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Cup Dream Symbol – When you dream of a cup it can signify you need to spend more time dealing with the boring things in life. This can be about your home life. A man dreaming of a cup can refer to your feelings about your home life. A woman having the same dream can indicate you worry a lot about family and friends.

Seeing a cup in a dream symbolizes there is prosperity and happiness coming into your life Cups can also represent healing and rejuvenation. Seeing a broken cup signifies you have worries in your waking life. This dream warns to think about the issues before you try to deal with the situation.

Drinking from a cup signifies your path through a traumatic time in your life. Dropping a cup that smashes warns to think carefully before making a decision. Do not let others pressure you into making a decision before you are ready. But know, there are those who help and support you throughout your working life.

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  1. I dreamed my sister asked me if I remembered a boy (cannot recall his name), but instantly I saw the boy sitting in the passenger seat of my car. I said “Yes! He’s the boy in the TV show called The Cup from when we were kids!” The boy in my car looked about 10 years old, body-wise, but his face looked much older, like it is what his face looks like in the present. Can’t even begin to figure this out!

  2. I had a dream I saw my dad who is passed away. I called out to him as he was walking past me(he did not acknowlesge me) and he through a ceramic cup at my feet and it broke into pieces. Then I woke from the dream. Anu thoughts please wouls help

  3. in my dream, i asked my daughter to bring out her dirty dishes, among them was a mug that had been broken i cant remember if the pieces were still there but i remember when i turned the mug around i realised it was my partners mug that she had broken, she looked very nonchalant about it shirking it off and i woke up with an overwhelming sense of dread, any thoughts?

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