Dolphin Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dolphin Dream Symboldolphin-dreams РThe dolphin symbolizes good tidings, freedom and immortality. If you dream that you are swimming among dolphins, this represents that you feel free and empowered to accomplish your goals, and that you feel graceful and strong doing it.

If you dream that you are watching dolphins from the shore or a ship, this indicates a desire for those qualities, but not a feeling that you currently have them. Dolphins also represent a mysterious power, as do all symbols that have to do with the sea.

Dolphin brings messages from the depths of watery emotions to your dreams. You have the ability to navigate the emotional highs and lows, and dolphin comes to bring spiritual guidance. Use your intelligence and wisdom to make it through emotional storms.

Riding a dolphin can mean you are riding high in your social circles. Everything is going well socially and you feel at peace helping those who need a hand. You feel respected, living in balance. However, when dreaming of dolphin leaves you feeling anxious and negative it can indicate your longing for connections you believe beyond your reach. Do you feel pangs of envy at others relationships? What or who in your social circle makes you anxious?

Dolphins are friendly, cooperative, and trustworthy. Dreaming of dolphins can mean you have people in your life you can trust to have your back. Trusted people you can turn to for help. It can also mean you have people around you who reflect your hopes and dreams to help guide you on the right path.

Dreaming of saving a dolphin can represent your desire to save a relationship or friendship, and a dying dolphin may mean the loss of trust with someone or dying connections with others.

When Dolphin crosses your path

Dolphins cross your path to remind you to balance your life with play. These intelligent, social beings are pure delight to watch frolic among themselves in the wild. They remind to reconnect with your true self.

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  1. I had a dream of my ex girlfriend swiming with dolphins i was with them there was alot of laughter. I
    I am not over her and i did spend sometime with her the day before the dream. Please tell me what it means

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