The Ultimate Guide to Dog Dreams and their Meanings


Dogs are loyal companions and are often referred to as man’s best friend. They represent companionship, loyalty, faithfulness, and unconditional love. Dogs teach us lessons of companionship and emphasize the importance of living in the moment. To understand the dog’s relevance in your dream, take a look at the details of your dream and consider how the dream left you feeling when you awoke.

Throughout history, dogs are celebrated for their heroic and mystical qualities. Many people tend to prefer the company of a dog over other people because they are loyal to a fault.  The type of dog that visits your dream could have an impact on the meaning of your dream.

Specific Dog Breed Dream Interpretations


If you see a Beagle in your dream it can symDog Beagle Dreambolize your devotion to your family and the people close to you. This dream is often a reminder of the love and loyalty that you have with the people who are close to you. No matter what you do in life, you will always have the unconditional love and support of your family.

To see a Beagle can also indicate that you have a mind of your own and are willing to ‘pounce’ on any opportunity that presents itself.

Beagle is a stubborn, strong-minded dog that is totally devoted to its family. To dream of beagle may be a reminder of the loyalty between you and your friends and family. Beagle reminds you to turn to those you love and trust when times get tough. A dog is a symbol of unconditional love and family, and the beagle combines that twofold with stubborn loyalty.

When Beagle crosses your path

Beagle is an opportunist so when it crosses your path with its jubilant excitement it can indicate exciting opportunities are on the way. Its message may be to go with the flow and investigate new opportunities when they come along.


Dog bloodhound dreamBloodhounds use their noses to find what is lost and to track down their prey. When bloodhound wanders into your dreams it could be a reminder you need to put hard work and time into what you want to achieve for success. You have what you need, you just need to put in the time and effort, and to believe in yourself.

If bloodhound is tracking down a criminal in your dream, it could be a warning someone close is deceiving you. Take time to look closer at those around you to ensure they are all they should be. Do not hesitate to take action if something is not right.

When Bloodhound crosses your path

Bloodhound is a symbol to remind you to follow your intuition as it will guide you well when making decisions. You are generally a relaxed type of person until someone pushes you into a corner when you want to say no.

Boston terrier

Dog Boston Terrior DreamBoston terriers are open, social little characters up for any adventure in life. While loyal to their human, they love nothing more than making new friends with strangers. If this is how you see this brave little dog in your dreams, it may be a reminder to be open to new experiences and people. Do not close yourself off to the world or you will miss opportunities that can bring joy to your life. These trusting dogs teach how to open yourself to trust more in yourself to widen your social circles.

When Boston terrier crosses your path

Boston terrier can remind you to live life to the fullest. Do not narrow your world to a single focus. Get out. Meet new people. Enjoy different perspectives to bring a new joy to your life.


dog boxer dreamBoxers are the comedians of the dog world. When a boxer visits your dreams with its comedic antics to lighten you up, ask what in your life is too serious, or do you use your serious side to stop you enjoying life for fear of being let down. Use wisdom and humor to change the turmoil within you. Sure, take life seriously, but boxer’s message may be to make your decisions based on what you know to be right.

When a boxer is aggressive or barking in your dream, it is warning you are going against what you know to be right. It is a warning to look closer before taking decisive action.

When Boxer crosses your path

Boxer comes to play to remind life is not all about being serious. You may need to time out to refocus on what you need to achieve.


Dog Bulldog dreamBulldogs are often very social and sweet animals, which have a reputation for being good guard dogs. They are lovers, rather than fighters and are very stubborn in nature. To see a bulldog in your dream can indicate a hard exterior, but a true softshell on the inside.

Bulldogs are generally very friendly dogs that are well-liked by the people around them. They are often considered to be slow learners, but once they learn something it will be with them for life.

Bulldogs can be stubborn and lazy. They often do not want to exercise and would rather sit and relax. If you see a lazy bulldog it can indicate the need to work harder to achieve more in your life.

If you see a bulldog in your dream it can indicate a stubborn person in your life that refuses to change their opinion about something.

Bulldogs are a wonderful companion, stubbornly loyal, and protective of those they love. These little dogs are renowned for selective deafness. Only coming when they have finished whatever adventure they on.

A visit from bulldog in your dreams can prompt you to ask yourself what you intentionally ignore. Do you ignore people you do not like? What about situations that are just too difficult, do you put them in the too hard basket until it is too late? Are you someone others see as a know-it-all?

Do you show off what you know, how much you earn, or always have a better story to tell than the one you just heard? Bulldog visits to jolt you awake, to make you aware of how others see you and of your attitude so you can take action.

When Bulldog crosses your path

Bulldog crosses your path to let you know loyalty is a good thing as long as you are not being stubbornly judgmental. Remember using open communication will help you get what you want.


