Beach Dream Meanings and Interpretations


“I dreamt about the beach last night!” Beaches in dreams, whatever their appearance or your actions during the dream, tend to be a very positive sign regarding your life.  Beaches suggest that there are going to be some extremely enjoyable times approaching.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

However, don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your surroundings as well.  Dreaming of beaches often represents your emotions at the present time, so look around and see what else your dream is showing you.  If the beach is deserted, then this means you probably need to take some time to consider what is important to you, and to decide which aspects of your life you do not need to worry about so much.  See what stressful influences are in your life that you are able to reduce or remove entirely, as this will help you to feel much more relaxed.

“Most beach dreams are connected with our emotions”

If, in your dream, you are sitting on the beach watching the waves, then this suggests that you probably need to take some time off.  Particularly if you feel relaxed in your dream, it is important that you consider booking a holiday.  Watching the ocean can also Dream about the beachindicate that changes are occurring in your life at the moment, which are likely to be major.  The state of the water represents how you feel about these changes – the more turbulent the water is, the more uncertain you are.

If you are dreaming about a beach that is near to dense forests or other natural obstacles, then you are most likely to be working towards an achievable goal, but you will encounter difficulties before you reach your target.  However, it is something that you are able to do, so don’t be tempted to give up before you get there.

Where is your Location on the Beach?

Next, look at what your location is in relation to the rest of your surroundings.  Are you standing at the edge of the water, perhaps with the waves around your feet?  This means that you are wasting too much time on various tasks and need to stop procrastinating.  This can often represent a situation at work, so consider what is going on in your job at the moment, especially if you are going to be looking for a promotion soon.

If, instead, you are walking along the sand but are finding it difficult to move, then it is extremely likely that you are facing difficulties somewhere within your life.  This could be due to work, a relationship, or any number of other things, but it means that there is a situation you need to face up to and rectify before you can confidently move on to where you want to be.  Some of these decisions and actions may be difficult, particularly if the problem is concerning a relationship that may not be working.  The best thing for you to do might be to end the relationship, but your dream represents the uncertainty you are feeling about this.

Beaches in dreams are normally connected to emotions, so think about what is in your life that might have a strong impact on your feelings.

On the Beach

Dreaming of being on a beach can have many meanings. A long, deserted beach can be a sign you wish for a new start. This may be a new perspective on how you see someone or a situation. You may even be looking for new opportunities. Walking along this type of beach warns you need to focus on your work and business matters. Have you been neglecting things lately? Running along a beach symbolizes your confidence in yourself.

Seeing a pebble beach warns you need to make some decisions. You may be at a crossroads and not be sure which way to turn. It also signifies new opportunities about to cross your path where you may need to recall the tough lessons of the past. Waking along a pebble beach signifies your unhappiness with where your life is heading. Are there things holding you back? You may reassess things to get your life back on track.

Dreaming of quicksand on a beach can symbolize the anxiousness you feel when faced with uncertain times. Maybe someone has betrayed you or something has happened to rock your core beliefs. Have you become too secure with someone or a situation?

A deserted beach signifies a time where you need time to yourself to think things through. Being attacked on a beach can mean you feel that way in your waking life. You may be feeling stressed out. Eating an ice-cream on the beach can warn you may have been overreacting to things in your waking life. Dreaming of a black, sandy beach can signify your need for material things. Walking along a beach can indicate that you feel that someone you love does not truly understand you.

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  1. I had a dream I was on the beach and then these tidal waves came at full force. I tried to hang on but I couldn’t and got washed away. I then washed up on the shore of the beach in the middle of the night and noticed dozens of wedding rings in the sand with my flashlight. I started picking them up to see which ones I would like to keep but it was too dark to tell.

  2. I dream of a very calm beach, white sand, narrow shore and a slightly deep sea bead. I saw a stone like creature below that opens and closes its mouth it kinda big maybe the mount is 24 inches wide but it looks pleasant and serene, there was a yacht parked as well. Please help me interpret my dream

  3. Starla Barber on

    Ok so these last couple days IV been dreaming of events on the beach first night every body was watching the water playing in the water and I had a little boy with me (friends child) and I was helping him play on the beach also there was a killer whale that tried to snap at people. But never got us. It was a beautiful dream. Ok so last night I dreamed of my friend that past away our freshmen year and his birthday was yesterday and we were at the beach me him and other family friends. It was a great feeling to see his smile and hear his voice it was a in e day on the beach. I’m so glad I had that dream. I honestly didn’t want to wake up.

  4. I saw that my house was just so close to the waves and I could see the waves coming into my house and I could see my neighbour’s house also and the waves suddenly started to rise and everyone was trying to save themselves and I was behaving like nothing happened everything is normal,the high waves are normal….don’t know what does this mean….How can I behave so normally in such a situation…… can u help me!!??

