Danger Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Danger Dream Symbol – Encountering danger or being placed in dangerous situations in your dreams is a warning that you have recently made a choice that involves more problems than may have been aware of at the time. This is a warning that the path that you are currently on is full of obstacles that you should evaluate and take into consideration before continuing.

It is not meant to discourage you from the path that you are on, but rather make you more aware of your surroundings before you jump headlong into trouble. This is a call to rationally consider your choices in a mature way.

Dangerous Dream Interpretations

If you are feeling danger in a dream, it could indicate that you stuck in a real-life situation where you are either feeling like you are in danger or avoiding it. Perhaps you are in an abusive relationship where you are being verbally abused and perceive the threat of danger around you.

Your dream could be an indication that you need to talk to someone about your situation, especially if you are facing real danger in your life. People who are involved in abusive relationships, often make excuses for their partners, without realizing that they should never put up with any threat of violence.

If you find yourself constantly worried about things around you, perhaps your fears are starting to seep into your dreams. The feeling of danger in your dream is your anxious mind trying to express those feelings that you can bottle up inside.

Only you can know the true meaning of your dream. It is important that you ask yourself how you felt in the dream and what were some of the key symbols that can help you decide what your unconscious mind was trying to tell you.

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  1. My third dream was of stopping one of my friend from committing suicide. The reason she attempted suicide was that she tried to kill one of our mutual friend. Also after saving her, I become hell lotta possessive about her and is always with her till my dream ended.

  2. My 2nd dream was similar to the first one..except that this time it was in my home. I got to know somehow that some girl is coming to kill my mother ( my mother told me in the morning that I was screaming yesterday night) This dream was really very bad. In the end, I kill the girl by shooting 6 bullets on her chest. I also set her dead body to fire.

  3. I had 3 dreams back to back last night. In my first dream, there was a married girl and I was playing as a guy. Suddenly IDK how, the scene shifted to an abandoned hospital, where the girl’s husband was brought after she tried to kill him. Though he escapes, she finds him and kills him in front of another person and me. The other witness tries to run and hides, but is caught and stabbed by her. By now she has totally turned into a psycho kind. And now again the scene shifts to my high school building. She is trying to find me, but I have escaped and hiding inside a classroom in the 1st floor. I message her I Love You (I have no idea why) and she finds her way to the 1st floor. As she comes near, I have found my way to the chemistry lab and when I see her in front of me, I stab her like anything. Though I have killed her, I’m still very scared but manage to run away from the building.

  4. Ive had the same dream for a while now. I am in my house or somewhere familiar to me when all of a sudden someone kidnaps me. I am trying to scream but the sound gets stuck in my throat and won’t come out.

  5. Hi,
    I cant really tell the difference between a dream or real life. Mostly when i’m dreaming is at that moment I’m trying to wake up and sometimes i get scared that I wont wake up from that dream and when I wake up it feels like was it a dream or was it real. It is so complicated I can’t really tell. One of my dreams was like while I was sleeping I dreamed I woke up and stood up, but when I look back on my bed I saw myself still sleeping. What is this?. I get this kind of dream really often. Today between 3 p.m and 3.40 p.m afternoon I dreamed my husband walking through the bedroom door and when he opened the door really slowly my red towel that is hanging on the other side of the door covered his face. I knew 99% in my dream that it was my husband walking through the bedroom door. In my dream while my husband was slowly walking through the bedroom door I was laying on the bed staring at him, but in my dream the room was dark and I was scared very scared and in my dream I tried very hard to wake up but I could not something was holding me back from not getting up. But as I tried harder and harder I woke up from that dream, but when I woke up it did not felt as a dream it was like it was really happening at that moment. I was breathing fast and as I look at the bedroom door I saw my red towel from the dream.

