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Desert Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a desert represents a lack of nourishing ideas and energy in your life. It is time to focus on creativity, even if it is really difficult at first. Try taking a cheap or free public night course or lecture series at a local university to inspire your creativity or to allow yourself to change your everyday pattern of thinking. The most important thing to do after dreaming about a desert is to focus on avoiding stagnation.

A dream of a desert is about something that that is devoid of any feelings or care for you. It is all about them and nothing about you. Does someone show you a lack of respect? Is there someone or something in your life you dislike and adds no meaning to your life? Do you feel invisible That no-one cares about you? Deserts represent an empty, barren place you may be trying to fill.

Desert dreams may appear when a relationship or friendship breaks down, or when you feel totally alone. You may have moved recently and have not yet made friends. You may feel homesick for all you left behind.

Being lost in a desert refers to your feelings that a situation is hopeless. You may have a problem you feel no-one cares about, even though you tried to reach out. You may feel there was no support and are feeling hurt and alone.

Related Dream Interpretations

Walking in a desert can mean possible death. This can be a loss of money or friends. Small deserts may suggest unburdening yourself to move forward. You may need to simplify your life. Dreaming of a huge desert brings news that many new opportunities will soon cross your path. Be open to changing your life.

A sandy, sunny desert means future wealth. A desert littered with rocks is news of future happiness. You hard work is rewarded. A lake in a desert is a sign your business will be profitable eventually. Seeing fighting in the desert indicates there are problems with someone or something. This is a reminder you can achieve success at anything you want in life. Do not let others stand in your way.

Green grass in the desert brings positive signs for future relationships. Seeing a river flow through a desert can mean you have doubts. This means there will be a complicated situation sometime soon. Meeting people in a desert can represent your anxiety about missing out on opportunities in your waking life. These may be at work or in your personal life. Camels in a desert are a sign you are holding onto important memories. Do not let the negative ones continue to impact your life.

Sun bathing in a desert is a sign that everything is going to go well in your life. Seeing sand dunes can refer to your desire to escape the daily routine of your life. Take a break.

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  1. I dreamt last night that I was lost in a desert. Not sure how I got there at all. I remember walking alone in the middle of rocks and mountains were beside me but a distance away. And I remember finally seeing a highway and I thought thank god I can hitchhike! And then I got to the highway and there was a black four door truck. He was parked on my side of the road, as I walked up he began to pull up to me. No sooner does he get next to me and stop I expected a window to go down or a person to get out but no. Instead I Harare a dog bark twice and he just pulled off and left me then I see the dog chasing the car and he leaves the dog. The dog barked a few more times and I ran the opposite way of which the truck was heading. At the point in my dream I felt really really lost and tried to call 911 on my phone but had no service at all. It’s pitch black outside I’m walking down this highway and all the sudden it wasn’t a highway anymore it was a town and these beautiful people that were so kind brought me in their house and we sung songs and laughed and they helped me get home. Well then I woke up to roll over in real life. As I fell back asleep I started back at being lost in the desert and that’s where it pretty much stayed. Someone please help me. The truck left me clueless enough but what do the random people I don’t know that we’re there and kind mean? I remember almost everything from my dream but two things and that’s how I got to the desert and how I got in there house cause I don’t remember either one. And this is also not my first desert dream. I’ve dreamt of going from some awkward country to the desert to see animals before but that was it.

  2. My friend who is kind of struggling in his marriage dreamt about me in desert sitting on a camel.. And eagle on my hand.. He is clicking my photos. We both were happy in dreams.. What does that mean?

  3. I just came back from a wedding that my ex and his wife attended. We did not exchange greetings as there is no relationship. A few nights later, I dreamed that I had lost a car in a New York City neighborhood that had sand on the roads. I came across a family dressed like Bedouins and said “ you live here because it reminds you of home.” I searched for my car but did not find it. When I woke up I was relieved to know that I hadn’t lost my present car but the car that I had when I was still married to my ex.

  4. Emma Bramer on

    I had a dream that I was traveling through jungles with my family to get to a desert and it ended up being a beautiful beach. In waking life, my relationship with my family is improving and I had read the Bible before I fell asleep.

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