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Demon – Dreaming of demons is a serious and dangerous sign of nefarious forces at work in your life. You have attracted the attention of very bad energy either through your negative interaction with people around you or because of a selfishness in your relationships. It is important that you humble yourself and focus on positively affecting everyone around you in order to bring balance to your life.

Demons are harbingers of evil and mischief. Purifying your actions and relationships is the first important step to finding release from the evil forces surrounding you. There are many different kinds of demons and consulting a reliable and trustworthy demonography to determine the attributes of the demon that you encountered in your dream will help you to understand what aspects in your life you need to focus on.

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  1. I was sleeping and my cousin is next to me and she said that i was making noise in my dream and when she tried to wake me up I started to shake and to scream.

  2. I had a dream last night that a demon was experimenting on me every night for 2 weeks. She took the form of someone I knew, and in order to restore her humanity, I had to undergo these “tests”. The “tests” including me enduring forms of mental and physical torture. She would rape me every night the tests took place, and record it, showing me the horrendous video in between other “tests”. And she would move particular objects around the room all throughout the night, but she wouldn’t move them herself. The demon would tell me at the end of each test, “One more day.” All of these events occurred in my childhood bedroom, I was tied to the bed so I couldn’t move. She would lay next to me in her human form and do sexual things to me. I was deprived of all food and nourishment, but in the dreamworld, I guess that didn’t matter. The dream ended with the final night, and she recorded me doing something, but I couldn’t remember at the time because I blacked out. In another angle, she showed my unconscious body a video of me having a violet seizure and vomiting black blood.
    I can’t get over this dream, I felt everything she did to me, and I woke up with a nose bleed. Can anyone tell why I would have such a horrible dream like this? I even wet the bed last night, and I haven’t done that since I was very young. What does this dream mean? It’s so strange, I’ve never had a dream this intense….

  3. All the information on demon dreams seems negative but I had a dream about a demon protecting me.
    In the dream we were traveling we had to reach a certain place I know not where. We walked along an embankment (I think that is what it is called) and we came across a small house on an empty field. However we would have to climb down from the embankment even though it was that high but for some reason if we climbed down then we wouldn’t be able to get back up and would have to walk all the way back and start again.
    Anyway the small (maybe two-bedroom) house we were passing it and screaming could be heard I questioned going down because I would have to start the journey again. The demon (I didn’t know his name only that he was a demon) said how the person/people inside would need help so we went.
    When we were inside the house I knew it was a bad place to be but the demon reassured me I would be safe and left me with two humans (a mother and daughter) who I knew wouldn’t hurt me. However when a heard the scream again (it was female in nature) I looked to the woman and she answered my unasked question of what was that and she said it was art and I saw a flash of a bloodied room that may or may not have had a (female) dead body inside. I can’t quite remember clearly.
    Not long later a older women entered the room carrying a butcher knife. I felt threatened the other two (the mother & daughter) remained calm while she smiled at me and came to sit next to me on the sofa. Every time I would move she would follow then I stood up looking for an escape and I think she was going to attack me before the demon came back and killed her.
    To which I woke up not long after.

    Some extra information; I know there were two female killers but I only saw one the other I saw from a more 3rd person point of view.The demon was male and I think we were riding horses on the way to the house.

    While writing this all down I think I may have learnt what it means but a second opinion would be great?
    hope you can help…:)

  4. I’m keep having a dream at this house and its almost like a jail and this girl has a demon in her and we are trying to get it out. I wake up sick to my stoumace and my nose starts to bleed it happened this morning.

  5. I dreamed i was in a house with my mom who has passed away (Doris Jeanne Sheppard 3.12.62-7.16.12 ) and my sister. We were all standing around by the front door and near the windows looking out at different demons running wild and just doing mean things to whoever was out there. Then a demon came in an attacked me and i was able to get him off and i believe it wasnt because i was fighting him off but because i was praying with all my might while i was fighting. Then there was a very large demon the size of a dragon with big wings flying way up in the sky and i knew it was a demon because i could seehis face very well from the ground then i woke up.

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