Doctor Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Doctor Dream Symbol– To dream of a doctor indicates that you feel you need advice about some aspect of your life. Perhaps you feel the need for a mentor or a guru. This dream may also indicate the presence of a physical ailment which you need to have examined. More likely, though, it indicates a feeling of helplessness about something, physical, emotional or mental.

A doctor is often an authority figure in dream symbolism, and may, therefore, indicate a need to be taken seriously by the authority figures in your life, or frustration that your needs are not being adequately respected.

Additional Doctor Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a doctor can be a sign that you need to appreciate the life that you already have. Doctors are healers. This dream represents your inner healer. Your subconscious it trying to tell you to relax. Stop your mind from going around and around thinking things through. Take some time to chill out.

Seeing a surgeon is a sign that you will find solutions to difficult situations. This will be sometime soon. Seeing a general practitioner is a sign you need to take care of your mental wellness. Is there something you need to do? Have you been hearing voices talking in your head? Doctors in a dream can bring news of illness, but also of good health and abundance.

Dreaming of being in a medical examination can mean you will soon lose some money. This may be a trying time. Seeing yourself go to the doctor means that soon there will be good news about your business or career. It can also mean you may have an accident in your waking life. This warns to be careful. Spending time with a doctor in a meeting is a sure sign your business or career will prosper. This is something you have worked had to achieve. Seeing yourself as the doctor symbolizes the respect people have for you in your waking life.

If you are over 50 and dream of a doctor, this can mean you have been successful in what you have achieved throughout your waking life. This is a message to tell you it is time to relax. Take it easy. You have worked hard for all that you have in your life. Do friends and family look to you for advice?

Seeing a doctor perform surgery on you warns there will soon be something painful cross your path. You need to prepare to escape from a dangerous and difficult situation. What this refers to depends on what part of you the surgeon is working on. Surgery on your eyes symbolizes mental health. Is there something you need to take care of? Brain surgery can mean you need to change your attitude or perception about someone or a situation. Having heart surgery can mean you need to take a step back from always helping others. You may need to avoid stressful situations. This may be a time where you need to help yourself so you can start helping others again later.

Dreaming of a plastic surgeon symbolizes your desire to change how the world sees you. Do you want to change how you look? Are you trying to transform how others see you? A doctor telling you that you need a transplant suggests you need help to make positive changes to your life. You do not have to do this alone. Talking to a doctor while in an operating room represents your self-confidence. You know what to do to achieve the success you desire. You just need a little patience. All things come when the time is right.

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