Dance Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dance Dream Symbol – Dance is a form of self-expression and creativity within the dreamer. If you dream of dancing it can indicate that you feel a sense of happiness and freedom in your waking life. These dreams can indicate that you are in a very positive time in your life and want to show that happiness to those around you.

If you are dancing with another person in your dream, it may indicate intimacy with someone else and sexual freedom. Seeing a man and woman dancing together can also be symbolic of harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. This can indicate that you have found a good balance between the two sides of your personality.

To dream about someone asking you to dance, can symbolize your readiness to find love and have it enter your life. If you have been looking to find someone for you, this is a good symbol in your dream.

If you dream that someone is leading you in a dance, it may indicate that you are being moved by people around you. The direction of your life is being dictated by those around you and not by your own actions.

If you dream that you are dancing with someone you love, it may indicate wish fulfillment and be a good omen that positive things will happen in your life.

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