Daffodil Dream Symbol


Daffodil – Daffodils are a symbol of spring and new life. Yellow daffodils represent the male aspect of spring and the sexual desires of mating and procreation. White daffodils represent the female divine that can be found in spring and the bringing of new life onto the earth in the form of birth and newborn creatures.

Daffodils also bear the meaning of purity and honesty. If you are given daffodils by someone in your dream, their meaning is imparted to you and you become the symbol of new life and beginnings.

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  1. I was called a Daffodil Beauty by my partner in my dream, but it was not his voice, it was a voice of another but him mouth moved to the words. Like a message was being shared to me. But I can not find a meaning of why these simple words were shared? Any thoughts on the meaning? My partner does not talk this way, not would ever use the flower Daffodil in a sentence..lol It felt like a message…any thoughts??

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