Dog Chihuahua dreamWhen Chihuahua visits your dreams, these tiny little vocal dogs can be barking to get your attention. They seriously have ‘small man syndrome’ and are totally fearless no matter the size of the threat. The message can be someone around you is insecure and constantly demanding your attention. Be warned not to underestimate this warning. You may need to stand your ground, even when losing. You can have success if you come from truth and integrity.

When Chihuahua crosses your path

When Chihuahua crosses your path you may be under attack from those you least expect. You may need to protect yourself from vicious attacks.

Cocker Spaniel

Dog Cocker Spaniel DreamThe appearance of this gorgeous, loving little dog that never seems to grow up brings joy and delight to your life. Its visit can signify your inner child or your emotional immaturity in some situations. Consider what worries you. How do you feel about it? How do you respond? Are you behaving childishly? Cocker Spaniel may visit to remind you to look for different ways to deal with situations.

On the other hand, Cocker Spaniel may be letting you now your inner child needs acknowledging. That it needs expressing and nurturing. For example, if feeling hurt you need to acknowledge those feelings to help yourself to move forward.

When Cocker Spaniel crosses your path

Cocker Spaniels crosses your path to remind you of your inner child. Spend time in playful behavior with those that matter to bring better balance to heal the hurt within.


Dog Collie DreamCollie’s are working dogs, that instinctively bring their charges home. They can visit your dreams to remind you have possibly lost your way. Are you feeling trapped? Have you given your power away? What have your lost? Collie helps you to find your way back. A collie confined to a kennel may indicate your feeling of entrapment and loss of control. What is your life needs to change? What makes you feel trapped?

When a collie lies restfully beside you, it can mean you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work. You are at peace with yourself and your world. Feeling contentment and pride in your achievements.

When Collie crosses your path

Collie can cross your path when you need reminding to stop reacting to the drama in your life. Instead, take a step back to assess the situation and use wisdom to take action for the best results.

Dachshund (Wiener Dog)

Dog Dachshund dreamWhen dachshund appears in your dreams, it may be to remind you are more capable of success even in difficult situations. But, you may take too long to make decisions. These funny little sausage dogs bring the message to see the situation from a different perspective using humor. You may need to accept you have no control over the outcome and let go of your emotions surrounding the situation.

Dachshund may also visit to let you know you are not responsible for finding good outcomes for everything in life. Live more with a “grain of salt” attitude. Take time out to laugh at yourself sometimes. Do you spend more time minding other people’s business trying to help more than you do your own? Is your approach flexible? Are you ready to adapt to changes or are you rigid and inflexible, deaf to what others have to say?

When Dachshund crosses your path

When dachshund crosses your path it can be a reminder to not delay making decisions or valuable opportunities may pass you by. Dachshund wants you to know you are supported by those you love.

Doberman Pinscher

Dog Doberman PinscherDoberman Pinschers are great protectors and may visit to reflect your own self-protection. Consider whether you are driving people away at this time. Do you purposely show aggressive behavior towards someone so they just go away? Doberman can also symbolize how you adjust to changes as you continue to focus on what you need to achieve.

When Doberman acts aggressively the message may be to warn you of your behavior. You may need to take a step back to reassess the situation and your actions. Are they balanced? Do they reflect the truth of the person or situation?

When Doberman Pinscher crosses your path

When Doberman Pinscher crosses your path it may warn you not to automatically stand up for situations and others with only surface knowledge. Spend time getting to the heart of the matter before proceeding.

German Shepherd

Dog German ShepherdGerman shepherds are fiercely loyal, gentle companions, and protectors. When a German shepherd visits your dreams it can mean you are on high alert to something that is not right in your world. He reminds you to follow your instincts, and use courage and wisdom to get to the truth. You are fully supported no matter what you decide to do.

When your dream is of training a German shepherd, it can symbolize you have an open mind but sometimes you believe in others too easily. Be more alert to the truth in what others tell you. Take the time to watch and listen before passing judgment. Who tells tall tales? What or who is hard to believe?

A German shepherd that bites you in your dreams may mean your guard is down and others may try to take advantage of you in this situation. This dog comes to remind you to be more alert.

A German shepherd attacking you can symbolize you are under attack from others or a situation. If the dog is attacking someone in your dream, it can mean you are attacking others.

The German Shepherd is considered to be one of the most trustworthy and loyal dogs. These dogs are fiercely loyal to a fault. No matter what their master does, they will see no wrong.

Seeing a Germany Shepherd in your dream can indicate a fierce sense of loyalty that you have to the people around you. It means that you are trustworthy and can always be counted on to be there when others need you.

If you are training a German Shepherd it can indicate that you are looking to find another direction in your life.

When German Shepherd crosses your Path

German Shepherd crosses your path to remind you are not alone. Remember those you care about the support you no matter what path you choose. They are always there when you feel alone or unsupported.

