Dice (Rolling) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dice Dream Symbol –┬áSeeing dice in a dream symbolizes you like your life to be in order. Dice are also symbolic of luck and taking chances. You may soon achieve the success you desire. Playing the dice in a dream can mean you are taking a chance with your destiny. This is something serious.

You need to think carefully before making a decision. Weigh up the risks. This is a warning not to leave this to chance. You may be taking too many risks in your life. Many dice in a dream indicates you may be dealing with a high-risk situation in your real life.

Dice can also represent order in your life. Throwing the dice may represent problems within your family. If you throw the dice and your throw good numbers, this is a sign luck will soon enter your life. But, be warned, it will only last a short time so make the most of it at the time.

Seeing dice brings news of improved finances very soon. You may be taking risks in your waking life and these can pay off sometime soon. It can also warn the risk may be too great for you can just as easily lose it all. Do you have a tough decision to make?

Dreaming of dice can represent decision-making and the process you use to make choices. They symbolize courage, determination, and standing tall in your truth. You may enjoy the thrill of taking risks and feel invincible because you are winning. But, this is short-lived. This type of dream reminds that the power of chance will beat you most of the time. Is your risk-taking really worth it? It can also mean you let fate run the course of your life. This can be dangerous. Do you make decisions lightly?

Playing with dice can remind you need to pay attention to what is going on around you in your waking life. Do you create illusions based on your insecurities? Winning a game using dice may mean there is something antagonizing you in your waking reality. Carrying dice in your pocket means you will escape a dangerous situation. Dreaming of being a gambler and that you have dice can mean a tough situation will improve for a while or there is trouble on the way.

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  1. I dreamt about a type of ‘dice’ called a ‘dreidel’, that spins until you stop it or until it falls. These dice symbols fit perfectly with it. Thanks!

  2. Glory patrick on

    I have a dream, and is like I was rolling a dice with a man and I notice the man was using three dice but he to throw the dice, he will take away the lucky one and hide it under is leg and the next time roll, I packed all the dice both the one he use to from me and I hold the man and called to the attention of people to tell them how this man has cheating me and the people help me to hold the man and I ran away with the

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