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“I had a dream I was on an adventure!” Dreaming of adventure suggests that you are soon to encounter changes in your life.  The adventure in the dream could take any number of forms, and this does not represent what you will actually find yourself doing.  For example, dreaming of making a parachute jump does not in any way suggest that you will be doing this in the near future.

Instead, think about how the adventure in the dream made you feel.  Does it frighten you, or are you excited by the idea?  The feelings you experienced in the dream can reveal how you are likely to react when the changes in your life do occur, and suggest how you are going to feel about what is soon to happen around you.

Adventure DreamsIf the adventure in your dream was something that you found difficult or frightening, then it suggests there are issues in your life that you need to sort out before you can move forwards.  These may be small problems, or they may be much bigger issues; think about your life and what these things might be.  They are likely to be things that you would prefer to avoid dealing with, or that might be emotionally painful to confront, perhaps relating to a relationship that is no longer working.  It may be the case that change in your life frightens you, but this is something you need to be able to face.

An adventure that made you feel excited, however, suggests that you look forward to the new challenges that a change in your life could bring.  This may mean that new opportunities are about to presented to you, and that you should take advantage of this.  Perhaps you are about to be offered that new job you have been hoping for, or you will soon have the chance to develop some new skills.

Another possible meaning of a dream about being adventurous is that you are lacking adventure and excitement in your everyday life.  You may not be consciously aware of this, but if you think about your day-to-day life and it seems very routine, with the same things happening all of the time, then it is extremely likely that you need some variety.  This does not have to result in major changes, but something small such as trying a new hobby can make a difference, enable you to meet some different people, and perhaps be presented with opportunities that you would not otherwise have.

One final meaning of dreams where you are undertaking an adventure is to remind you that the people who have helped you along the way should always be acknowledged.  Your ambition, perhaps at work, is of course important to you, but you should always remember that you have not achieved your success alone; other people have supported you as you have worked towards your goals.  Remember this, and don’t forget to say thank you to the people who have helped.  This means they will be more likely to support you in your future adventures and efforts.

Adventure Scenarios

Being Chased

If you dream that you are being chased in your dream it can have a number of meanings associated with it. These dreams usually involve you trying to evade your purser without getting caught. Chase dreams are often the subconscious minds way to deal with fears and situations that you are trying to avoid in your waking life. Instead of choosing to stand up and confront the situation you are running away and trying to avoid it.

Sometimes the person chasing you in a dream can represent an aspect of yourself. This aspect could be the emotion of hate, fear, anger or any other powerful feeling that can assume the appearance of the chaser. Some chase dreams are a representation of a real life fear that people have about being attacked by someone. Given the amount of media hype and attention regarding random attacks, some people have these dreams because their subconscious is worried about these fears.

Escaping Danger

Dreaming about escaping danger can often represent something in your waking life that you are trying to avoid. If you get caught in your dream then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you can’t run away anymore and need to face up to some of your fears. Ask yourself what you have been avoiding and try and face it. Dreaming about breaking out of jail or being freed from handcuffs can indicate there is something holding you back that you need to get away from. You might be stuck at a dead end job or be in an unhealthy relationship that you need to get out of.

If you dream that you have rescued someone in a dream or you are rescued then it means that you need to work on creating more creative energy in your waking life. You need to consider doing things that are beneficial to your wellbeing instead of only making decisions financially.

Falling Dreams

Falling dreams often occur in the first stage of sleep. These dreams are usually accompanied by muscle spasms of your arms and legs as you brace yourself from a feeling of vertigo. It is quite common for someone to experience falling down in a dream which is accompanied by a sudden jerk of their entire body, pulling them out of the dream and into reality.
Usually the act of falling down in a dream will suggest the loss of control and underlying anxieties that you have in your life. This can be related to your job or it can be sexual anxiety that you might have. Using the Freudian interpretation, a falling dream will indicate that you want to give into a sexual urge or desire that you have.


Dreams about Jail can indicate that you have certain thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in some aspects of your life. You might need to free yourself from certain ideas and beliefs in order to escape a current situation that you find yourself in. Dreaming about being entrapped in a cage can also represent the feeling of confinement that you have in your waking life. You may feel inferior to others and have an internal desire to set yourself free that the restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself.

Lock and Key

The lock and key is a common symbol in Freudian interpretations of dreams as they are representations of the male and female sexual organs. If you are opening up a lock it can indicate sexual liberation or a feeling of comfort with your sexuality. However, if you are unable to open a lock then it can indicate that you might feel sexually frustrated or currently be unsatisfied with the sexual aspects of in your relationship.  The dream can also mean that you have hidden feelings and desires that are being locked away that you are trying to open up.

Kidnapped or Taken Hostage

Dreams about kidnapping can often indicate the desire to dominate or be dominated by someone else.  If you find yourself the victim in the dream it can have a sexual element that may indicate you are looking for someone to take charge in your life. If you find yourself being held hostage in the dream then it can also mean that someone has control over your life that you need to break free from. This could relate to a relationship that you are currently, a work situation or even a personal problem you are trying to solve. Someone who is demanding something in a dream can represent the real life demands that people have in your waking life.


Dreaming that you are in pursuit of someone or something can suggest that you are struggling to attain your goals that have been slightly out of reach in your waking life. It can also suggest that the people around you aren’t given you enough credit for certain things that you are trying to accomplish in your life. Sometimes those things we are chasing in a dream can be a certain aspect of ourselves that we are trying to purse with little or no success. It is important to identify what you are pursuing or what is pursing you to understand the true meaning of your dream.


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