Deer Dream Interpretation (Spirit Animal)


Deer – Dreaming of deer represents the presence of true nobility in your life either in the form of noble actions or noble intentions. You should be aware of these actions and reciprocate them wherever possible because they will invariably benefit you. The deer specifically indicates that the nobility in your life is very difficult to see. Someone may be benefiting you without your knowledge.

deer dreamThis is a time to be grateful for the people that are working hard in the background for your sake. This is a time to give small gifts and tokens of your affection to those around you.

Seeing a deer in your dream can indicate a number of things depending on the context of the dream. In most cases, deer represent being vulnerable to the people around you. This could be related to your relationships with loved ones or it could be related to your working environment.

If you are the one pursuing the deer in the dream than it can indicate your success in overcoming fears that have plagued your life. You may have been trying to make changes in your life that are finally coming to fruition.

If you dream that you are killing a deer it can indicate your desire for dominance and control over people around you. It can also indicate that someone may be out to hurt you in your waking life. The context of the dream in relation to your waking life is important to determine the meaning.

If you see a stag in your dream it can suggest male sexuality, courage, virility and life healing energies. To see a stag in a dream can also represent a masculine figure that you admire and want to become more like in your waking life.

If you dream about a deer or reindeer herd then it can indicate your need to find your own place in this world. Maybe you have been tired of doing the same thing over and over and are in need of positive life changes.

Other Meanings

Dreaming of deer can be a reminder to be true to yourself. Are you neglecting things that bring you joy? Are you being pulled in all directions by family and friends? Do you always say yes to keep peace from love, but really want to spend time on the things that matter to your future? Are you being naïve about something? Or, are you showing loyalty to friends and family through their tough times?  Consider balancing time out for yourself with spending time helping others to stay on track with what matters to you.

Deer could also bring reminders of being more prepared. Maybe others take your innocence and use it to turn you into a victim. Be alert to challenges that may be on their way.

When Deer crosses your path

Deer is graceful, swift moving animal and this can be her message to you when she crosses your path. She teaches lessons about the ultimate sacrifice in being hunted for her meat. What do you need to sacrifice or no longer need in your life?

Questions to Ask Yourself

What was your interactions with the deer in your dream?

Did you have an influence over the deer or were you simply watching it from a distance?

How do you think the deer can relate to an aspect of your waking life?

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About Author

Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Sally Casteel on

    I had a dream that a doe, 2calfs and a horse just climbed into my bed and it was like they were protecting me or something like that. They just surrounded me and sat there looking around. It was very comforting. What does it mean

  2. Anton Wallerstedt on

    Tonight I dreamed about being attacked by a deer (or something similar).
    It came up behind me; with a dark brown fur and dead eyes. It had one tiny antler and one 4 foot-something black stone/metal horn. The long horn hade inscriptions and hade a diamond-shaped protrution in the middle.
    The animal “stabbed” towards me but missed. Then both horns became some 12 ft long and more curved – still with inscriptions. I tried closing the distans by running towards the animal with the long golden horns on either side of me and when I was close enough the animal looked like a regular deer and I choked it to death from behind – laying in snow. I then ran away, constantly looking over my shoulder but the deer never moved. Then I woke.

  3. This is a repetitive dream. Im driving down a dirt road (in a car that I use to own) and these HUGE deer are blocking the road… looking like they are going to attack. As I pass through those, I come upon deer with horns and they start pushing the car with its horns.

  4. I dreamt about very bold and specific deer hoof prints in the cleanest, whitest, smooth snow. Just a trail of them.

  5. I had this dream of a deer in the forest last night. I can remember walking through on a path it is very faint. I see this deer just as in the photograph here. It was eating flowers from a bush. It was very interesting. I was up close to it, not very close but very close to it. I didn’t touch it, we just stared at each other. Than the little baby came hoping and jumping around me. All I can remember is how green the forest was, the whitish yellow flowers the deer was eating, the deer and our eye contact.

