Denmark Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Denmark Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of Denmark and its people can symbolize you, or someone close, feel the need to complain about everything. Can you only see what is wrong around you? Do you criticize every little thing? Do you have to express an opinion about everything?

You need to look for the good and positive in people and situations if you are ever going to move forward in your life. If there is someone close to you that does this, you may need to consider whether they are a good influence on your life.

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  1. Today I dreamed of Denmark, namely about North Sea and its shores touching Denmark. I and my son were standing on the icy shores watching faraway districts of Denmark. There were people of many other nationalities living in small wooden cottages, they were either refugees or migrants. I was feeling anxious and hopeless, waves were huge and icy, the weather was freezing, but the sea was calm.

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