Destruction Dream Symbol


Destruction – Destruction is a primal instinct in our life and is a very positive omen. It is often hard to accept the destructive forces in your life. However, nothing new can be created without destruction first taking place. Dreaming about destruction not only means that something in your life is coming to an end, but more importantly, it means that you are about to enjoy the excitement of something new. The grace with which you weather these changes will determine your future happiness.

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  1. Hi Stephen, first, thank you for providing this information. I had a dream that a hurricane was hitting my house, the driveway was torn up several feet down. People, who I didn’t know where trying to help. I noticed that other houses were not effected by the hurricane, just mine. Stephen, I also have never been in a hurricane. Thank you!

  2. I had a dream where I had made something, like a house, and I was showing it to my brother. My brother immediately demolished it and spent the rest of the dream confused about why I was mad at him. Apparently he had built something better, and did not realize he had completely destroyed my thing

  3. I had a dream that I was in a room looking through a window this older woman I don’t even remember seeing her face but it was an older woman she had me on like I wasn’t in the hotel but I was in a room like house but I was looking over the city and all I seen was destruction like I could see the top of buildings like the sky was real blue like it was a sunny beautiful day but it was just destruction all everywhere it’s so she’s just shut the curtains real fast and she just let me know that the world was just destroyed or whatever but then she put these two clear crystals on the windowsill after she shut the curtains and in my dream I didn’t talk but I knew that she said that it was for like my like to keep evil out order to protect my energy or something to that effect I can’t really remember that much but I remember that was the dream so if anybody can help me I would appreciate it

  4. i found myself at boyfriend’s home where i see something strange, home without carpets …it seems like destruction place it look like strange to see myself thr but i promised my self in dream that i will make this place new but with him only …cos i love him now tell me the interpretation

  5. I had a dream about a little boy who had a room all to himself in his family’s home. You could tell they were wealthy. The little boy’s room he was in wasn’t his bedroom, it was a room they locked him in so he could destroy things and break things because he was so destructive. He took gold clubs and shattered coffee table glass and television glass, and armoire glass. He was as strong as a man for a child of maybe age 8-9. He called to his mother that he needed new furniture because everything he had was already broken. When she didn’t come to him fast enough, he broke out of the room and skipped merrily down the hill in their backyard to their driveway, which had their family truck alongside the bay outside the back of the house, and he smashed the windows so hard in he truck that it knocked the truck into the back bay and it sunk. The police came and they discovered 2 spies had been locked in the trunk spying on the family and they were pronounced dead, having drowned. The family finally confronted the little boy, but I woke up before I could see how he reacted to that.

    This, to me, isn’t just about a child and isn’t just about destruction. What could it mean?

    • Wow I had a similar dream. I was supposed to babysit this boy and his sister so I picked them up at a house and as soon as we got in the car.. turned the car on. . the boy took off and ran to a truck, smashed the windows and it rolled down into the water then goes to another car, smashes its windows and makes it roll down the street and slam into other cars. I wonder what this means

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