Great Dane

Dog Great dane dreamGreat Danes symbolize an easy-going, strong-willed nature. He may appear in your dreams to remind you not to let people walk all over you. You do not have to say yes or do everything someone else asks or expects from you. You are a strong, independent thinker. Avoid being influenced by others’ manipulations. You are empowered to achieve anything your heart desires.

Seeing a Great Dane asleep can indicate you need to wake up and focus on what you need to do to reach for success. What do you dream of? Why do you find it hard to focus?

A harlequin Great Dane in your dreams may symbolize the current changes in your life. His message is that these changes are good for you and everything will soon settle down. Embrace them to make the changes work for you.

When Great Dane crosses your path

Great Dane crosses your path to let you know you are empowered to achieve anything you want to at this time. You have everything you need. You just need to focus and have faith in yourself.

Pit Bull

Dog Pitbull DreamIf you see a Pit Bull in your dream it can represent a number of different meanings depending on your own view of these animals. If you are afraid of Pit Bulls, then these dogs can represent a warning or sign that you should reconsider the current path you are on.

Pit Bulls can also indicate a hard exterior, with a soft heart on the inside. This can represent your own personality or someone in your life who takes a while to warm up to.

On the surface, Pit Bulls seem like ferocious dogs that are dangerous, however, once you get to know these animals they are often the most loyal and trustworthy friends.

dog dreamGolden Retrievers (Labradors)

Golden Retriever bounds into your dreams to remind you of loyalty, family, friends, and friendship. These happy dogs remind you of these important aspects of your life. What or who have you recently neglected? Who neglects you? It is time to spend more time bringing joy into your life.

A Golden retriever barking in your dream can mean someone close to you is not coping well emotionally and you may not have noticed their pain. Maybe you have been too busy to hear what they have to say. Who in your life is struggling and needs a helping hand?

Dreams about Golden Retrievers often represent strong family ideals and bonds that you have with those around you. If you see a Retriever barking then it can indicate that you have overlooked an issue with someone that is close to you. You may want to evaluate your relationships and if something seems amiss.

These dreams can also be a pun that you need to “retrieve” or regain control over an aspect of yourself.

When Golden Retriever crosses your path

Golden Retriever crosses your path to remind you to follow your guts instincts to reach for your dreams. Let go of any fear and trust in your passion unconditionally to release all self-doubt.
See dog

Labrador Retriever

Dog Labrador RetrieverLabrador retriever accepts you unconditionally. No matter what you do. How you speak to her. Or, how you treat her. She will always love you. Labrador retrievers represent trust, loyalty, empathy, compassion, joy, and playfulness. They accept you as you are. She brings unconditional love to your life. Her calm devotion can rescue you from what hurts you in life.

When Labrador visits your dreams it can be to let you know you are making the right choices. She shows you the choices you make lead to fulfilling your hopes and dreams for yourself, as well as for friends and family. Be open and accepting of others’ differences. Understand everyone has their own path. It does not matter what others do, you can accept them unconditionally even if you do not agree with them. You are supported and support those you love in return.

If Labrador retrieves a bird for you, it signifies you will have great spiritual understanding unfold. Something that has been on your mind has the answer revealed very soon. When Labrador walks with you, she brings companionship and the promise of a soul mate in the near future.

When Labrador Retriever crosses your Path

When Labrador retriever crosses your path, she reminds your tendency to rescue others is commendable. But, you need to respect boundaries. You often try to rescue those that do not want your help. Look within to find a balance so you are not always trying to find solutions for others.

Miniature Schnauzer

Dog BreedsMiniature Schnauzer is a protective, alert little dog that may visit to remind you to be aware of the signs and sounds around you. Tune in. You are hearing and seeing the answers you need. Stay alert. She can also warn that your loyalty is in question. By yourself and others. This is not necessarily a negative thing as you are questioning what is right for you. Even contemplating making changes.

Miniature schnauzer comes to remind that when you protect your heart from the hurt of the world it can cause blockages. This stops life’s experiences flowing through, which is what your heart needs to heal. Open up to those close to you. Get involved with people you know and trust. This will help you grow. Learn how to set boundaries. To make the right choices. Only by experiencing the world can your heart heal so you can move forward. Now is a good time to start trusting again. You have to take risks.

When Miniature Schnauzer crosses your Path

When miniature schnauzer crosses your path it is a reminder you can be impulsive. You often jump into things on the spur of the moment. This protective little dog warns, think before you take action or you will find yourself in some sort of trouble eventually.

Old English Sheepdog

Dog Old English Shepherd DreamOld English Sheepdogs are exuberant, playful, charismatic dogs that approach life with humor, love, and devotion. But not everything is about play. He brings messages to remind you to take responsibility for what is going on in your life. Trying to blame others or circumstances, is just another excuse.

A way to procrastinate. Who do you blame? Is it really their fault? Is it really your responsibility? You cannot move forward in your life until you take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions. You cannot blame others for what you think and do, or do not do. You are solely responsible. Start owning it now. Move your life forward.

