Dentist Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dentist Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a dentist is associated with a fear of making a major decision in your life. Dentists work on the most vital and personal area of our bodies. On our head or in it are represented every major function of our body and many very personal associations are given to it, eating, breathing, smelling, hearing, sleeping, thinking, communicating, kissing etc.

For this reason, almost every major decision is concentrated on our head. The dentist specifically represents uncomfortable decisions that require communication and clear thinking.

Additional Dream Interpretations

When you dream of a dentist it is a sign of self-healing. A woman dreaming of being at the dentist can mean you will soon find out that others gossip about you. This can hurt for these are the people you have trusted. It may also represent concerns others have about your work ethics. Dreams featuring a dentist can also mean you worry about the intentions or honesty of someone in your waking reality. This may cause you stress and worry, but going through this will make you a better person.

Being visited by a dentist can mean you feel you want to be controlled by someone else. Really? This type of dream can be about having trouble communicating. You need to be more open to how others see. A dentist repairing your teeth is a reminder you need to learn to work as part of a team. Do you sometimes have trouble communicating with others? This may become a problem if you do no try harder to listen to others’ opinions. Seeing a dentist working on someone else’s teeth means you will be shocked to find yourself directly involved in a scandal.

Dentists in dreams can also bring bad news that brings pain and sorrow. Maybe someone threatens you for some reason. What have you done? Are you feeling fear or anger in your waking life? Having a tooth pulled can represent a painful financial or emotional loss. It will take time for you to recover from this.

Being afraid of a dentist is a sign you will soon go through troubling times. You may soon need to listen to someone’s advice. It is a time to show tolerance. Seeing yourself as the dentist can mean you have a fear of hurting those you love or you could have a fear of getting sick.

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  1. I got new teeth grown little bit different so am went to see dentist opinion . It is good or bad ? in my dream

  2. I’m a stranger person who loves going to the dentist! but dreaming that I was worried I was going to be late for my dentist appointment (a few weeks after I’ve just been) that’s a strange one even for me?!

  3. Ursula Walker on

    Hi there. I usually don’t do this but.. I dreamt that someone came to me while sitting in a dentist chair and very abruptly rubbed something around inside my mouth. Then suddenly walked away. I started to feel those parts of my mouth go numb and panicked, since I wasn’t informed of what was happening. I started calling for help, best as I could. Someone came over and placed a salty chip in my mouth. I started chewing the chip then realized I would have rather gotten the work done while my mouth was clean. Lol overall very strange. I understand the communication and trust element that you’ve spoken on.. but am interested in any further meaning you can gather.. Thanks.

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