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Document Dream Symbol – Dreaming of documents is a sign of challenging times where you may let your pride and ego get in the way. Seeing the documents in a mess warns you will fail at something. Or, you may suspect your partner of cheating. This may cause you all sorts of stress trying to get to the truth.

Finding documents brings messages of buying something new. It can also mean there will be good news sometime soon. Feeling confusion when reading a document in a dream can reflect the confusion you feel in real life. It is a sign there are obstacles soon coming to block your path.

Giving documents away indicates you may be careless in your waking life. This is a warning you will suffer a loss of some sort if you do not exercise more care. If you are in a relationship, this can mean it will come to an end. Receiving documents symbolizes your integrity, and the trust and faith others have in you. It may be you are being asked to take on an important venture. Make sure you fully understand the consequences before you accept.

Signing a document can mean many things. Signing a contract can mean signing off on a good deal in your waking life. It can also mean being involved in a contentious situation and maybe even a trial. Signing a document unfamiliar to you is a sign soon challenges will cross your path. These can be difficult to overcome, especially if the document is a marriage certificate. A woman dreaming of signing a marriage certificate is a sign of difficult times ahead.

Witnessing the signing of documents warns you will not have the means to purchase the property of your dreams. You may have to modify your expectations or work harder to have better means. A married lady having this type of dream can mean you may go through a period of depression. But, there are better times ahead.

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  1. dreamt that my mother sit on a bed and l told her l want to travel abroad and my document are ready, then l started checking for the documents for me to show her.

    l am currently waiting for my travel documents to abroad.

  2. dreamt that my mother sit on a bed and l told her l want to travel abroad and my document are ready, then l started checking for the documents for me to show her.

  3. I dreamt that I was signing a job contract but I that dream I took my time reading through the contract. I am currently unemployed.

  4. I dreamt that my granny is signing her property on her children name in wch we receive 18 lakhs and some pròperty

    • Evans Bwalya on

      I saw myself photocopying the documents in dream, the writing on other papers were invisible and some are at least visible

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