Devil Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Devil Dream Symbol – The Devil is a sign of your own negative moral judgment. It is important to understand that the Devil is not an evil sign, but rather your own subconscious struggling against nonsequitur moral judgments against yourself or others. Evaluating the logical reasons behind your judgment of certain actions or decisions instead of taking things by faith or for granted is very important in order for you to move past the problems that the devil represents in your dreams.

We often get caught up in making cursory judgments of others based solely on habit or moral and ethical constructs that are impractical or illogical. The devil is a symbolic prompt to rid yourself of unfair and deprecatory judgments against yourself and others. It is trying to help you free yourself from inhibitions that have held you back for a long time and make a positive change with a new outlook on life.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of an angry devil can warn there is trouble brewing. Can you feel trouble around you? A smiling devil in a dream can mean you have luck on your side. A devil accompanied by others can be a sign that you will have problems in a romantic relationship sometime in the future.

A devil wearing dark clothes and sporting huge fangs means there are many challenges and obstacles in your waking life. You may need to ask for help to find the solutions. Marrying the devil may refer to how you feel about not being able to talk to someone you love. This is something you need to face. Being in a strange place with the devil can warn there is an illness on the way. This may be a good time for a visit to your doctor.

Dreams of the devil can warn of dangers soon to cross your path, especially from those you trust among family and friends. You need to be careful about who you trust. Seeing a devil watching you from the shadows can mean that someone close to you wants to do you harm. This could be a good time to hold your counsel close to you. A devil in your room warns to think twice about accepting new people as friends. You may want to get to know them better before giving them your trust. Encountering an ugly devil in the shadows warns there is danger around you. It is a time to be extra careful.

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  1. Similar to my dream. Except I think I was in hell and a man in a black suit with black hair with his back to me turned his head and said I am Lucifer. Many times over.

  2. hey i had a dream of marrieng the devils daughter and then ahe warned me to not go on a batcheler party with the devil and her brothers after i was forced into it som ball vel on my hed and me and the devil changed bodys

  3. I often see my husband as a devil with black robe and fangs sitting on his knees with a ring and proposing me. He loves me a hell lot in real life and we r very happy. I see him protecting me from other flying beings and fire balls n holding me if I’m falling n stuff still posing as the devil. What cud this mean? Thanks

  4. Caren Martinez on

    I had a dream … I was in my school grounds with a class where I was texting a guy and confessing him till I got out to look for him but went back into the class room as I couldn’t find him. When I did, it wasn’t like the pre-usual room, it was cold and blue. I was confused because I saw no one, but I sat down as my phone rang but a voice mustered out by me. “Don’t believe it’s real, it’s not.” I had passed out within my dream and woke up tied up in a red hot room, where I spotted the devil that looked like the typical devil, there was also another person/thing behind me but that one was cutting my hair… I wasn’t scared but it was confusing as I felt a bog impact, I woke up from the dream within the dream. In 3rd person, I had red eyes when I woke up. I wasn’t tied up any longer and ran out of empty classroom where the lights were all over to half the building but I spotted the guy… Needless to say, I rushed out to be only surprise, the other half was lighted up. Again, in 3rd person, the devil and the person/thing that was with him chanted. “Third try is the charm.”

  5. I had a dream about the devil. it started off with me going down the stairs of an unknown basement, I didn’t go all the way in but before I could turn the lights on, a whisper in my left ear.” you poor thing’ it said. I looked to my left while I was still clutching on the basement stair handle….. and there he was, hanging on the side of the wall next to me and. he had a goat-like feature, brown fury coat, large huffs, left yellow eye like a snake and right blue eye like a human. as he turned his head to me. I was so shocked, I said all the words in my head to rebuke him, but the words wouldn’t come out. he didn’t try to harm me /touch me in any way tho. and I woke I was not as frightening as I thought I would, but I did find myself breathing really fast as I pulled back to reality out of my dream. what would be the meaning of this dream?

  6. I had a dream. My brother had just got out of jail and for some strange reason I felt very uncomfortable in his presence, like I sensed evil in him. As the day progressed, in my dream, I could not stand next to him without being more than a feet apart. He would smile at me with a weird evil smile/smirk. At one point in my dream he asked me why I hadn’t hugged him all day. Which is when he went in to hug me and as soon as he hugged me I saw the devil and woke up.

  7. I had a dream i was helping someone move. I dont know who that person was. He was n shadow form when i askes him to leave he left but not before turning around to smile at me whilst he was leaving he was also all black as he was shadow of sum sort can someone help me figure out what it mean

  8. I had a dream about Lucifer he Was very beautiful than any other human I’ve ever seen he came over to Me and I was in my room which I find weird because I don’t normally have dreams where I’m in my room but anyways he came to me and I was crying and he wiped my tears and said it’ll be alright what is this part most likely trying to tell me?

  9. I had a weird dream that the devil or a demon came to me when I was standing infront of a house and took my ankles away and had my feet and legs just kind of stuck together and there was blood but he only took my ankles. Then he said “now you can walk on the devils floor” and I entered the house. The only thing I could think of was when people would take off shoes to enter holy ground…does the devil just take ankles off…it was a weird dream and creeped me out if anyone has had this dream or knows the meaning please let me know.

  10. I had a dream but it took place at my old house that’s weird but there’s was a tornado and it went fast and left right away then another came and right when it left there’s was black cloud and it was turning into wings and there was red of arms legs face and I think I was devil and he landed at my old house behind the stair and he was coming up and I was freaking out and someone was leaving outside and I didn’t stop them and then I was the devil eating them . Why do I have bad dreams

  11. I had a dream that the Devil Show his face to me and how he look, it was so much people in there it was blood and it was like i was in hell watching people getting hurt and he shoe his face to me saying you going to see me now and he show it’s self i couldn’t wake up it kept putting me back into the dream what does it mean??? I am so scare

  12. I had a dream last night about the devil it wasn’t in any form but a picture, what does it mean? An also I had Saw my self an other with some weird looking eyes it’s was the color black, can anyone explain to me what does these dream or sigh mean?

  13. I had multiple dreams the day I witness seeing him. My bf had mirror he was putting it down in something and half of the mirror was showing when I seen the devil I couldn’t see his face up close but I seen his figure it was real quick and then I was like wait don’t put the mirror up and then that’s when it went black and I went to another dream.( no it has nothing to do with it)

  14. I had a dream that the devil followed me home from school and asked for help killing my ex boyfriend and i went up stairs in the strange home i was in and my brother said get out this is our sisters room do u and ******* need a place to stay and heard screaming out the window someone asking for help and had a strange girl in a boat saying he needed to get her help she was dead in the boat i didnt recognize the place i was at but it looked like we were by the river and there was a storm coming. And every day before this dream i dreamed of the same ex boyfriend.

  15. I had a dream. Someone whispered or said in my ear That’s the Devil. I turned and saw an extremely tall man with black pants, white shirt, and jet black hair. He was expressionless, just staring nowhere. I was staring at him. Something was odd or unusual in his presence. We were in a room with a big window behind him.

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