride on your old bike or do you look at it with disdain? How well do you ride? A nice enjoyable ride on an older, reliable bike means you are doing well physically and you are happy with yourself.  Age is only a number. A broken down bike can indicate several things. Maybe, it’s time to get a new one. Are the bikes’ tires flat or has the chain has come off? This can be for whatever situation, whether it is a relationship, work or your physical health. Is the old bike is serving you well? Great. If not, fix it.

Are you Struggling with the Bike Ride?

Feeling the strenuous exertion of riding uphill or against the wind can indicate that you have to work hard either at a job or in a current situation such as a relationship. Is the hilltop in sight? This would mean your struggle is almost over.  Or are you simply pedaling with no vision of the top of the hill?  This indicates that the struggle you are experiencing has no sign of letting up in the near future. Speeding down the hill at top speed indicates an acceleration of a situation and an increase in freedom or money. If you feel out of control, watch your spending, you don’t want to crash.

To dream that you want to take a bike ride, means you want to have some time for yourself. Consider your daily life. How can you give yourself a little bit of solace?

To dream your bike is stolen, can be a premonition of someone stealing your bike! It can also mean part of your enjoyment in life has been taken or wasted either by you or someone else. What do you feel you have lost?  How do you get it back? The message: Always take care of your bike.

More Bicycle Dream Interpretations

Bicycles in a dream can represent balance. Do you have too much to achieve? Have you overcommitted yourself? A bicycle is a warning that you have to balance between what you achieve and how you get there. Riding a bike symbolizes your need to take action rather than being happy watching from the sidelines. Racing a bike can mean there is bad news coming soon. This warns to choose your battles wisely. There are some that are simply not worth your time.

Being in a bike accident can mean you have taken a risk. You are still waiting for the outcome, but it may end badly. Falling off a bike represents your feelings of feeling out of sorts. You may need a checkup. Or, you may need to balance your emotions when in the company of others.

Feeling the wind in your hair is a reminder that you already have the freedom you dream about. Dreaming of a child’s bike can warn there are those who wish to manipulate or cheat you. Be wary of those you trust. Be careful what you tell others.

Dreaming of working out on an exercise bike indicates you may have a confrontational situation sometime soon. Riding with a passenger on the bike is a sign of happy times with someone in the future. Speeding on a bike is a sign that your relaxed attitude to life will soon face difficult obstacles.

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  1. So last night I had a very weird dream.
    I was riding my bike in a field with a friend. We dropped the bikes to go play elsewhere, around a hedge of sorts (no clue what we were doing). When we came back around the hedge a man in a jetpack was stealing our bikes.
    Suddenly me and my friend were being chased by the same man, in a dark blue van this time. I somewhat recognize the area we’re in as a playground near where family lives, but without the actual playground. He always knows where we’re going.
    Then I’m in a basement or something. The man has tied me to a chair. He tells me that he also kidnaps children.
    Then the dream ends. I wake up, but fall asleep again.
    Then I dream about the same man taking the friend I was talking about earlier. She’s struggling and shouting at the man to let her go. I tell her to stop struggling, and that I’ll find her and get her out of whatever situation she ends up in.
    Then the dream ends again.

    I’m really confused as to what this is supposed to mean. If anyone could tell me, it’d be appreciated. I’ll tell you if I have the dream again.

  2. So I had a really vivid dream last night that I rented a bike in Europe and was going through the Countryside really fast and it didn’t have brakes but I just kept going and then I had to decide on turn a couple different turns and then I wound up in Italy. It wasn’t scary that I didn’t have breaks, I was just curious how to stop.

  3. I dreamed I was riding a motorized bicycle while following a friend in her car. We stopped at a house with a front porch. I decided not to leave my bike in the road, but to rather put it on the porch as I was afraid that someone would steal it.

  4. I dreamt of my oldest friend unloading a tandem bike from her car into my driveway on a magnificent sunny day with blue sky. She put a portable bike rack stand on the ground and was standing the tandem bike up in it. The tandem bike was hers as though she was giving or loaning it to me but it was in excellent condition.

    I have several theories about the meaning of this dream !

  5. neth salazar on

    This is the first time that i had dreamed about I am riding on a bycicle with my husband, my husband pedel the bycicle while i am working in the front control including the break… in my dream i was very scared on the slippery road direction going down from a very high and sharp curved road way.. the road was slippery because of flowing water along, the road construction was also distroyed and not in a good condition for any vehicle… i hope u can help me to interpret what actually this picture is reminding me?

  6. edward tomita on

    I used to have a reocurring dream of me being on a bicycle and barely being strong enough to pedel it.

  7. I dreamt that a thug in the street kept throwing his bike at me. It was a newish looking bicycle. He continuously kept throwing it, and I told him that if he did it again then i would throw it in the nearby ocean. So he did it and I threw the bike into the ocean…what does this mean??!

  8. I dreamt of my ex, walking a yellow bike frame, to throw it away. In fact we’d just signed our marriage papers and he was making room for me and my things, in his house. But I clearly remember this yellow bike frame, that he was throwing away along with other things that appeared useless. By the way, this is a man who shared with me years ago that he loved to ride a bicycle. As a boy, he was always tinkering around on a bike. He’s in his early 50’s, and has little time for it nowadays. I suppose I still dream about him because my heart just hasn’t given up on us although my mind has. He’s divorced and I’ve never been married.

  9. I fell asleep on the couch last night. I NEVER have dreams NEVER well remembering them but this one scared me. My wife was sleeping in the next room and I dreamed new shinny bikes one right after the other same color same kind came out the bedroom door right past me and threw the closed front door of my house. I couldn’t make a sound yell for my wife to help or nothing I could nt move or yell at first. Woke up screaming for my wife she came running. Think God can’t get this dream off my mine I think of it constantly. Please throw in your thoughts I am 47 hard working male

  10. My husband had a stroke 5 years ago and has now got dementia. He had a dream that he and his 23 year old son, who is not married, were riding on a tandem bike. My husband was on the back and said his son fell asleep while they were riding. My husband George kept telling him to wake up, but he just kept falling back to sleep. Because my husband is now hemiplegic with only the left side in normal action, I thort it might mean that he is depending on this particular son to stay focused on his goal. Maybe.
    They were riding on flat land in the countryside. We would like to know what this dream means. By the way, John is the 23yr old son who is always successful at what he pursuits in life. He is going out to serve God on a 2yr mission, which is what George has deemed as the ultimate goal he has always wanted to achieve. We have 4 sons and John is the 3rd son. He has a younger brother who constantly looks up to John and John takes care of his younger brother. The 2 older sons are married with children and are happy for John, becos that is what they wanted to do as well. Please give us some meaning. Thanx

  11. david martin on

    I am a painter and the symbol of a bicycle crops up quite often in my works. I have always wondered what this may mean and why this happens. Your website gives me a deeper [ though not complete ] understanding. Thank you.

  12. helen finnigan on

    Thank you. I often use your website in order to discover the meanings of my dreams. It helps me so much in waking life. I know I am following my dreams and that they will come true! Love to you all xxxxxx

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