Detective Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Detective Dream Meaning – If you see a detective in your dream it can indicate that there is an area in your life that might not make sense. You may be wanted to seek out information and try to solve a problem that you have been trying to figure out.

To dream about a detective may also indicate that you have a keen ability to seek out knowledge and the truth of things around you. The curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the world is a characteristic that can take you far in life.

If a detective appears in your dream it can indicate that you need to start asking more questions about other people’s motivations around you. Perhaps things are not as they appear on the surface and you need to dig deeper in specific issues in your life.

A dream that has a detective following you may indicate that you are hiding something that you don’t want other people to see. You may have something on your mind that you have kept buried and hidden from those around you.

Additional Interpretations

detective dreamDreaming of a detective can be about truth and justice in life. Detectives represent the law and new opportunities. This is a sign that justice will soon come to your waking life. Seeing a detective with a gun heralds the coming of instant success and profits from your business. Your life will soon be more prosperous. Detectives wearing red or brown warns of family and financial trouble. A detective in black can mean you will soon strike up a new relationship that may turn out to be profitable. Be wary of rushing into partnership with someone new you meet.

Meeting a friendly detective indicates worry and stress in your personal or business life. You ae still trying to sort it out. A famous detective in a dream means there is good news coming soon. This could bring you new found abundance. Seeing a few detectives means your lifestyle or professional life will soon improve.

Finding a dead detective symbolizes there will soon be new opportunities and beginnings that cross your path. The death of a detective means the search for something has to an end. Watching a criminal run from a detective signifies someone is chasing you in your waking life. Seeing a detective in hiding may mean you have hidden anger deep within you. This can warn this may come back to affect you negatively. You need to be careful of what you do.

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  1. I had a dream that the detectives wife kept seeing a ghost from her window in the desert every night. The detective told her not to worry and then they went to bed. One day she went missing and was raped and murdered in the desert. The detective was trying to figure out who did it. What could that mean?

  2. Jane Hallett on

    I dreamt that lots of animals where stranded on a beach half buried in sand. I went to use a toilet where I was battered by waves. I went back to the beach and met a Chinese man called Mayhem and together we tried to rescue the animals but they had all died

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