Animal Dreams


Animals in a dream are symbolic of the lessons or situations we need to deal with or learn in our waking life. Native American culture calls this “animal medicine”. If you dream of an owl, it is called owl medicine.  A tiger would be tiger medicine, and so on.

If animals are the medicine, then the lessons and what they represent are the prescription treatment and cure. What we are to learn is particular to each animal; but generally, the nature and traits of these animals are the biggest clues.

Commonly dreams will feature animals that are familiar to us, such as our pets. For instance dogs, cats and hamsters are animals, which can represent different aspects of the dreamer. Dogs represent loyalty and protection. Cats personify independence and aloofness. How do you feel about the animals in your dream?  How are you interacting with them?  Are you playing or fighting? Are you happy or afraid? Are you dreaming of yourself with your pet at your current age or in childhood?  Seeing yourself as a child can mean the situation rooted in your past, and may be still be relevant to your life today.

To dream that you are an animal means that you are exploring your more natural instincts. What animal are you? Are you running, climbing or flying free as a bird? In all cases you should explore the feelings surrounding these actions. Are you running in fear? This means you are feel the need to run from or you are unwilling to face a situation. Climbing indicates the effort put forth to overcome obstacles. Flying can signify freedom. It can also mean you need to get a “birds eye” view, to gain perspective, and correctly analyze a problem.

Wild animals especially are either the hunters or the hunted. Animals in the wild have sharp instincts and are keenly aware of their surroundings.  If you dream you are the hunter, and you have spied your prey, it means you have searched for and found the solution. If you are poised and ready to attack it means you are ready to solve an issue in a swift, quick and possibly harsh manner. How do you feel about the prey you will attack? When feeding a lion doesn’t mourn the antelope it kills for food. The lion has to eat.

Are you the hunted? In which aspect of in your life do feel vulnerable? The innate instinct called “fight or flight” rules in the animal kingdom. It is inborn and is necessary to preserve a species. In this day and age, we are rarely are chased by wild animals. In our dreams, our problems take on this aspect to help us face our fears. When running or trying to avoid attack, do you succeed in getting away or do you feel yourself being pounced upon and near death?  This would indicate the level of stress you are feeling in a current situation and how likely you feel you will over come the obstacles.

Depending on which type of animals you dream about indicates the aspects of yourself that you need to develop. Hunting like a fox, means you need pay attention to your own cleverness. Hunting as a lion or bear is a wish to develop your sense of strength, or sense of control. If you understand the animals and their medicines, you will always find a cure.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I had a dream that everyone was a changeling, and we all could change into lions and back to humans. Well I went to this girl’s costume party, and there was this boy who was my age but was a little shorter than me, and he had an Egyptian costume on, as so did I. Before I know it he says he loves me and I deny him and he tackles me in his lion form, I do so as well, changing. He wasn’t really fighting me, just kind of trying to hold me in place. Somehow I escape him and ran out into the road and started to run towards my house, still in lion form. He was chasing me, and was gaining quick, I knew I couldn’t outrun him so I tried to out wit him. I live on a farm and there is a horse pen there, I climbed up on the horse pen, which he followed, and when I jumped down, I changed back into a human and locked him in a pen. I then went back to my lion form and took off back to the party. I knew he would be back soon so I turned a corner early and hid in the ditch for him to pass. But instead of seeing him, I saw this giant spider. It crept it’s way to me, and hid next to me. Then it said, “there’s a spider on you” which made me scream and jump up, giving my position away to the boy. Cursing I start running again, this time in human form. I’m followed by the giant spider who now was somehow one of my friends, then her boyfriend starts running with us like its a normal jog! I look behind me and there is that boy, before I know it, he has me pinned to the ground, and he’s on top of me, holding my arms to my sides. I’m to tired to even fight him, and give in, causing him to smile. Then I wake up

  2. Had a dream where I went outside to bring my dogs in and one was going nuts. I figured that it was some woodland animal just as usual until in the dream I noticed a dog. I put both of my dogs inside and tried to get the dog to come to me. This dog came right up and I checked the collar and it had its owners name and phone number with the dogs name queen. This dog also had more than two eyes which in the dream seemed to not be of my concern. I took the dog and brought her inside just to notice another dog. In which case was of a different breed and seemed a little more skiddish. I got that dog an brought it inside to. Just as I was inside I noticed four more dogs. Of different breeds. As if they were all traveling together but they all had different owners names and numbers. After getting the rest of them I then mentioned to my parents who were also there and wondering why I brought them all in the house that we should bathe them and contact their owners. Also that we should keep them for the time being and not contact the shelter. I then woke from this dream drenched in sweat. I thought it was strange since I have never had this dream before unlike other dreams. Any help would be appreciated.

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