Disaster Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Natural or Man Made Disasters Dream Symbol –┬áDreams of confronting natural or manmade disasters often come at times of crisis. There may be something in your real life that is building in urgency or a crisis is already unfolding. This dream represents the chaotic feelings and fear as the situation unfolds. The message may be that you simply need to ride this out, doing the best you can in the circumstances, to survive. To make it through.

disaster-dreamDreaming about a disaster is almost always a precognition about something that is heading your way in the near future. However, different disasters mean different things. Manmade disasters in your dreams refer to controllable events (controllable by you or someone else) that are to come.

Natural disasters represent uncontrollable problems. Disasters relating to fire symbolize social problems. Water represents spiritual problems. Earthquakes or disasters relating to earth or rocks represent physical problems that are on their way. Wind related disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes are representative of financial problems to come. Disasters that have to do with falling objects symbolize mental or intellectual problems.

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  1. I see the future in my dreams. Some that has happened and some that is still to come. A major man made disaster is ahead. War’s among good people brought on by government will destroy our way of life as we know it. In the end no one will really know who is fighting who and the war’s will end but the damage to mankind would have been done. A long and difficult beginning will start with ending government control.

    • I agree with you. I’ve been having climate disaster and war dreams for the last 20 years. The same dreams. It’s coming.

  2. Sunflower2716 on

    I was in NC at my aunts and so thing happened and I had to find a place to stay there was not room for us. so I was on a highway and people helped me get to were I need to be.

    Than I was home in NJ and the house was all broken up, the earth was full of huge cracks. My mom daughter and myself were in a destroyed part of my house, and I huge wave was forming over our house. I yell to my mom to grab Emily’s hand and hold tight but the wave crashed before my mom and her go a good grab. Emily was washed away. I dove in to get her but I could not get her. She was gone. I came back to the house and told my mom she was gone.

    Next thing I know I am wondering around my town, finally my neighborhood screaming for my mom. The others in the house some were scared other were partying. I could not get my house from the one side of the street. I walked to the ally on the other side of a street I could get to my house. BUt there were 3 huge fancy water vessels the had red. in the band around them at the top. They were stacked as high as the houses. They were shaking, and water was coming out from the cracks. Some said get out of there before the water breaks through. I did.

    Then I am back in my damaged house, searching room from room calling for my mom. I found her. She was laying in a blue she was dying I told her no, begging her to live. but she did.

    So than again I am on planet road. I was in the sallow water using my arms to walk in the water. Than I feel some one tugging my feet. It was my dad. badly hurt. I told him to hold my to my legs and I would pull him. He was heavy. He was giving up, I was beggin him not to, and that is when I woke up

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