Death of a Loved One Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Death of a Loved One – The death of a family member in your dreams does not usually mean they are going to physically die. Dead family members represent different aspects of your character. Seeing them dying represents that a particular aspect of yourself is dying. This may be an old habit or way of thinking that no longer serves you well. It is a message there are changes coming.

family-member-deathDreaming of your parents dying can represent how you approach life. This can also represent the death of something that was once important in your physical life. It is time to move on. Open up to new opportunities. There are likely life changing possibilities about to come into your life. Death can symbolize the death of something to make way for the birth of something new.

Seeing your parents dying can be a warning that someone is out to cheat you in some way by someone you trust. You need to weed out insincere people who call themselves friends. If your parents are dead, then this means there are negative people around you. You need to eliminate those who are constantly negative and surround yourself with positive people to uplift your spirit.

This type of dream can also warn of bad news and poor business decisions. This could lead to future financial problems. It can also be a warning you may surround yourself with the wrong people. You may need to consider how this may impact on your future.

Talking to your dead parents means you fear their loss. You may fear you will unable to cope without them there to turn to in times of need. It can also mean you turn to them for spiritual guidance in tough times. They will also appear when they have a message for you. They are still there to offer their wisdom.

If you see only the head of a dead parent, this is a warning you have enemies out to destroy you. This could be at work where things are going through a transition period. You may be up for a promotion and there are those who are jealous.

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    • Winnie I do the same thing and its usually right around the date they died. and they always tell me how proud or disappointed in me they are its really kind of creepy

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