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Dove – The dove is a Christian symbol of the third member of the trinity, the spirit. Though its actual importance little understood even by Christians, it is supposed to transform the Christian bread and wine into the mystical body of their god’s son, who is the second member of the trinity which is a union of three people into one god. For this reason the dove has become associated with peace and god.

However, the dove in reality is a rather dirty creature, compared to other edible fowl. Regardless, the mysticism surrounding this bird, it is likely related to the story of a dove bringing an olive branch to the mythological Noah found in the Jewish Pentateuch after another bird failed to do the same. This event is supposed to have happened when the entire world was destroyed in a flood by their god also known as ‘El.’

dove dreamDove brings messages of peace, love, harmony, and innocence from the universe. She brings blessings from the spirit world. You may have released your feelings of anger or hate to the universe and attained peace about a situation or person, or the events of your past. This may be a time of new beginnings putting past negatives behind you to move on.

Dreaming of dove building her nest can mean you will soon find peace, love, and tranquility within your own home. You can overcome any challenge to reach the harmonious resolutions you desire. Who in your life challenges you? What do they hide behind the good things they do? What are their true motives? Are you being manipulated? Or, are your expectations out of context with another’s?

Doves flying through your dreams can reflect your feelings about positive resolutions to challenges long overdue or good news is on the way.

Additional Dove Interpretations

Dreaming of a dove represents peace, calm, and enlightenment. Doves bring good health, love, prosperity, and abundance to your life. Doves bring important messages. Seeing doves in your dreams can mean you have loyal friends who support you.

Seeing a single dove can suggest your love has disappointed you in some way. This may only be minor and you should not allow it to impact the relationship. Seeing two doves is a sign that you will have much peace and contentment with the one that you love. Seeing many doves together is a reminder you need to take care of the emotional needs in your relationship. It can be that you do not put enough into your relationships and the possibilities they offer. An unhappy dove warns you have friends that betray you. It is a time to reassess your life and the people you call friends.

Doves also symbolize friends, and a desire for peace and freedom. A dove in your dream can bring news of guests arriving. A female dove brings health and happiness into your home. If she is crying, this can bring trouble and possible death to someone you love. Seeing an injured dove can mean a friend dies unexpectedly.

Eating a dove will bring tough challenges and sadness to your life. Seeing a dead dove warns you may lose the friendship of a loyal friend. It can also mean you do something wrong. Catching a dove signifies getting married or meeting up with an old friend.

Seeing a dove on a roof brings good luck and good news. Seeing a dove walking can mean you may soon have a surprise you do not like very much. Dreaming of a wild dove signifies unpleasant dealings with a female.

Dreaming of doves can also mean it is time to take the next step in your relationship or business. A dove that flies across the sky means you may receive that promotion at work. Releasing a dove into the sky signifies a long, happy marriage.

When Dove crosses your path

Dove brings peace with her when she crosses your path. Dove wants you to know you earned the peace, harmony, and joy that is on its way.

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  1. Catherine Brown on

    I dreamed about two doves flying over me with a veil they dropped upon my head. (Interestingly enough, it was in the middle of another dream, in a school about a girl or a guy who’s supposed to be a good change for everyone) after the doves dropped the veil on my head, I looked over at our Current Pope, who was in my dream, and he gave out a happy laugh.

  2. Renato A Zalameda on

    I dream of a white dove that approached me and allowed me to pet her/him.
    Soon we were talking to each other since she/he can communicate on English.
    What does this dream of talking white dove is all about?

  3. Hello. I actually have a dove which I keep in a large cage on my front porch. I dreamed that Ruby was really flapping her wings. I went to see what was goingvon and there were many doves in her cage and on the porch. Of course I was thinking, where did you all come from! Most were white. Some were brown. They were mostly quiet. Just chillin’. Hmmm

    • Sandra keller napont on

      I dreamed a large white dove was flying across a very vivid blue sky near my house. I live in the country. My son and daughter who are grown now were small in the dream. All of a sudden I felt something evil near by and suddenly a huge Owl flew off a big limb of a tree and gave chase. The beautiful dove realized she was being pursued and I could see the fright in her eyes. The owl caught by the tail in midflight and started flying off with the dove I just stood there shocked and told the kids to hide their eyes and not look. The dove looked down at me sadly and I could feel her sadness and exceptance of her fate. Two weeks later my husband of almost 30 years suffered a stroke and it effected his swallowing so they tube fed him too much liquid to fast and he asperated some of it into his lungs and was intubated on life support a month in the ICU before he died. Relatives told me that maybe the dream symbolized that my peace would be stolen soon…..

      • Sandra keller napont on

        I had the Dove/Owl dream the first week of January 2018 and my husband had his stroke on January 20th 2018 he was in two different hospitals and died on February 16th 2018.

  4. I had a dream that i was drowning doves in my house and then alot of doves started coming in my house walking around the house.

    What could be the interpretation of the dream?

