Dionysus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dionysus Dream Symbol – Dionysus is another god of wine and excess that brings winegrowers bad news if they dream of him. Dionysus symbolizes the natural urges of sexual and physical pleasure. You may drink and party to excess. This may be your main priority.

Dreaming of Dionysus is a warning to enjoy pleasure in balance. You may risk trouble if you overindulge or suppress your urge to pursue pleasure. Enjoy everything in moderation.

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  1. I dreamt about this last night. It started with people over crowding my house and I couldn’t make them leave, only when I was violent did they leave. But when I thought I awoke it happened again. One of them told me they were dream gods and only when I started to refuse drinks and smoking did they lead me to there leader. It’s all really vague but I think it was definitely a wake up call to tell me to stop partying so much

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