  5. lynne morgan on

    i was driving along the beach with a male like my father. We tried to get to the open part of the beach but there was only a small bit of sand left. Cliffs to the right and a tempest to the left with massive waves built higher by an angry mermaid !

  6. Hi Stephen
    I was dreaming that I was moving to live beside the sea. The house I was moving to from the outside it was a large mobile home it was just floating on the water with a rope tied to it and then to the pier.But inside it was like a ordinary house,you did not feel it float or move with the water. When you looked out from 1 side you could see all other boats tied up,like it was a harbour but when you looked out from other side all you could see is sand and the ocean lovely beautiful waves very scenic..I wanted to take pics of the ocean to show everyone the view from my new house..people was still living in this place so I had to wait for them to move there stuff out before I could move in.. I think it would be few weeks before I could move into my new home…If you could help me with that dream I would be very great full. .. I’m at a time in my life not sure what to do for the best so very confused..Thank you,Fiona.

  7. In my dream, we were at a beach. It was pretty. There were other people around but I didn’t recognize them.
    The man I love was playing beach volleyball with the other guys and I sat on a bench, watching him from nearby. I was holding blank pieces of paper and a pen at that time. I put the papers on the bench beside me and I was starting to write something when the wind blew, but the papers were still there. I fixed my hair and I covered my eyes because I was stunned by the bright sunlight.
    When I opened my eyes again, the man I love was already sitting beside me, smiling. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

  8. Hi!
    I have been having nightmares about beaches from a couple of days. In both the dreams it was night & huge waves (almost like a mini tsunami) hit me & people around me. I feel suffocated & wake up! Also a week back I had gone out for a holiday with my friends to a beach. What does it mean?

    • We actually had the same dreams. have you gone to the beach after you had these dreams? I want to know if the dreams had positive effects cause i kinda over think im gonna die at the beach. Lol

  9. I just had a dream where I was at a beach resort I think. The place was beautiful and the bedroom was looking out towards the beautiful ocean. The water was calm and crystal clear. I remember feeling so at peace and clam and happy. Quite contrary to me in real life. I hope this means good things ahead!!

  10. Christine Espartinez on

    This past few days I dreamt that I was on the beach and the BiG waves are coming after me so I was running out so that the waves would not reach me and I feel scared everytime I dream about BIG WAVES in the sea.. What does it mean?

  11. I have a lot of similar beach dreams growing up and I’m always lookkng for something on the beach I never know what it is… I’m always alone sometimes hair running straight down the beach not towards anything and not running from anything just Running and looking for something. Last night I came out of the woods into a dark beach I looked out at the water it was dark and a little choppy all I could think about was getting my boyfriend back. I walked down the beach and this time I knew what I was looking for it was him. I seen him laying down up the beach I started running towards him and he got up and started running back up the hill and I couldn’t run fast enough and making it to him so I just give up and cry and start to walk slowly and I’m all by myself again walking towards the woods

  12. In my dream, I’m always running from a house. In the dream I’m scared and I always have about 2 or 3 friends with me and were running from people. In the dream were in the backyard of the house and we jump a fence … We run through a forest of trees and then we come to another, tall fence. We climb the fence and slide down a big slide on the other side of the fence. Now we’re on the beach. I never go deep in the water, i only stand on the shore and let the water run through my feet. My friends play on the beach and I just stand there, scared that the people we were running from were following us and there gonna come on the beach and capture us. My friends seem careless though and there having the time of there life. Me, I’m horribly scared. I keep starring at the slide … Waiting for the people to come on the beach and get us. I always wake up with a beating heart.

  13. I dreamed I was IN the water of the sea, the level was about my tummy-high. Then I slowly walked to the sand and when I got there, it was a bit difficult to move, but I did. I felt very relaxed and calm, and so was the sea water. Then I started looking for someone. I’m not sure who I was looking for, I think it was a family member. I kept yelling their name again and again. Then I saw a huge sand mountain and started looking behind it. What could my dream mean?

  14. I dreamed that ijust appeared i was in a deep blue ocean and it was at least like 30ft from shore, i was on a black floating thing and i had a child on my back i had a fear of getting in the water (cause we were deep enougj for sharks,the reason i jumped in the water was a huge tsunami wave that was right in front of me. All in all it hit but it didnt toich me or pass in front of me ot was weird like it just flattened out as if it were a glass wall infront of me,after seeing the tsunami i wanted to get to shore thats when i got in and noticed i had my nephew(or a small child on my back).barely being able to stay above water i reached for help from my sister who was in the water along with at least 10 other people just sitting in yhe ocean, no one helped so we ended up making it to shore with not a scratch or anything., my emotions went from scared (tsunami) to helpless when reaching out to just getting to shore as fast as i can. What does this mean

  15. my kids and family members were in the water at the beach playing having fun, i came by and they all wanted me to go in the water, iwas like no and ran up the sand the waves came from far and touched my feet