Old English sheepdog can also visit because you think you have to help others rather than letting them make their own mistakes. You need to set boundaries. Do you always offer to help? You cannot always make everything right with the world without it eventually costing you your own dreams dearly.

If this dog is doing his job, herding sheep in your dreams, this can indicate you need to step up and take a leadership role to help everyone succeed. A dog that is sleeping can mean you may be sleeping instead of working. If you sleep on the job, you can miss doing something important.

When Old English Sheepdog crosses your Path

Old English Sheepdog may cross your path to remind you that not everything in life is serious. It may be a time where you take time out for rest and relaxation to rebalance your life.


Dog Pomeranian DreamPomeranian is a loyal little dog that is trying to communicate with you through your dreams. He wants you to know that the universe knows what you want and need, and has heard you loud and clear. It will respond to you in just the right timing when you send it clear, consistent signals. The universe will help manifest your dreams, just be open to the signs and opportunities.

Even when you think all is lost, there is a way forward. You may face a choice between alternate directions and struggle to know what to do. Are you in this situation? What do you need to do to choose? Until you make a clear choice the universe cannot manifest your desires. Focus on what you truly want and put the hard work into your dreams. Have faith you can manifest success.

This bouncing little noisy dog can also signify there is a change of direction on the way. There is something amazing about to come into your life. You will not be able to miss it. Pomeranian is telling you to grab it with both hands for it will help you manifest everything you have dreamed of and more.

When Pomeranian crosses your Path

Pomeranian crosses your path to remind you are an excellent communicator. Do not forget communication is the key to achieving the most positive outcomes. Listen to your intuition to know what to do.


Dog Poodle DreamA poodle is a highly intelligent dog and can visit your dreams to remind you there is nothing wrong with expressing your individuality. Express your uniqueness. Do not be afraid of what others think. It is not healthy to always blend into the background. Enjoy being who you truly are. The world needs your special view of the world.

Poodles can visit as a symbol of airs and graces. Do you think you are more important than others? Are there people around you that think they are better than you and others? Are you preoccupied with the way you look? Poodle reminds us that this type of behavior is shallow and drives people away. Instead, act with dignity and humility to maintain your self-confidence in all you do. When a pampered poodle follows you around in your dreams it is telling you that you are overly concerned with the way you look.

Dreaming of a black poodle can mean you have lacked respect for yourself lately. It is time to forgive yourself and others. Let go of what makes you feel this way to move on.

When Poodle crosses your Path

Poodle cross your path to let you know to open up to your creativity. It is a time where expressing your unique view of the world will be well received. Be yourself.


Dog Pug DreamThese comical, loving little dogs visit to bring out your playful nature. This can indicate there are changes and new people around you, and that you accept them as a positive way forward for your life. You enjoy meeting new people; it brings new perspectives.

This may also be a reminder that if you want to change things then you need to acknowledge change is needed. What needs changing? What are you refusing to see? It does not have to be something major. It can be something as simple as your attitude towards someone. Once you acknowledge you want to make changes, the universe delivers just what you need. But, it will be the changes within you that have the greatest impact on your future.

Pug can also mean that there is a change around you that you need to embrace. Maybe you are being reluctant and ignoring its potential. Resisting any changes crossing your path. Pug is pushing you to look deeper as this may be the opportunity you have long longed for. When you accept this, there will be few challenges along the way.

Dreaming of a black pug is a warning of immediate changes. You may not understand this but have faith this will change your future for the better. A fawn pug means you take any changes in your stride trusting they will benefit you in the long run. Just know, change is the only thing you can guarantee in your life. Pug may be reminded that change is going to happen whether you resist it or not.

When Pug crosses your Path

Pug crosses your path to remind to not neglect your friends and family. Enjoying your solitude is inspirational but you need to balance that with social interaction with those you love.


Dog Rottweiler DreamRottweiler bounces into your dreams to remind you that you are fully protected, but you have to take care of yourself before others. You have the courage to make the right choices. To see through the illusions to get at the real truth. If Rottweiler growls at you, you may be going through some inner turmoil. What are you afraid of? What do you avoid? Until you confront whatever worries and upsets you, it will be impossible to move forward.

Rottweiler brings choices. You may have several options to choose from and may be having trouble making a choice. You need to select an option and stick to it. Rottweiler may also remind that not all friendships are what they seem. Many have hidden agendas known and understood only by those who hide behind illusions. This is a warning to be wary.

Take time to looker deeper at close friendships. What do they offer? Are they what they seem? Do they offer positive or negative experiences? How much drama do they bring to your life? It may be time to eliminate the poison from your life.

Seeing a group of Rottweilers symbolizes there are several options to choose from. You need to choose the right option for you. If Rottweiler is attacking a person, it may be a reminder that some of your past choices have not been wise. Take your time.

