Dead Body Dream Symbol


Dead Body – Seeing a dead body in your dreams indicates poor health or the onset of a serious illness in yourself or someone close to you. It may also be a revelation of mortality in your life. Death is a natural fear that all creatures have. Seeing dead bodies in your dreams means that you may have an unnatural aversion to sickness or death.

Meditating on mortality is an important exercise that you must focus on in order to bring your spiritual aspect back into balance. Dead bodies could also be a warning that something is not quite right in your health or the health of someone close to you. Keeping a healthy diet and exercise is very important this is a direct warning from your body that something is amiss.

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  1. Last night I have seen a naked dead body of a woman hanging in a room. I don’t really know who the woman was. In the dream it happend that the woman had been raped and later murdered. I am still after waking up, wondering what did the deam try to mean or fortell. If you help me with this, I will be thankful. Sneha

  2. Yasmin Hamburger on

    I’ve recently been having dreams about me leaving my parents and my family. I’ve been waking up each morning and been crying. I know this sounds odd, but my latest one was me being sent to jail. I’ve had other dreams about my dogs dieing, and other people as well. What should I do to make these stop?

  3. Sharon Larmour on

    I recently had a dream about people i know and love dearly that is still alive but i had a dream that they had died wat does this mean

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