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Dragon Dream Symbol – Dragon dreams represent incredible personal empowerment. The appearance of dragon is great news for your business or career. They are also the guardians of integrity. They have staunch faith and belief in their own power. Take notice when dragon appears in your dreams. It could be there are challenges on the home front. Family members may be testing you. A dragon that scares you indicates there are problems at home. Killing a dragon signifies you overcome all current challenges that cross your path.

dragon-dreamsVisits from everyday mythical dragons can mean you are pushing someone to pull off a deal of some sort to help you move forward on your path. You may be being selfish. Seeing a fire breathing dragon is a warning your emotions are out of control. It can also be a warning your life may be destroyed by fire in reality. Make sure the electrical cables and appliances in your home are safe.

A dragon flying through your dreams means there are solutions to pressing stresses coming very soon. Dreaming of flying through the sky on the back of a dragon is a sure sign of flying high in real life. If not now, then very soon.

Negatively, dragon dreams warn of challenges that are coming as obstacles to deter you from your path. These may come to test your faith in yourself. In your beliefs. In your dreams. Are you truly on the right path? Dragons can remind of the hard work, persistence, and patience required to achieve what you truly desire. Dragons can also represent key people who are hard to please and it is a reminder to approach with diplomacy to achieve what you need.

Additional Meanings

Dragons are harbingers of every sort of fortune. Not only do dragons bring intangible things like powers and abilities, but they are also known to bring tidings of great wealth. They can also be judges and punishers if you have done wrong. In general, however, dragons are a symbol of great beneficence and joy.

If you dream about a dragon attacking you or breathing fire at you, it could mean that far from being a positive dream, yours is actually a warning from the great spirits that you have done a great wrong and need to correct your mistake and bring honor back into your life.

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  1. Lauren Hunter on

    Recently I dreamt I was in a bus on a costal road. There was 3massive dragon statues in the water.1 lying in the middle with 2standing on either side. They created a half moon shape. The bus drove past them and I was glued to the window. Looking in awe and wanting with every fibre to go down and touch them. But the bus drove by on its journey and I was left sad.

  2. I am female. I dreamt that there was a large, partly robotic old grey dragon kept tied in a large net above a ‘family?’ dinner table where people were eating and chatting as if this was normal. In the dream I had a sense of fear about the fact a dragon was being kept tied in the house. The dragon wasn’t clearly expressing that he was unhappy or aggravated, but mainly placid, yet I had fear about the potential of the dragon. At some point he moved his feet which were in fact metal like a robot. But he was never out loose from the net.

  3. This seems like a dream that is more about someone is trying to take something from you. Someone in your waking life could be picking on you or take something away from you. that person may have more authority than you or you may just feel this way. I read this on December 25 so I’m sure you would by now know who it is and what they’re after.

  4. I honestly don’t know what this dream meant but: I was living in a castle with my two sisters, but they weren’t ACTUALLY my real sisters. My older sister left with a few friends, so me and my little sister (Lillian was her name) were alone in the castle but there were other people (people I didn’t know) anyway, a few seconds later a dragon having all the elements (fire, lighting, ice, water, and earth) attacked our castle (the thing was we were small like ants in the castle). The dragon kept busting through the walls of our castle like he/she was trying to find someone. Out of nowhere the dragon leaves and everyone was safe. But I could NOT find my little sister, Lillian, and then my older sister comes home to the castle and finds everything destroyed and she asks “where’s Lillian” and thats where the dream ends but before the dream ended I saw a glimpse of something… It was a fire burning of all the elements the dragon had.

    I know this dream seems made up but its not I SWEAR! And to sum things all up, I’ve had this dream twice already. Please help me understand this dream Thank you!

  5. My dark blue dragon was laying down sleeping i think there where red huges to her skin dark red almost burgandy color i was woke up and all i could think was my dragons where in trouble. I fell back to sleep but dont remember anything else

  6. I had a dream about a long green dragon (almost like a snake with a dragon’s head). It kept busting through walls taking people but I ran into a house and went down to the attic. And three animals came to sit around me, when the dragon saw them he stopped for a second, snorted at them and the dragon left me alone.

  7. I had a dream that I WAS THE DRAGON. I felt so free and, honestly, majestic. I remember a group of tiny people were in front of me, congratulating me on something (cant remember what). I was also able to shift from human form to dragon form.

    I’ve been really confused since that dream. I know it wasn’t something i watched on t.v. or saw anywhere. I can’t seem to find out what it means. I’ve been searching for an explanation for a while. Could you help?

  8. In my dream I saved the red small dragon from drowning and when it woke up it bite my left hand … help

  9. I had a dream of a beautiful dragon covered with silver scales. He was protecting a large home where, inside, was a gathering of many elegant people, happily gathering to converse, eat and just enjoy. I was outside, and the dragon ran up to me, at first I was frightened, and, then I realized that he was friendly and nudged me and I petted him.
    Somehow, we communicated without words, and I crawled on his back and, together, we flew through the evening, night, and into the wee hours of the morning. We went everywhere and nowhere, we flew the world, I saw the stars above, and the rivers, lakes, and land masses of the world below. We stopped in a brightly light structure, a mix of Las Vegas, Disney world and the great outdoors all rolled into one (if that makes sense). We enjoyed each others company, he transformed into a handsome man, we talked for hours, revealing our secrets, dreams and insecurities. We then flew back to the original place of our first meeting, he asked if we could meet again, and I replied perhaps, because my mate was standing nearby impatiently waiting and was not too happy that I was gone all night with the beautiful silver dragon.

  10. My dream was of a dragon flying in the sky at night holding a human.
    I remember I wasn’t scared. I was amazed wondering who the human was.

