Dragon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dragon Dream Symbol – Dragon dreams represent incredible personal empowerment. The appearance of dragon is great news for your business or career. They are also the guardians of integrity. They have staunch faith and belief in their own power. Take notice when dragon appears in your dreams. It could be there are challenges on the home front. Family members may be testing you. A dragon that scares you indicates there are problems at home. Killing a dragon signifies you overcome all current challenges that cross your path.

dragon-dreamsVisits from everyday mythical dragons can mean you are pushing someone to pull off a deal of some sort to help you move forward on your path. You may be being selfish. Seeing a fire breathing dragon is a warning your emotions are out of control. It can also be a warning your life may be destroyed by fire in reality. Make sure the electrical cables and appliances in your home are safe.

A dragon flying through your dreams means there are solutions to pressing stresses coming very soon. Dreaming of flying through the sky on the back of a dragon is a sure sign of flying high in real life. If not now, then very soon.

Negatively, dragon dreams warn of challenges that are coming as obstacles to deter you from your path. These may come to test your faith in yourself. In your beliefs. In your dreams. Are you truly on the right path? Dragons can remind of the hard work, persistence, and patience required to achieve what you truly desire. Dragons can also represent key people who are hard to please and it is a reminder to approach with diplomacy to achieve what you need.

Additional Meanings

Dragons are harbingers of every sort of fortune. Not only do dragons bring intangible things like powers and abilities, but they are also known to bring tidings of great wealth. They can also be judges and punishers if you have done wrong. In general, however, dragons are a symbol of great beneficence and joy.

If you dream about a dragon attacking you or breathing fire at you, it could mean that far from being a positive dream, yours is actually a warning from the great spirits that you have done a great wrong and need to correct your mistake and bring honor back into your life.

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  1. mbaale micheal mathew on

    I had a dream of a red dragon flying with breathing fire and it came down guilt-ling with frames of fire when it approached us i was with my mother it came and breathed out fire which was not burning to my mother after it flow back to the sky i was my first time to dream about a dragon in my dreams

  2. I just had a dream about a black dragon. It didn’t try to chase or attack me but it was there and had wings. It was like it was bringing a message or something. I wasn’t afraid of it. And weirdly enough my mom was in the dream and she seen it and was skeptical but she ultimately wasn’t afraid of it either. That was the very first time in my life dreaming of a dragon. So I hope it means the good luck and positive vibes. I was actually intrigued and remember waking up like wth? Why did I dream of this lol.

  3. In my dream I saw a flying dragon that came after me and chased me. It brought havoc to the kingdom that provided me with shelter. I could fly too in that dream and I had wings but someone in that dream helped me to cut my wings and throw them away and told me that if I wanted to truly escape the vicious dragon, I was supposed to fly away with my own free will and mental strength, without the help of those wings.

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