When Rottweiler crosses your Path

Rottweiler crosses your path to remind you to sit back to wait and see. You do not make hasty decisions and take your time to evaluate things. You look beyond the surface to get to the heart of the matter. You make decisions based on great wisdom.

Shih Tzu

Dog Shih tzu dreamShih Tzu is a wonderful companion that often barks and barks and barks. He reminds you it is usually better not to react before thinking things through. Remember the laws of karma. What you put out to the world comes back to you. Face the world in a loving, helpful, positive way and you will always be supported. Reacting negatively to the world around you will only make you more miserable.

It is not your place to judge others. Sure. Maybe there are things you do not like but walk away if you do not want part of that. Everyone has the right to be who they are regardless of how you feel about it. Be careful not to hold grudges when involved in dramas. For, when you judge others that is a judgment you make of yourself. Usually what you do not like in others is something you do not like in yourself.

Dreams of Shih Tzu can also mean you are important. That you are spiritual just as all creatures are of the spirit. It does not matter who you are or where you came from. What country or your beliefs. Whether you were poor or rich. What is in the past is irrelevant as it is what is happening now that matters. Follow your heart’s passion to achieve your dreams. Use love and understanding to clear your path.

Lots of these little dogs symbolize your life will soon be filled with happiness. If the dog is barking furiously at you then it can mean you are being too hard on yourself. Stop judging yourself so harshly. Be gentle on yourself.
Shih Tzu may bring messages that an authoritative figure is about to enter your life. This will be someone who has the authority of some sort in your life. They will only visit for a short time to share information with you. It is important that you stay open and honest in all dealings with them if you want the experience to be positive.

When Shih Tzu crosses your Path

Shih Tzu crosses your path because are a leader. You may be in the public eye and protective of your public image. You achieve much-using tenacity, stubbornness, and determination.

Siberian Husky

Dog Siberian HuskySiberian husky may visit your dreams to let you know the journey is as, and sometimes more, important than the actual destination. It is really how you get there that matters. These amazing dogs pull sleds in the snow and are a lifeline to many. They show you how to make the right choices along the way. How to avoid conflict and obstacles in your path. You have the strength to achieve whatever matters to you. Walk your path using your intuition and you will navigate your way safely through life.

If husky is pulling you along in a sled in your dreams, this can mean a relationship or situation will come to an end. You have or will reach your destination safely. A husky curled up in sleep can mean you already know the answers. You just need to trust in your instincts enough to follow them. Many huskies around you, the barking may mean you need to listen to your own truth. You may be confused between what is your own truth and others’ truths. Listen to your heart. Listen to your instincts to find your own truth. This is more important to you than other truths.

When Siberian Husky crosses your Path

Siberian husky crosses your path to remind you to have the ability to overcome any challenge using your gut instincts and intuition. You have an affinity for nature and the environment, and stand up for those without a voice.

Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Yorkshire Terrier DreamYorkshire terrier visits your dreams to tell you to move forward without fear. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Know what you want. Have the confidence to just ‘go’ for it. No more sitting on the sidelines. Gather up your plans and move forward with confidence. Commit to following through on your goals one by one. Always walk your truth. But still, be part of others’ hopes and dreams as a loyal supporter. There are always things you can strive for together. Striving independently for your own dreams will strengthen your connections.

A terrier hunting in your dreams may mean there is something you are missing. Something you need to address to enable your growth to move forward. Look closer at what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there.
A Yorkshire terrier full of life, playing in your dreams, can mean it is time for you to take time out from the serious side of life. Have you been all work and no play of late? You do yourself a disservice if all you are connected to is deeply serious. Bring some light into your life.

When Yorkshire Terrier crosses your Path

Yorkshire terrier crosses your path to remind there is absolutely nothing you cannot do. You do not hesitate to embrace your passions once you make a commitment to your choices.

Common Dog Dream Encounters

Black dogs in a dream can signify night, storms, death, and evil, and highlight the possibilities open to you in your life. Maybe you dream of creating a whole new life? Or, moving house, town, or country? This can mean you realize your dreams and death is letting go of the old ways.

Dogs guarding the entrance to your home or property, or a spiritual building, can bring messages to guard your heart or some other part of your life. Consider what may pose a danger.

Wild dogs are wild free and maybe that is how you dream of being or it can mean there are challenges on the way. This can warn you may need help. A visit from a domestic dog brings peace and joy, and a pack of dogs can signify synchronicity with friends.

doggy dreamA dream of an angry dog can represent your negativity towards others and an inability to control your temper. What makes you lose control? Do you need to protect yourself more emotionally? Are you taking sides? Or, being unfair and judgmental? A dog can remind you of loyalty, and the importance of family and friends.

A dog attacking you in your dream may signify feelings of annoyance or being attacked, and can also indicate an addiction of some sort.