  16. this representation explained to me well, i dreamed about the beach near at the forest while watching those happy people having a swim. And yes, it’s true. I am really on to hard working to reach a goal at the end of the school year, we are currently making a system for our baby thesis. And also thanks for saying that shouldn’t give up because sometimes I really give up and just sit around thank you 🙂

  17. My dream was I had been walking along a beach wich had the bluest waters almost floresent with children running and playing we were following a man ahead of us dressed in a blue and white robe also playing in and out of water, he became familiar and felt it was Jesus. As the darkness came the waters remained in light blue in color and Jesus was also so vibrant the colors were beautiful. After walking awhile there was a tin tub along the waters and a huge pig inside just waiting . Kinda weird, but cool And then my little terrier dog and I woke up. :(. I’ve been wondering about the meaning since. Any help??

  18. Hi,

    I dreamt I was on a beach playing and flying kites with two kids.The kids did not belong to me,they had both there parents with them.The water was clear and there were a lot of activity going on.The beach was not filled with a lot of people but it was not empty.To my recollection in the dream,I was at a beach resort because I remember the kid’s father asking me how long was planning to stay at the resort.

  19. Hi,
    I too had a dream on beach.
    My wife and I were far from the waves..almost on the banks where dense forest were there. We saw an infant wrapped in pink clothes and left alone. Without checking we said it is a baby girl. My wife called her mom and her mom said to take home that baby. Then, my wife insisted that we should take home that baby. She said that our first child is a boy and now that we got a baby girl, so its good that we take home that baby. I was afraid that we may have to face police later but I said ok to the baby to home.
    Now the realities of our life are like this- My wife is 2 months pregnant now. Our first child is a baby girl of 4 and half years now. Don’t know why in the dream my wife said our first child is a baby boy. We have almost thinking that second child is also going to be baby girl based on chinese calender and all.
    Can anyone interpret this?

    • I dreamt of the beach last night, my dream went like this..
      I was babysitting with an old close friend and we went to bed when I went bed i had a dream that someone was telling me what to do with my phone I cannot remember who or what. Next I woke up and the phone screen was shattered so I tried calling work and talking to my manager but it was cracking and I couldn’t hear her so I went to work and I missed her she had already gone home, next thing i know im at the beach (the one in skegness where I used to go with family) and my friends are there (I cannot remember which friends or even see their faces but I know they’re my friends, my gut instinct tells me they are) I am trying to tell them that they can go in the sea with this floating boat thing because I ised to do it all the time and they aren’t listening they just keep telling em the current is too strong and its pulling them back so I demonstrate and when I do the waves take me in with them. I am not drowning the waves give me room to breath while they wash me back to shore but the whole time I cannot swim away I am trapped in like a bubble of wave. I get back to my friends and next thing I know I’m with two younger children (I used to know) outside their house in a different scene I have to walk them to their parents and it’s dark, they keep running into the road, while I’m walking I notice there is another child who I cannot recognise again but I know I should keep them safe too, we get back to their parents and my family is also there. I see my brothers girlfriend, and my mum I don’t see other faces just those two but I know there are other people in the room and they’re asking me to walk the girls back home and I say no because I have to get the bus home myself and its a long bus journey and its late but my mum says ‘no you don’t ive got plans for you tomorrow.’ This whole time my phone is shattered and whenever I go to touch it my hands get cut up and full of shards of glass which I pull out wih my mouth and in turn my mouth is full of glass and I spit the pieces out along with blood which my mouth is now also filled with and then I wake up. Weirdest dream ever and I remember it so well

  20. I dreamt I went with my family and fiancee to sweden, I went to the beach for a good time but realized one teeth was loose (bottom 3’rd tooth to the left from middle) I rememberd dreaming of losing my teeth after cheating on my x, and went in the water to try and wake up. Kept putting water in my face, but did not wake up. Finally the tooth fell out in 3 small pices and I showed my fiancee, but she could not see. I looked in my mouth and realized I had lost a small tooth behind the origiginal tooth. I then got on some skies and skiied behind a car really fadt back to the cabin. I wad manouvering between people and obsticales and woke up as I arrived to the cabin. The dream was acrually really positiv, and a good experience, but I am still a bit freaked out by the loose tooth. Any sughestions?

  21. Last night my dream was playing with kids at the beach. The water was wavy and kind of light grey color. We were having a good time but I can’t remember if I knew the kids.

  22. I dreamed I was sitting at a table on the beach with this guy I like and my mother. We were just sitting down having casual conversation and watching the waves

  23. I dreamed that my dad asked me and told me more than once to go have a look at the beach while i was busy with other ppl, anf do i took time to and i went to see and i found that the water has been gone! Like never before, like it pulled back so much i cant see it, i was so confused as i had never seen it that way… What does it mean? Does it mean that my dads feelings has been pulled back from me? (from what i understood after readinh this article).

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