Dancing Dream Meaning and Interpretations


“I was dancing in my dream!” Dreams about dancing can often contain elements of wish-fulfillment that you might have in your waking life. Dancing can indicate the need to let loose and follow the rhythm of the music.

If you are dirty dancing in a dream it usually means you are looking to spice up your sexual life. You might find yourself bored with your current situation and are in need of some changes. If you see an exotic dancer in your dream it can indicate the urge to let loose without caring about other people’s reactions. To dance with someone you know can mean you are in sync with that person and heading in the same direction.

dancing dream symbolDancing invariably symbolizes happiness and freedom from all cares. If you are the one dancing it means that there is true joy and happiness in your present situation in life. If you are dancing with someone in particular, then they are probably the one bringing you the happiness, even if you do not yet know it.

This person may be a future or current love interest, but can also be someone with whom you have a completely platonic relationship. If you see others dancing and are not dancing yourself, it may indicate that you feel that you are the only person that is not happy among all of your friends and associates. If you see children dancing it means that your life is soon going to take a turn for the better.

Additional Dream Meanings

Dreaming of dancing is about the rhythm of life. It symbolizes your passions in life and your sexuality. Dancing in a dream is a happy dream. It is a dream of the energy you have for the things and people you love. It is about passion. You may be dancing a victory dance, a dance of love, or to release feelings of hurt and frustration.

If you are the one dancing, it represents how you feel about life. Dancing can be an expression of your feelings of freedom. Or, it can mean you are shaking off feelings of oppression. You may not be someone who responds well to others attempts to control you. Dreams of dancing are a true expression of joy running through your veins.

Dreaming of dancing on ice or gymnastics means you need emotional support when under stress. You may need to emotionally mature. Seeing dancing animals, such as a bear, can be signs of courting. You may be surprised by someone you love in the near future. Break dancing indicates sometimes you worry about what the future holds. This is a strong message to live in the moment. Let the future take care of itself.

Dancing in circles is a sign you need to go on holiday. It can indicate you are just going around in circles in your real life. You need to break the cycle. Take time out. Judging a dancing competition can mean you think you are always right. You may have trouble listening to others and respecting alternate points of view. Dancing in a foggy environment is a sign of real life insecurities. Take a look at how to feel more secure. Dreaming of dancing in the street is a positive sign your desires will soon be met.

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  1. I had a dream that my crush broke up with his girlfriend and asked me to dance with him. We were ballroom dancing together. Is there any further meaning behind that?

  2. I had a dream about me dancing with a woman, she was coming up to me but like in a dancing kind of way, she looked actually very beautiful in some sort, then we both were dancing together while others were too, she looked very young like if she was 20 years old in a bright red dress while Mexican music was going on. I did felt happy though?

  3. I dreamt the girl i love dancing with other boys who were her friends while i was watchng. They were all dancing happily. What does it mean? I was not dancing in the dream . Just a spectator.

  4. I dreamt I was Danicing in a market with a lot of crystal hold and diamond shop.there was a young lady and we danced to Indian music

  5. In my dream I was in a room with maybe at most ten people, but most of the people were still and like black and white. I guess that was my brain telling me they were unimportant. But me and a friend of mine started dancing. I’ve known her for like 3 years now. But we not dancing together just kind of in place but we were laughing and stuff. There was no music. And this guy I’ve been interested in for a while now was in the room too. But he was just watching us. Then me and my friend started dancing together. Then the guy started dancing with us. Then out of no where my other friend that I’ve known for a while as well (who has the same name as my other friend) just kind of appeared and was dancing too. And we kept on trying to four way spin but it wasn’t working. But we were all smiling and laughing anyway.

  6. I dreamt there was a dance competition and I opted to dance with a group of guys .I suggested we do the chicken dance.I wasn’t perfect in it but I felt this extreme joy and happiness within. After the dance everyone one seem to applaud me.i was really fulfilled caring less if I was perfect.

  7. I dreamed I started dancing after receiving news. Then everyone around me began encouraging me as the tried to do my dance. I know I was happy and confident but I can’t remember the news I received.

  8. In my dream there are two little girls dancing and I went over to dance with them and they were very mean and wouldn’t let me dance with them. Can anyone help with this interpretation?

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