Daisy Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Daisy Dream Symbol – Daisies in your dreams represent innocence, beauty, and friendship. They can mean that someone you are close to will make a valuable positive contribution to your life in some way. Pulling the petals from the flower, one-by-one, can mean you are questioning your partner’s love.

daisy-dreamsWalking through a field of daisies means your life is full of happiness. It is a sign of abundance and prosperity. When the scene is one of bright, sunny skies with the wildlife singing, this is a sign your health and life will soon improve. There will always be someone there to support and guide you.

Dreaming of being gifted a daisy bouquet means you may soon suffer depression. It can also mean someone you love is lost to you. Picking daisies at the base of a mountain is a strong sign your life partner will soon enter your life. Daisies in your dreams are most likely to bring messages of hope along with growth and renewal. Things you may dearly need.

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