Dragon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dragon Dream Symbol – Dragon dreams represent incredible personal empowerment. The appearance of dragon is great news for your business or career. They are also the guardians of integrity. They have staunch faith and belief in their own power. Take notice when dragon appears in your dreams. It could be there are challenges on the home front. Family members may be testing you. A dragon that scares you indicates there are problems at home. Killing a dragon signifies you overcome all current challenges that cross your path.

dragon-dreamsVisits from everyday mythical dragons can mean you are pushing someone to pull off a deal of some sort to help you move forward on your path. You may be being selfish. Seeing a fire breathing dragon is a warning your emotions are out of control. It can also be a warning your life may be destroyed by fire in reality. Make sure the electrical cables and appliances in your home are safe.

A dragon flying through your dreams means there are solutions to pressing stresses coming very soon. Dreaming of flying through the sky on the back of a dragon is a sure sign of flying high in real life. If not now, then very soon.

Negatively, dragon dreams warn of challenges that are coming as obstacles to deter you from your path. These may come to test your faith in yourself. In your beliefs. In your dreams. Are you truly on the right path? Dragons can remind of the hard work, persistence, and patience required to achieve what you truly desire. Dragons can also represent key people who are hard to please and it is a reminder to approach with diplomacy to achieve what you need.

Additional Meanings

Dragons are harbingers of every sort of fortune. Not only do dragons bring intangible things like powers and abilities, but they are also known to bring tidings of great wealth. They can also be judges and punishers if you have done wrong. In general, however, dragons are a symbol of great beneficence and joy.

If you dream about a dragon attacking you or breathing fire at you, it could mean that far from being a positive dream, yours is actually a warning from the great spirits that you have done a great wrong and need to correct your mistake and bring honor back into your life.

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  1. Lavy Khurana on

    I had a dream that i had just come out of a water park and i saw a greyish dragon which seemed to me like one made of cement. It was firing from it’s nostrils and although it did not try to scare me i was a tad bit bit scared but something really weird happened the security guard at the park told me that did i have hot shower? As my body temprature seemed high and all of sudden i found my self falling off the edge down to the small place with leaves and vegetation taking along the security guard. As soon i fell on the ground the ground caught fire and i had my vehichle parked near by me so the security person told me to rush and get the vehichle away as it too would catch fire but for some reason as much hard i tried to push the car accelerater the car would not move as quick i wanted and it was on verge of catching fire at the precise moment i woke up.

  2. Michele Wood on

    I just woke up from a dream where I was part of a group of people who were eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby dragons, and I was given one to care for. I was very happy to be able to nurture this dragon, even though baby dragons were known to be a bit high maintenance and needy. The baby dragon was very happy to be with me; others who did not have dragons were judgemental about those who had one, like “you’re all nuts”, and stood clear of us. I didn’t care, I was happy with my dragon…

  3. Hello, I had a dream which is related to a dragon in first part of dream it was following methe and I was afraid of it , later my family elders talked with that dragon told stop following her and don’t make her to feel fear , then the dragon replied , Iam here to give her a ride on my back , I would like to show her the view from sky and then I sat on dragons back and after sometime we were flying upon the mountains , the dragon told me to enjoy the view , as the dragon has no time because it is a aged dragon.

  4. It was beautiful, yet terrifying. A segmemt of it’s body was comparable to a large cloud. It had a lot of colors striped, almost, along it’s back. I saw it fly through the sky without wings and it made me smile. Before this, there was a large gust of wind and a lot of rain poured down at once. I don’t remember how, but it was holding me and someone else. When it got closet tho the other person, it only opened the front of it’s lips. I didn’t know whether it was going to eat the other person or speak. but it spoke to us. After that I knew it wasn’t there to hurt anyone.

  5. Linda Perez on

    I had a dream a dragon was going after me I was trying to kill it with two other people we were up in a tower the dragon killed one person. Me and the other person with me in the tower were waiting to get burnt alive the dragon was just about to open his mouth and I was praying and the dream ended it so real

  6. Hello. Can anyone help me with an interpretation of my dream? I didn’t saw much but I felt a lot. A big dragon was my best friend and protector. I felt love for and from him. I honestly felt total trust and gentle power and he was like a teacher. I am obsessed with dragons since hhh. I had another dream, actually I woke up in the middle of the night and I literally saw a light being, an angel, standing a little up from the floor. He opened his mouth slowly and I expected to talk but no, from his mouth poured light and gold coins then disappeared and I felt back to sleep. Are these dreams related? Thanks for any reply.

  7. David Williamson on


    I saw a very strange dream today. Intro: The girl in my dream was the girl I had dated almost 5 years back. But then she got married to someone else and we stopped talking. Then she recently (few weeks ago) came in contact just to say hello and see if I am doing well. (Not sure why?) And today, in my dream I saw her walking on the street, while there was a chained crocodile on a side of a road who was trying to break a chain to get her. I seem to be o serving from other side of the road. Nonetheless, she did not seem to be frightened with the situation rather she was having fun by jumping across the croc. Next, I did not see what happen for a while and all of sudden I saw her riding a horse with the wings of dragon and chaining the croc on the top shoulder/wing (bone) of horse/dragon and making a turn on a street. I stood seeming amazed. And I woke up. Guess what the Facebook had sent me notification to add her as friend on Facebook ad well. (Scared)

    What could be the meaning of this?