  5. I had a dream where i was in the backyard of a random house and was trying to raise chickens. I walked to one edge of the wall that makes the fence (Corrugated walls are the most common sort of residential fence in Australia)and there was a weird bench attached to it. under the benchtop there were two sections. One on the left had a rooster in an open platform with water and some seeds in a smalll bowl and a glass coffee cup. The right section was a cage. I pulled out a small dove from somewhere (Originally thought this to be a female chicken but it was significantly closer to a white dove) and put it in the cage adn closed it, hoping to raise this ‘chicken’. My dream skippped a few minutes and there was no vision but there was barking of dogs from next door. I naturally knew the stress of the dogs was bad for the ‘chicken’. i got back to the bench and the rooster in the left section sat there calmly but the dove in the cage was dead. i was imagining at this point about 5-6 dogs in travel cages next door, being raised by my neighbour. i cleared the cage of the dove and put another in. The same happened, bu this time there were two dead doves in the cage, despite only putting one in. The same happened again but with three dead doves. At seeing the three dead doves, I woke up. Can anyone here help me try to interpret this? I’ve found that the dead doves mean losing a close bond or im doing something wrong but i dont know what the multiplying means or why the rooster is always fine.

  6. I had a similar dream where a large group of doves flew very fast in a circle and created a bright light on me. 4 girls, 3 black and 1 Asian approached me and the asain girl place a very thin gold chain with a small gold cross on it around my neck. A lot has changed in my life since then and i still think about that dream.

  7. I had a dream that a dove kept flying towards me and it landed on me and it was holding this note, but I forgot what it said, then it left with another dove that appeared. Can someone explain?

  8. I had a dream early this morning at first i hear a maculant voice was talking to me my inner self that it was God so after that i looked out the window and begain to look in the sky their i saw a lots of star but these was very different because they had a unusual glowing i want to say redies light but then all of nowhere this stars was in a shape of a dove with a crown on it head it was a beautiful sight the golden crown was brilliant lit somebody please explain this to me

  9. Last night I had a Dove appear in my dream. I was in a bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror, when a diamond-shaped flash of light appeared behind me in the reflection. Out of it emerged a dove that was flying toward me. I turned around, confused, scared…..wondering if the bird would fly into me. But when I turned around it was gone. I woke up in a jolt, trying to yell out. Now I can’t stop thinking about the white flash and the dove. I’m left just feeling confused. The dove felt like such a source of good. But I woke up so scared by the dove’s rapid “appearance.” Any meaning, anybody? Many thanks.

  10. I dreamed about doves lot of them landing on me, I was carrying my first boy on my shoulder, on the dream I was in church, can you explain this to me

  11. Petrica Mark on

    This morning I dream of doves in my home alot of them in a circle picking on the ground, something about this dream makes me happy on the inside. Please can you tell me the meaning off this my dream.

  12. I was at my parent’s old house and a dove landed a bit awkwardly on my left shoulder – white/grey wing feathers in front of my left eye, body almost behind my head. It coo’d in my right ear. It began repeating my greetings so I knew it could talk. I asked it’s name and it responded “Carrie” I currently have no acquaintances with that name.

  13. I had a dream: I was watching out the kitchen window, and then I saw a pack of doves. This exactly pack of doves are always hanging outside and inside the subway stadion where I live. So they flew high up in the sky, and I went like « omg look! They are so beautiful!» but no one was there with me, so its Only me. And then the doves splitted up 50/50 and flew in the opposite direction from each other, but then THEY FORMED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HEART SHAPE EVER! and this was really beautiful to witness. I felt as they were making this heartshape for me and Only me….. does any of you have an input to my dream? I reaaaaallllyyy want to know like what this means. Like obiously this is about Loooove but what Else! Thank you!

  14. This morning around 6:00 am, i had a vision or dream of a clear blue sky with white clouds, the clouds transformed into two large white doves with very beautiful wings. the doves flew around one another before kissing or touching beaks. I stood there and i looked around saying do you see this….there was know one there but me…i woke up…it was beautiful…

  15. Hello Stephen, I enjoyed reading this post about Doves! I had a dream that doves flew down in a circle around me and wondered what it meant. I wanted to let you know that Noah is not mythical. There are actual records that he existed. Also the Christian tradition holds that yes the dove represents the third person in the triune God but that the dove’s gentle characteristics are similar to the Joly Spirit. Though he is -the- holiest spirit, so the purest form of spirit and the strongest as well.

    • I had a similar dream where a large group of doves flew very fast in a circle and created a bright light on me. 4 girls, 3 black and 1 Asian approached me and the asain girl place a very thin gold chain with a small gold cross on it around my neck. A lot has changed in my life since then and i still think about that dream.

  16. This morning, I dreamed of a small/baby gray dove. At first, I was a little scared, because it kept flying around and on me, but then I felt calmness, and I stretched my (right) arm out, sideways. The dove landed on my opened hand. I awoke feeling great.

    What is your interpretation of this dream?

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