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Deaf – Dreaming about being deaf is allegorical to problems in communication in your relationships to others. It can mean that you are unwilling to listen to opinions other than your own. It may also mean that the opinions of others are adversely affecting you and that you need to quit listening to others and instead listen to your heart.

Because of the difficulty in properly interpreting this dream, it is important that you pay close attention to the other aspects of the dream sequence in order to better understand what the appropriate interpretation might be.

If you dream about someone else being deaf in your dream, it means that you are not being listened to and need to take a different tack in your communication methods. If you have been using the written word, such as letters, email, or texts, you should probably try to meet with the person face to face or vice versa.

Communication is a very important part of our lives that requires not only a message, but the right messenger as well. It might be beneficial to ask someone else to help you communicate important messages to others.

Additional Deaf Interpretations

A deaf person threatening you in a dream can signify your partner’s hurt and anger at you not being able to give the attention they need. It is a reminder you need to put effort into relationships regularly. People need to feel valued. Dreaming of being deaf in one ear is a warning to pay attention to the details. You may be trying to solve a situation but cannot. You may be skimming over what appears to be the things that are not relevant, where, in reality, these can be the key to solving the situation.

Giving money to a deaf person warns that someone close will be scammed or ripped off in some way. They may need your help and support. Seeing a deaf person talking in sign language brings great news. There is a wedding on the horizon for women, and a change of career or promotion on the way if you are a man.

Often a deaf person can bring bad news to your dreams. They may warn of trouble coming to your personal or work life. It is a reminder you should always do the best you can at all times. If you do not, the consequences will catch up with you.

A doctor telling you that you are going deaf warns you have isolated yourself from the rest of the world. This is something you need to change or you may always be alone. Is this what you really want? You need to make an effort to connect with friends and family to get yourself out socializing again.

A deaf person teaching others to read is a sign you will discover something new about yourself that will give others a different perspective of you.

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  1. Also, I went looking for the snake online. It resembles a non venomous fox snake or a California king snake with red speckled. The fangs when I was bit in my dream was short, thin, and multiple. Like a hypothermic needle in shape and feel.

  2. I had a dream I was working on a painting on canvas and a drawing on my sketch pad, but my left eye was blurred and my left ear was stopped up. That side of my face felt numb. I heard rustling in the other room and also needed my rubber eraser and sharpener that was also in that room. I went in to find a snake that was majority cream colored with black spots and a tiny bit of red specks. I went to pick it up to move it outside and it bit me three times. I couldn’t yell or scream. And my son just stood in the way from me taking it out of the house. He heatd the noises and I begged him to call my husband, and he just stood there. I woke up. After that dream, I have felt very uneasy towards that room and have feelings like there is something evil in there. Please help.

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