  8. I dreamt I was running and began to sprout dragon wings, a tail and talons and flew threw the sky. The rest of me remained human but these traits were definitely a black dragon. I flew around the sky searching for something.

  9. What about slaying a dragon? I’m a bit confused about that, because I’m a girl and slaying dragons and this kind of stuff is mainly thing, isn’t it?

  10. Hi I saw three green baby dragons in my dream. I was in the midst of people but I was the only one seeing them. They flew all the way from the sky to come me me & the three of them were all around me & very protective of me as they don’t want anybody or anything coming close to me as I was free to move around a dog was coming close & the dragon breathed fire & kicked the dog but the dog did not die before I woke up. Please I need to know what my dream means. Thank you

  11. Hi! I had a dream last night that a red chinese dragon was keeping me locked away because it “loved” me but I kept on trying to escape. But then this white dragon (kind of looked like from spirited away) came to save me confessing that it “loved ” me to. I escaped but I didnt see them fight and then I woke up. What the heck does this mean!?

  12. Laura Lynne Watson on

    I had this strange dream this morning about a dragon. I was running late to my high school graduation(I graduated in 2016) & these men showed up to my house, knocked & walked in. I ran down the steps saying “woah” & took em outside as I had no idea who they were. They said they made some personal business on facebook for African American men like themselves & we talked a while in my driveway while I waited for my brother. I gave the older man a hug goodbye before they left & they said they would see me again as they lived north. My brother finally showed up & drove me to the high school & when I got there at 530pm it was a whole bunch of government workers at my school. I went thru check in & I was working with the government on a secret project. There was this dragon that was extremely old, to the point where he was falling apart & the head director pulled me aside & said I was the only one who could bring it back to its original state. Dragons could live forever & they had to figure out how to make it possible, as it never happened before. This dragon kind of reminded me of a hemp or marijuana plant. It was green with long leaf looking skin but most of it was fallen off since it was falling apart. There was this green / Amber(constantly changed color) ball it would hold onto that would bring it back to it’s full state but it had to hold onto this ball to stay that way, as when it let go it went back to it’s old state. The director told me he was going to move it & I had to keep everyone distracted while he put it in a new hidden location. Someone started running around frantically when it was gone & they all noticed. They said it was the only thing to save the human race & I had to pretend I didn’t know where it was while they freaked out. The director took me to his(it’s) new location & had me talk with the dragon to figure out the game plan. It said it could come with me but it’d have to hold the ball & I asked “why me, I am so small & I am nobody” (which is true, 4’9 1/2″ & 90lbs soaking wet) & it said because it had to be me. We were in a white/grey room that had no windows it was some sort of lab.

  13. Hi
    I saw a smiley, beautiful and friendly golden dragon in dream. The dragon saw me and I was curious about this species and I felt like the dragon is asking me to take a ride
    I came over and dragon began flying in the sky on the sea land everywhere.

    I never ever had this kind of dragon dream before.

  14. The other day I had this strangest dream.
    It was like day time in desert and there were these graves covered with sand.. and on one particular grave I saw the shadow of dragon flying over.. then a tear drop of the dragon falls on the grave which turns out to be a plant and blossoma into a red flower and then I see the red dragon descending down and sitting behind the flower on the grave looking at me. Can u please tell me what’s the meaning of my dream?

  15. Laurie Huber on

    I had a series of five epic dreams. The baby dragon came in dream 2. The series ended when I set the baby dragon free at the top of a mountain fortress. It took three dreams just getting there. The dreams came after a lead a young woman on a healing journey the day before. The dreams took an entire day and I was unable to function on a normal level.

  16. Dreamt I was a dragon, flying. Trained by a young child I know. In dream, I went through various uncomfortable scenarios. Went back to where my “dragoness” began. The house, in neighborhood, was dark shambles, about 20 tall to short headstones of people that have passed while I was gone so long being a dragon. I look next door and my aged neighbor is there. He said, “I knew you’d return.” I settled and strolled his drive. Found lost love, “I’m so sorry,” I said. He said, “no need to apologize.” I leapt down in the drive, brushed dry, sandy grit from atop the stone. I said, “Is this yours?” He said, “Yes..”. I said, “Good. I just wanted to tell you I love you.” He said, “I know.”
    “You do?”
    “How’d you know?”
    “I’ve always known,” he closed.

  17. hello my name is Obi maduka , I have this strange dream which keep disturbing my thoughts, I saw a black Dragon in my dream flying some men was standing with fire on their hands calling the dragon to come to them, but, surprisedly to me the dragon turn and call my name, and changed to a beautiful woman and started cleaning my hands so friendly to me that I was not even afraid , after that she tell me to thank her which I did then wake up

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