Dreams of a lost dog may mean you have given up, lost confidence in something or someone, and feel vulnerable. You may feel bullied or unable to stand up for yourself. Who has betrayed your trust? What or who makes you feel small and vulnerable, and unloved? Who may you falsely trust with blind faith?

When a Dog crosses your path

Dog crosses your path to remind you there is always unconditional love and faith in the world whenever you need it. Just look to your own dog for the answers.

Seeing a dog in your dream can indicate natural urges that are usually controlled, but can come out in certain situations. Similar to cats, dogs often represent our affectionate or caring nature.

A dog is considered man’s best friend because of the loyalty, companionship, and protection that they provide. They are always reliable and can be counted on to bring you a smile at the end of a long day.

Dogs are often loyal to a fault. To see a dog in your dream symbolizes loyalty, intuition, protection, and trust. A dog can symbolize those qualities inside of you or someone around you who is loyal to a fault.

Dog Dream Scenarios

Angry or Vicious Dog – If you see a vicious dog in your dream then it can represent an inner conflict with yourself. You may have made decisions in your life that may not align with your moral values. You might want to take a step back and look to realign your values and try to find inner peace.

Sick or Old Dog – To see an old or sick dog in your dream can indicate an old friendship that has been neglected or lost. You may have taken for granted some of the friends you have in your life and not supported them in their time of need. It may be time for you to look the true friends in your life and put the time to grow those relationships stronger, instead of letting them get stale.

Dog dream meaningTaking Care of Dog – If you dream that you are taking care of a dog then it can represent your caretaking and nurturing capacity that you have. If you dream that a dog has puppies, it also relates to your nurturing side.

Pay attention to the particular details of your dog dream and how it relates to the context of your life. If you dream that you are unable to ‘get a dog off your back’ it can reflect a real-life problem that you may be experiencing.

Barking Dog – Seeing a barking dog in your dream can suggest that you have someone in your life who is annoying you with their orders and directions. Perhaps you are in a relationship where you are constantly being told what to do and how to do it. This dream can indicate the need to break free from the grip that the person has over you.

A barking dog can also indicate the desire to constantly tell others what to do and give orders. You may be too bossy to the people around you. Perhaps the dream is suggested that you learn how to listen to others and listen before you speak your mind.

Biting Dog – To dream about a dog that is biting you can indicate disloyalty from a close friend or family member. You may need to evaluate your life and ask yourself if everyone has your best interest in mind.

Alternatively, a biting dog can indicate that you need to take a step back and re-evaluate some aspects of your life. There may be some changes that you need to make, but you have been constantly delaying them.

Getting a New Dog – If you dream that you are going to purchase a new dog it can represent your need to buy loyalty or companionship from the people around you. Perhaps people around you are taking advantage of your generosity and have come to expect things from you.

Wanting a new dog can indicate the desire to find someone in your life who is trustworthy and loyal. You may be seeking a companion who will be willing to stand by your side no matter what happens.

Giving Away Dog – A dream that you are sending or giving a dog away it can indicate that you are not interested in keeping certain friends within your circle. Maybe you have people in your life that have been hostile and you need to remove.

Running from Dog – To dream about a dog running around chasing its tail can indicate that you are heading in circles. You need to take a step back and refocus on the things that matter in your life. Is there anything that you have been avoiding that you need to step up and confront?

Dogs Fighting – If you see two dogs fighting in your dream it can indicate that you are rejecting an aspect of yourself and need to re-evaluate your behavior to those around you. Your actions may be incongruent to your morals and you need to make changes to realign your values.

black dog dreamTied up Dog – Negatively, dogs can represent a loss of self-control over our natural instincts. If a dog is tied up and trying to get loose, it can represent sexual frustration that is trying to let loose. A tied-up dog can also indicate feelings of being held back in your life.

Black Dog – To see a Black dog in your dream can indicate depression or fear of death. It can indicate a shadow aspect of the dark side of someone that you are close to.

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  1. I am currently housesitting a golden cocker spaniel. However, last night I dreamt I was looking after two dogs. The dream was extremely vivid and I woke feeling it was still my reality and I was trying to remember who’s dogs these were. One was a Brindle American Staffordshire Terrier and the other was a pale white/golden Labrador. I was in a kitchen and all of a sudden noticed the Labrador was skinny and very weak. I realised “Oh,Shit! I’ve forgotten to feed it” I’ve been feeding the Staffy every night without fail but have completely forgotten the Labrador. The poor thing was so quiet and had just been putting up with it without trying to get my attention to let me know. I felt like I hadn’t fed it in 10 days and the owners were due home in 3-4 days. I could clearly see the food in the fridge for the Labrador, she had a different diet from the Staffy. It was a little more involved where as the Staffy was quick, easy and convenient.

