Abandonment Dream Symbols


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Meaning: Dreams of abandonment are extremely common and can often leave you feeling uneasy if you are being abandoned or doing the abandoning. If you have a dream that you are abandoned it could be time to let go of bad feelings that you might have towards different people in your life. Some people could interpret the more literal meaning of the dream to fear that they might lose someone or something that they care deeply about. If you have a dream that you are abandoning others it could mean that have circumstances building up around are creating problems that are difficult to overcome. Abandoning a house denotes that you will come to anguish when it comes to playing around with your wealth. A common dream of abandoning a loved one or sweet heart can be interrupted to mean that you might fail to recover something that you have lost. Your sub conscious might be looking for a way out of a situation that you are unhappy with. People who dream of abandoning their children may have a fear of losing something that is very close to them through lack of calmness and judgement.


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