Diet and Health Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Diet and Health Dream Symbol – Dreaming about being on a diet is an indicator of negative self-image. It is important to have a healthy self-image and to accept yourself absolutely and without any caveats.

Focusing too much on diet in your everyday life can lead to poor health as easily as it can lead to good health. Instead of focusing so much on food, it may be time to start focusing on other aspects of your life, like your connection to nature. Having a strong bond to nature is considered one of the greatest indicators of balance and good health.



You can have all sorts of weird dreams when you are detoxing your body. As the toxins leave your body they can turn up as intense dreams. These are only temporary and signify the poison is leaving your system.


Dreaming of being on a diet signifies your self-consciousness. Do you have problems with your self-image? Do you feel others look at you and think you are fat? You may want to lose weight in your waking life.

Getting Weaker

Dreaming of physical weakness is a sign you have trouble standing up for yourself in real life. Getting weaker can mean you allow your energy to drain away. You need to grow a backbone or learn to stand up for what you believe in.


Dreaming of personal hygiene is reminding you of past actions. Maybe there are bad habits you need to get rid of or interests you need to walk away from. This can be a dream that reminds you that you can always start again.

A dream where you are washing yourself can mean you want to escape from those who hurt you. Enjoying a warm bath can bring you comforting memories of the past. You could be about to start a new phase of your life.

Washing your hair can mean there is someone close you do not want to know anymore. Are you having trouble removing someone from your waking life? Using a towel to dry your hair can mean you are disappointed in your sexuality.

Keeping Fit

A dream where you are getting fit is a positive message of good news and opportunities are on the way. These will cross your path at just the right time. Keeping fit symbolizes you are on the right path. It is a dream that brings positive messages your life is on track. You have nothing to stress about.

Keeping fit in a dream can mean you can be powerful in your future. You are someone who takes care of the small things that matter in life. When you have a dream of keeping fit you soon get that promotion you have worked long and hard for. It can also mean there is soon to be some positive news about your personal life. If you are unhealthy in the dream, it can mean there are tough times ahead.

When you dream of keeping fit it is a reminder you have the power to influence others. Are you someone people always come to for advice? If you are sick in reality, then this type of dream is a message brings news you will soon get well.

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