    I just read above about what a Labrador can represent and as I read I welled up and tears started running down my face. For me it represent how much I have starved myself of trust, loyalty, empathy, compassion, joy, and playfulness. Mainly towards myself. I have starved myself of self love and now that I have recently been eating healthy food and starting to be more aware of self love and value it’s like the Labrador is rearing it’s head in my dream to show me – okay, now it’s time you see and start feeding me and loving me.

    I haven’t found the meaning behind the Staffy online yet however for me it represents how I was living, fast paced, energetic, random, gobbling down my food quickly and with out any care for the quality. Just always on the go and taking no time to see what’s really going on.

    Labrador Retriever

    Labrador retriever accepts you unconditionally. No matter what you do. How you speak to her. Or, how you treat her. She will always love you. Labrador retrievers represent trust, loyalty, empathy, compassion, joy, and playfulness. They accept you as you are. She brings unconditional love to your life. Her calm devotion can rescue you from what hurts you in life.

    When Labrador visits your dreams it can be to let you know you are making the right choices. She shows you the choices you make lead to fulfilling your hopes and dreams for yourself, as well as for friends and family. Be open and accepting of others’ differences. Understand everyone has their own path. It does not matter what others do, you can accept them unconditionally even if you do not agree with them. You are supported and support those you love in return.

    If Labrador retrieves a bird for you, it signifies you will have great spiritual understanding unfold. Something that has been on your mind has the answer revealed very soon. When Labrador walks with you, she brings companionship and the promise of a soul mate in the near future.

    When Labrador Retriever crosses your Path

    When Labrador retriever crosses your path, she reminds your tendency to rescue others is commendable. But, you need to respect boundaries. You often try to rescue those that do not want your help. Look within to find balance so you are not always trying to find solutions for others.

  2. Hello all.

    I have had numerous, & I mean back to back dreams of dogs so many I should have written them down. However, the only one that I can’t seem to shake from my head or the only one out of all of them that I’ve forgotten is a dream I’ve had about a puppy. The puppy couldn’t have been older than 3-4 weeks, it was black. And if I can remember well I couldn’t see the pups face just his rear end, no tail no bruises blood cuts none of that but it looked as though I was putting this puppy in the grass & as I did this the grass seemed to almost swallow it. There was no panic in any of my dreams, no sense of fear.

    • It sounds like repressed memories from when you were young. They are there but not in your active consciousness- inaccessible and uneffecting. Maybe your subconscious is letting go of these young memories and seeking peace.
      Or not.

  3. I have a question of regarding to my dream. What does it mean when you dream coming across of sleeping black Pomeranian. She looks a lot like my Sister’s dog. She is resting in the cardboard box and what’s funny about that is villain character from Mario Bros video games, named Bowser is resting next to her. There are a lot of things going on in my dream. Nothing bad but a lot of metaphors, I’m sure.

  4. David Tucker on

    I had a dream where this boy had a prize and his name and photos was in the paper, and he has held a black Pomeranian. Another photo same boy but different dog, the dog had one eye towards me and the other towards who knows where and was smiling too On the other page in the paper was a HUGE black English sheep dog smiling at me. I don’t know what It means.

  5. Chelsea jasmin on

    I dreamt that I had a bull terrier as a pet and I had it locked in a cage but everytime I let it free , it always chases me aggressively like it wants to kill me , but whenever I stop running , the dog stops running and starts to be calm again , but when i started running again the dog continues to aggressively run after me … I went to my neighbors house to hide from this
    Dog , then my mom came and found me hiding , she calmly took back the dog at its calm state and went back in the house, I was so terrified that this dog was going to eat me alive everytime it chases me … and I remember it being a grey bull terrier, I also have this same dream every night so I believe it means something, and usually you can’t reme dreams but somehow I remember this one

  6. I have dreamt that I am a brindle coloured dog, I can’t olace the breed but I am a medium sized dog. In the dream I am being viciously attacked by a black Rottweiler, the Rottweiler forms part of a pack of dogs that constantly attack me every night. Not all dogs in the dream are Rottweilers and not all are large dogs they vary in size but are all black and there are approx 5. In the dream I tread carefully as a dog around them and stay on my own the majority of the time but I keep getting attacked, I look sad and im cowering as a dog. Distance or absence doesn’t seem to calm or ease their feeling of hatred towards me for some unknown reason. I can’t move away as I live in the same place as the other dogs the room surrounding is very dark and unnerving. I’m struggling to interpret this reoccurring dream.

  7. In the same night I had a horrible terrifying dream 2 times of the same angry black roetriller chasing me like I was prey. He began the chase around a gym full of people which I still think is weird,this angry vicious dog came straight for me nobody else even cared it was like they didn’t see the monster that was about to attack. I took off running through a dark misty looking school it was lite up before but it was as if he had brought hell with him I felt it I was slammed with fear I ran and ran but I couldn’t get away I hid after awhile he of course found me immediately I was about to have my neck ripped out but I got woke up I thanked god when I came out of that nightmare but when I went back to sleep he chased me again but thank goodness I can wake myself up usually I brought myself out of the second dream..