  11. I have long hair, I was in my bedroom (painted red in this dream) and baby dragons, only about 3 inches long were walking across my shoulders and under my hair. I watched them in the mirror and was alarmed at first, then I curiously watched them as they seemed to have a positive energy.

  12. I had a dream about being involved in sexual intercourse with a dragon. My dream then speed forward to the part where i was left alone, pregnant in a river with a light waterfall. However, i felt the presence of a male in the river with me. I am aware that this dream seems made up and absurd, but i wanted to mnow what it meant.

  13. i dont remember alot but this dream stuck with me for years and i want to find out what it means :in dream it was night there was a castle a dark castle and there was a a huge hole deep like the abyss like half of the castles size circler hole in the dream it felt like an out of body experince like spirt form im like 1000m above the castle when the dream starts then intrested in the hole i fly down into it it took like a little while to reach the end and at the end the was a black dragon chained down it was surprised to see me it asked me a question but i dont remember the question then i asked it a question or questions but i dont remember the questions. end? i dont remember more

  14. Maybe you are being swallowed by taking on to many challenges and you need to step away take a breath.

  15. I was walking home from work. Can’t remeber if the urgency to get to my family was before or after but I looked up a dnt the clouds look ominous so I started rushing home. When I looked up the clouds were forming into twisters and It was like I was in this great storm but instead of tornados coming down, the clouds formed dragons that were coming down. I was running home and this guy blocked my path so I ran into a building with all these winding hallways and rooms trying to get away from the dragons but one followed me inside. Anywho I ran until I got trapped and I hid in this hot area above everyone else because reptiles sense heat and I thought he wouldn’t be able to see me if my surrounds blocked my body temp. But as soon as his head entered the room I woke up.

  16. Dream : I was stranded on a abandoned ship with my psychotic father “he was really a crazy person ” I was a child again, I’m currently 30. He sent me below deck to find something he needed to help with repairs. I found a small door in a partially flooded room. I thought it could be a way to escape so I went through it and came out in a futuristic world. I was met by a girl dressed like Robinhood who took me to her father. He was a black eastern style dragon that was helping people build a house. Long story short I went between world’s several times. Each time my father got more insane until he almost killed us both by electrifying the frame of the ship. My dream ended in the futuristic world where I was told that I could eat and grow but my physical body wouldn’t survive…?

  17. I keep having a lucid dream thats all black and white like old photos and im in just a space with this really long snake like creature with the head of a Chinese style dragon twisting around me until its in front of me and it kind of jumps at me like snakes do and i wake up just as everything goes black as if ive been eaten head first… quite freaky and not my usual recurrent dreams

  18. Tugeineyo Benson on

    I had a dream that the moon opened and there came out angels with golden linen and assembled in the sky. And later they turned into black dragons .and then descended to earth. Please people what might be the meaning of the dream

    • That sounds like the book of Revelation out of the New Testament in the Holy Bible. The Bible in the book of Revelation talks a lot about scrolls and dragons

      • Am a female.In my dream I saw a pink snake at a home I felt like it’s my home bt it was not..and it was coming and disappearing..and everyone were searching that where it is hiding. And then I saw I came out of the house and I was standing near varanda..den something was touching me. When I looked back it was a long big green dragon almost like a snake.and its head look like a snake’s. it’s tongue is so long and it was licking me and trying to catch me.. I got really scared and started running. And then I saw dat dragon changed into a human (as a man)and was locked in a room in my home.. and he was like sleeping calm..and there was green skin or something tied around his body. And I was having a feeling that finally I/we could control him.. what does this means?

  19. In my dream, I was in some room fighting a lady who seemed to be a witch. Atfer awhile I ended up defeating the witch. When I won I was rewarded with something like a gold staff. When I pick up my prize, the room & everything in it faded away except me & my prize. Now I’m surrounded by darkness & I started to get scared cause there’s no floor. I feel like I’m sinking slowly. The only light I had was the golden staff but it didn’t matter cause it was darkness every where I looked. I finally stop sinking & I see some golden stairs leading up but before I started to walk towards the stairs, the stairs vanish & a very massive size (the size of a mountain or 2) golden dragon appeared & said ” You finally made it” but because of it’s size I got scared & force myself to wake up. It felt so real, I wish I never got scared.

  20. I keep having this dream every night about a man I never met before. He has this dragon tattoo on his chest. It is a black dragon surrounded in a white sphere. I already know I was born in the year of the dragon/metal dragon. I was wondering if anyone might know what it means. I’ve been having this dream for about a week now and every time its more detailed than the last. It’s like in the dream no one else notices the tattoo moves let alone that it even exists. And if it helps at all its in the center of the mans chest.

  21. mbaale micheal mathew on

    I had a dream of a red dragon flying with breathing fire and it came down guilt-ling with frames of fire when it approached us i was with my mother it came and breathed out fire which was not burning to my mother after it flow back to the sky i was my first time to dream about a dragon in my dreams

  22. I just had a dream about a black dragon. It didn’t try to chase or attack me but it was there and had wings. It was like it was bringing a message or something. I wasn’t afraid of it. And weirdly enough my mom was in the dream and she seen it and was skeptical but she ultimately wasn’t afraid of it either. That was the very first time in my life dreaming of a dragon. So I hope it means the good luck and positive vibes. I was actually intrigued and remember waking up like wth? Why did I dream of this lol.

  23. In my dream I saw a flying dragon that came after me and chased me. It brought havoc to the kingdom that provided me with shelter. I could fly too in that dream and I had wings but someone in that dream helped me to cut my wings and throw them away and told me that if I wanted to truly escape the vicious dragon, I was supposed to fly away with my own free will and mental strength, without the help of those wings.

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