    When I woke up I was angry. I was alone at home. I ate and drank water. Then I came back to the bedroom. I asked myself why was I afraid of my own husband in my dream. Why?. So after the thinking I prayed for the room where I’m sleeping. The house where I’m living and everybody in it. I asked God to protect me and my marriage.

    What does my dream mean? I find it strange that I was afraid of my own husband in my dream.

  6. So I woke up this morning with a really bad dream there was somebody in a shopping store and I rememberSeeing a friend in the store she was pregnant and there was a guy with a gun the guy shot my friend but the baby was okay. My friend also dating my ex husband almost 5years ago and now I do have an ex-husband that is a dangerous man and I had just found out I might be pregnant with my new boyfriend. with my dreams in the past I’ve never had a scary one like this I felt it and remembered every detail I called my friend to see if she was okay and told her about the dream everything seemed fine but now I’m scared if that me and that dream was directed toward her or towards me!!!….Has any one experienced this? What does this mean !!!!!

  7. Sydney Hafler on

    I had the weirdest dream and I literally can’t sleep anymore! I was in church with my brother and sister and there were these other kids that one by one went into another room with the nuns and didn’t come back. It didn’t seem suspicious at the time but eventually I found out they were being eaten by the nuns and priests when they weren’t over. The nuns kept trying to manipulate us but I knew so we were safe but I kept watching these othe kids die. This group of three girls sort of listened when I told them but they went anyway. They escaped and we told them to come with us. This man we didn’t know (from the curch but not a priest) took us on a yacht (I have no idea why) and told us that we were going too fast and needed to tie ourselves in with rope. We did and since I was the last one I could feel him yanking the rope and he whispered in my ear “I’ve gotcha now.” Can anyone tell me what this means?!?

  8. TheMonster on

    I figured out my dream 25 years later.

    When I was a child I would have the same dream over and over. I am in my bed, a bear like monster appears, it driver me out to the balcony, I hold on to the edge of the balcony sometimes hanging only with my fingers but it removes them until I fall down to the garden then my dad comes and carries me back to bed.

  9. I was asleep around 3-4am i,m laying on my back I could see someone in my bathroom telling my 6 year old to do something..I tried to move I couldn’t do or say anything all of a sudden I got up as if I woke up as I was approaching the bathroom a dark male shape shadow met me at my room door it was like it went through me before I could say anything, its like I turned around walked back to my bed went back into my body and woke up.. It wasn’t pleasant it was scary..I think it was an outer body experience. .

  10. Hello,
    I had a dream that I was swimming and I mean amazing too I was enjoying that till I got home (this home was a flat and not related to me in anyway) and in my mind I just thought to go and check my car where it was parked in a car park and I see 2 men ripping my window wipers off and my wing mirrors I shouted for them to stop were they started to chase me I ran into this flat and I had to squeeze through the door as they try ed to pull me bk out and I managed to get in with the door locked I called the police as they was shooting a gun wen I called them I cud not hear the police on my fone very faint as they was trying to get into the house the police came and they ran and the police got one of them my dream ended

  11. dreamt about being raped by my dad and he tried to sell me after that… sheesh, wonder what that meant.

  12. If we had a dream and we could relate it to our life problem….does the dream indicate our way of looking at the problem? or really the thing is going to happen in that way?

  13. My dream was that someone was trying to pull me out of my bed it was my feet they were pulling i couldnt turn around to see who it was and i was trying to shout but just made little moans had the exact dream about 3 times now its scary.