  8. I have looked all over the internet and have not found one single interpretation for a dream I had years ago.

    I dreamt that I was a border collie running in a large yard. There is nothing on the internet about “being a dog” in a dream. I still believe that it may have been a memory from a past life, but if anyone can give me information on this, that would be great.

  9. I have a dream last night about a dog been scared, just how I felt.
    I wakeup last night around 12:30 am, I remember been really scared and cold. I was using 3/4 of my king side bed, then I fall a sleep again, and at that time I saw myself waking up and I saw this dog type, golden retriever coming to my bedroom, the dog jumped into my bed and start leaking my face, the dog looked up to the ceiling and he start shaking, scared, just like I was feeling. The dog start crying and went under the sheets and started Grrrrrr, almost like if it was going to attacked. At this point, I was still looking at myself and everything that was happening. In the dream I told myself : this isn’t real, this is a dream. I steel wasn’t going to looked at the ceiling but, in the dream or me looking at myself, I was still scared, until I did looked up…and there was a figured, black, skinny, told man with big horns…..I was soooo scared and I was telling myself at that time : wake up- wake-up…When I did, I was cold and sweaty…and I look up again and that thing was still up there….The most horrible nightmare I ever had in my life.

    I came in this morning to work looking for answers, but I haven’t had any luck. Dose anyone can help me to find the meaning of my dream please?

    The worst part is I am wring about it and I have soooo may goods bums 🙁

  10. Antponio Lio on

    I have dreamt of walking two dogs one whit one black midsize look like retrievers the black one got away twice and it came back twice the white one never got away. Please help me to interpret

  11. Dream about black and white dog coming to your home on stormy and windy weather night and sleep very calm beside you on the bed. And on your dream you woke up and see exactly same dog sleeping beside your son as well.
    I don’t know the meaning of it but I know I have a stormy life at this moments.

  12. I dreamt of my dog who died 18 years ago talking to me surrounded by puppies , she was a cross between a pit and sheep dog I think

  13. I had a dream that fire dogs would chase me down and as i fell down from the attack i would close my eyes and wake up in a empty building and it would start all over until i woke up. I guess thos happened 3 or 4 times before o woke up but afteri couldn’t shake the
    negativeness of the drream

  14. Anshima P Srivastav on

    I saw that I was on my way. Suddenly police encounters me. I start talking to them. I see my friend’s 9 year old go alone on the way and start asking him where is he going. Suddenly I see that the police have unleased 2 dogs. They were most probably German Shepherds and their necks were of light colour. At first I thought they are supposed to restrain my friend’s child but suddenly it occurs to me that they are coming for me. I start running but after a few paces give up and sit with my hands on my head. The dogs come and sit on either side of me. They don’t do anything but I feel a strong sensation on my neck. I find myself shivering in my neck and shoulder area crying that I am feeling afraid.
    Kindly explain.

  15. Just Somebody on

    I’ve dreamt of a (masculine) person (I’m female) who had a little, beautiful, wonderful bird (in the colors blue, white and black and something weird on its head) chirping and looking at me (I could almost see it smile). I ran to the young adult (of my age) where the bird was sitting on. There were people around us, I told them to be gentle and quiet, so that the bird won’t fly away. I took a picture of the bird. It looked at me and eventually flew away. The guy was interested in me, and without words we realized we had a great deal in common. He took my hand and wanted to show me something. We had to pass an outdoor hallway. At the end of the (small hallway) there was a man with a boxer in its hand heading our direction. The boxer was sweet and wanted to play with me. I ran away because I was afraid. I took the guys hand and said let’s take another hallway. I’m scared (I’m not afraid of dogs in real life). He said: No, come on. In a minute the dog will be inside and he won’t harm you, you could tell by looking in his eyes. I said: no, let’s go that way, I don’t care. I don’t want to. He: Stop thinking so rigidly. He began to laugh. So I began to laugh as well, but I didn’t want to admit that I thought it was funny. So I said: It isn’t funny, you know. He then said: come, trust me, see the dog’s gone already :). I said ‘okay, I’ll come with you’. Then I woke up.

  16. Jeannette Perry on

    I dreamed of a shaggy brown dog that was tied up. I let him loose but he wanted to follow me everywhere. However reading the interpretation of my dream, it do explain away the circumstances I am in now.

  17. I dreamt my boyfriend & I were walking, on a forest path. It reminds of a park I used to frequent in Wichita Ks. He is a few paces ahead of me. I don’t remember, but feel as though the dog was walking next to me (on my left). I do remember the dog walking into the space between us and joining him on his right. We three continue along the path. The dog was brown, similar coloring to a German Shepard short-hair. That’s whats bugging me, I cant place the breed

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