Divorce (Separation) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Divorce (Separation) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of divorce, other than the obvious meaning of being unhappy in a relationship, also can mean that you are in a situation that you need to separate yourself from. Heeding this dream is important for personal growth and to avoid being associated with things that will imbue you with a negative reputation.

Dreaming of a divorce can mean this is a time to reorganize and reset the priorities in your life. Maybe you need to make sure you separate your problems from a part of yourself. It can also mean you have a fear of being alone. Are there problems in your current relationship?

When you dream your parents have been divorced this can represent the issues you have in your life. Are you trying to please your parents without disappointing either of them? The only person you need to please is yourself. A dream about a divorce can reflect the stress in your everyday life. Have you made a mistake? Is there a mistake you are trying to correct? Divorce also represents change. This can be a good time to give up habits that no longer serve you well.

Divorce can represent separation from old habits and beliefs that have been part of your life for a long time. Maybe a project is ending or you have a new view of the world. It can represent a part of yourself that you can no longer rely on such as a craving for food or a cigarette when you get upset. Are you feeling insecure at this time? Do you fear the one you love will leave you on your own? Is there something in your relationship that needs your urgent attention? Spend some quality time together.

Separation Dream Meaning

Dreaming of being separated can mean your relationship is different to other people’s relationships. Do not judge yourself based on the appearance of others. This can remind you that you need to acknowledge and honor each other’s differences. Maybe there is anxiety around the changes in your life. Is there conflict and drama constantly infecting your life? Do you find change difficult to deal with? Keep in mind, you have a choice of whether to make change work for you or to resist it.

A dream of separation can be a celebration of new found independence. Maybe you now work independently of your colleagues or someone who was once very close is moving in a new direction in their life.

Marriage separation featured in a dream can mean there is something you never want to experience again. Or, it could be there is a toxic person you want gone from your life. Marriage separation signifies that some sort of behavior will cease to be a part of your life. It can also reflect the negativity you feel at being forced to make changes you do not like. You may find all those who supported you in the past have now moved on. It may be time for you to make the choice to move on from someone or something too.

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  1. I had a dream that me and my wife divorced in a dream. That her family want her back home and in the dream i allowed her go.
    but one funny thing was that she had the same dream. What can i do

  2. I had a dream of my grandparents getting divorced, but then I helped stop it. Then my parents were getting divorced and I tried to stop it but then it ended and I woke up.

  3. I had a dream that I went away to live on my own in a flat and I checked my phone to see that my mum was really angry, swearing at my dad and had left the family group chat. I texted her and she didn’t answer so I called. She answered and I asked her what was going on, she said that her and my dad had gotten in an argument and now they were divorcing. When they divorced, my mother kept living in the house, but my dad couldn’t afford to get a flat or a house or anything, so he had to live on the trampoline in my backgarden..? He put a big sheet over the top of the trampoline, put a sleeping bag, portable toilet and a portable shower in the trampoline and just lived there for the rest of his life. It was really strange..

    • The dream I had was. Both my parents had told me separately their not in the best of times in their relationship, And that their splitting up so if have to choose. So I was debating between my mom and my dad and so a few days later I asked my mom if I can be with her a few days a week and then my dad the rest of the week. She said no, and then I started crying my eyes out and left back to my room to keep crying.

      Then the dream stopped the dream I had was had on 2 different days so I had one on monday and now today on wednesday

  4. Last night I had a dream that me and my husband fought before I got on the city bus to go to my college class, I’m not in college though, and my bus driver had to stop and get gas and it made me late to my class. I got there and my professor was mad I was late. So, I showed her the late pass I got from the dean and she refused it. I told her to talk to the bus driver and she refused that, too. So, I told her that I would talk to the dean or someone higher because it was bull**** that she was behaving this way. Then I blurted out that me and my husband were getting a divorce. I started crying saying that I can’t lose this class because I’m going through a lot and it’s been hard for me. So, then she gave me a weird look like she knew. When I woke up I was sweating and my cheeks were wet. Maybe I cried on my sleep. I mean… We have been arguing a lot lately about finances and me being insecure like I am. But, I’m happily in love with him. I don’t understand this dream.

  5. I had a dream that my husband and i were on vacation and he asked me if i packed his one thing and i told him no, qnd he looked at me and said… ya know.. maybe you are right and we need a divorce. I dont need you anymore. And later he had already found someone and they had sex within the first hour…
    I also dreamt about him having sex with men… that was wierd…
    Another was him sitting on a couch with my sister in his lap qnd i remember feeling… hurt but i was ok with it…
    Waking up… ive been so upset about it…
    I love my husband dearly… im happy. I just dont understand….

    • I had a dream I got divorced but was happy. But yet it seem like the person I divorced wasn’t quite my husband but yet it was. Because it seem like my husband asked me out for a date in which I turned down. Be I was just so excited that I finally got divorced.

  6. Nombulelo Mzekandaba on

    I had a dream of my ex boyfriend ,we broke up 3 years ago. In the dream he came at home, he was angry up until he allowed me to talk with him. Late it was at night when he acted me to accompany him to the nearest taxi, it’ll him to wait for me, he was waiting for me outside. When I came outside he’s already gone,time when till I found him, we had sex, he seemed to enjoy it, I told him let me try woman on top, he allowed me, in the middle of having a good sex, a lady came & handed him divorce papers, an argument rose. We were at school when he told me he was gay. I was angry bcoz I thought of people I turned down just to wait for all the years to be with him,then I woke up feeling confused

  7. I have a constant dream about my husband divorce me to stay with my sister . This dreams happen very often and really upsets me. I. Confused. Don’t know what means

  8. Am Leading a very hard life with my wife and i don’t love her because of her bad characters of witchcraft,i dreamt my mother telling me that my wife has divorced and shortly in the same dream i had my diceased grand mother die again and appeard to be talking yet she was dead,am really confussed.What Could this mean?

  9. I have had three dreams that my parents were getting a divorce, even though my mom promised me she would never ever divorce and my parents seen happily married. Everytime I beg them not to and they ignore me.

  10. I had a dream that my husband and I were at our very own divorce party, we were both present and there was no animosity and when we left we left together so I have no idea what that means.

  11. The past two months I’m dreaming of getting a divorce. I’m happily married and my husband seems happy with our marriage. So the dream is confusing me as to why I would be dreaming about a divorce.

  12. I am having dreams of my parents already divorced or getting duvorced i dont understand and i am very scard if you could better explaun this

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