  6. I had a dream that I was on the outskirts of a forest and their was some concert going on in a building I planned to take pictures before entering but then a deer popped up in the forest across the road starring at me, it was magnetic, I started walking over but then turned around remembering I need to get ready for the concert.

  7. Last night, I dreamt about few deers crossing over but they were just passing by and I couldn’t approach them. Then a beautiful male deer with huge horns appeared. in the beginning I was afraid he would leave but to my surprise he came close to me, he approached me and we kind of cuddled/hug together neck to neck and immersed ourselves together with pure love and blissfulness. It was one of the most peaceful and loving dream I can remember. my dreams are becoming more and more vivid these days/months. I don’t know what it means but I’m getting very close to Samadhi and been meditating ALOT… I’ve started to have psychic skills and trying to make my way in life with a new direction toward helping humans to remove their samskaras (Reflexology, therapist, spiritual life coach). I’m sure something good is about to happen :). Christ-Ian.

  8. My dream was extremely vivid – I met a deer in a wooded area high up a mountain and the deer lay with me and I was cuddling it and stoking it like I would my little dog. I felt a very strong emotional connection with it like a family member or a pet. Such a strange feeling to have such a vivid dream about basically nothing lol

  9. I had a dream that a deer was peacefully walking around in a vacant house and when it spotted me watching him he forcefully tried to break through a window but was unseccessful. I opened the back door and he darted out almost being hit my a car coming down the road.

  10. I had a dream i was a deer but i was badly in pain in my right lev to were i couldn’t walk/run right. The my friend deer (Mike) which ia a amazing helpful guy was also a deer came to me and warned me about hunters in the area i was in. Seconds after saying that a arrow (all purple) flew across our head and went into a tree. So i started to run but couldn’t at a fast past then mike came over and started to help me run faster, as im running with help i notice as i look to the grown a basket of all purple hunting arrows…then that’s when i woke up!?! Crazy right

  11. I dreamed of a buck black deer that kept playing in my yard. I went outside to the young buck, It had been shot in the neck and injured with an arrow. I spent the duration of the dream taking it to the vet and trying to save it. It was friendly towards me and allowed me to help. My only goal in the dream was to save this deer.

  12. I saw a male deer in my neighbors yard eating foliage the previous night. Then the next morning I dream of a big female deer. I was in a work environment and the deer wanted to occupy my spot along with me. So I got up and stood afar looking at this deer laying at my desk. The deer sense I wasn’t there and got up and walked around. I went back to my desk to sit and the deer came back again to occupy where I was sitting so I just moved over and continued to work and the deer played next to me. Then my supervisor called me to have an employee go back over some financial figures that weren’t adding up. The weirdness of it is that the employee wad an ex boyfriend who has not repaid a loan. What does this dream mean?

  13. I had a dream not about a deer but a deer was in it, and kinda out of place. I wake up and I don’t know where my mom or my brother is, so I go looking for them half heartedly around my house. While I’m looking I see a deer outside, and I’m not sure how I see the deer I think I saw it outside a window, but the deer has this big black box (which i immediately assumed was a tracking device) with a blinking red light attached to its head and it’s looking straight at me, I felt bad for it. Anyway in the dream I never found my mom or brother I just woke up after finding my moms keys (which werent there before) and the front glass doors lock was broken off. Is that weird to dream of a deer with a tracking device on its head l.

  14. Kimberly Reichert on

    My 3 year old son woke up screaming this morning because he thought there was a deer under his pillow. After I showed him that there was nothing there he had to look out all the windows nothing. The maybe 45 minutes later on the way to the baby sitter was a lone deer standing in the road pretty as can be

  15. Hello
    What does it mean if the deer comes up to you and almost forcefully hugs you so tight with its legs around your neck that you are literally “floored”.. both physically and with emotion too..?

    • wow same thing with me… that’s interesting. I wonder if there is some kind of spirit animal Deer that jumps from dream to dream to meet people whom are ready to understand the meaning. or it’s simply God/Consciousness that came to say Hello in a deer because it represents high spiritual realm

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