  14. So this dream. Was pretty vivid.. It seemed so real! It was the last day of school, my brother & I were waiting outside for my mom to pick us up, my boyfriend was still working (he works at the school as a student worker) so he couldn’t tag along with us. My mom was taking forever! When usually she doesn’t, while were waiting outside the school building a car full of gang members got off the car grabbed these 2 little boys about 4-5 years old and started beating them up in front of us, the boys screamed in grief, & called for help.. But thing is.. If you helped the boys you would get killed, the gang had members w bats, & guns surrounding the little kids just in case someone tried to help them, they put them in a car and drove off. My mom was still not there to pick us up.. My uncle eventually picked us up, as were leaving he says I have to go pick up Dan and rahl.. (The names of the 2 little boys) we told him what happened and Ihe said he had to go find them, I told him that I didn’t wanna go home with him that I wanted to go to my house instead he said okay. We went to go pick up my 2 little sisters from day care (4year old, & a 3 month old) and then we headed home, my uncle said to lock the door and prepare to hide just in case.. He said he was going to find the man that did this to the 2 little boys. He said if a red suburban shows up, get the babies get a gun and hide! My parents were still not home.. All of a sudden a red suburban shows up at my house. I yell to my brother, he said to get the girls and hide! I got my little sister, put the 3 month old in a shoe box, & we his In a cabinet. My brother was with us he had a gun. Someone opens the door and says guys why is it so quiet?! It was my parents! We ran to tell them what happened, it turns out the red suburban was my parents car which was actually a black yukon. My mom told us that my uncle killed the guy that did that, & that we didn’t have to worry he took care of it. That’s when I woke up

  15. I have nightmares all the time, and always wake up with sleep paralysis. It’s never the “cold sweat and go back to sleep”. It truly has its hold on me. I had a dream a few minutes ago, it’s 4:10 a.m. Around 3 is where it ended, I wrote it down in my notes. I had a dream that we were dropping off my little sister at her school and there was like a concert going on there and my dad has to run back to the house or something so me and my mom went in. I don’t know where my sister went but I didn’t seem worried. Me and my mom sat down in some bleachers and waited until all of a sudden there was commotion and screaming outside and I looked at my mom and she just sat there still, staring at the doors so I knew to hide. All of a sudden all these people burst into the auditorium and started attacking people (zombies) and I looked back at my mom and she was gone and I just started running and crawling but I wasn’t fast enough and I saw this kid from my class come running at me (he looked like a zombie but not all gross) and he tried to attack me and I begged him to stop and he just looked at me and said there’s no choice and I flung a metal thing at him. I have no idea what it was or where I got it I just threw what was close to me and I ran out the door. The whole time I was just really sad. And I had the keys to my moms car and I had a few of my friends with me then and we took it and just started driving to the high school. We got to the track and we found one of the coaches along with a bunch of other people and we warned them and just left. We got back to town and I was Ina store with one of my good friends and we heard the commotion again but this time it was just an animal trying to get in. And my friend for some reason got mad at me and I just followed him and he turned around to say something and I woke up. I have nightmares about 3 times a month and always wake up terrified and I was also looking at this other website about this syndrome called “exploding head syndrome” I’m pretty sure I have that because on multiple occasions I wake up to the sound of explosions and I wait for everyone else to wake up but they never do, and in the morning I ask and nobody ever seems to hear anything. So I don’t know, I guess I’m just a crazy dreamer.

  16. this is actually my first time having this dream, i had many last night but i can only remember this one, it really terrified me to the point that i couldnt sleep. well all i remember is starting off on a long road in the middle of the dessert i was walking the road when i see many little kids walking the opposite way as me. when they passed me i started throwing rocks, not at them but at nothing just simply throwing rocks. i went under a tree and picked up another rock, when i stood up i saw some boots above me. when i looked up i saw a man, a big man just looking down from the tree. he got my shoulders and picked me up i couldnt do anything i just punched him once but he didnt flinch i tried screaming for help but i coudnt speak, i couldnt do anything but just stare at his eyes while he picked me up. thats when i woke up.

    • Most probally it shows that u had done something wrong and were going on the wrong path. Children are a symbol of purity and if they were going opposite to where u were that means u were going on the wrong path. Maybe religiously or socially. That cant be clarified only u can. And the man above u meant that he was there to punish u. And u even if u tried would had not escaped his wrath he was like a angel of punishment.
      Thanks and be carefull

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