Cuba Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Cuba Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of Cuba symbolizes an attitude that does not care what others think about you. You like to do things you own way even though others will not necessarily approve. Sometimes you do this to prove a point. Are you being stubborn or defiant?

A dream highlighting Cuba can also mean your stubbornness and defiance are usually self-defeating. And, you need to have some patience if you want to achieve something, or get in there and take some action. Are you the sort of person who has trouble admitting when you are wrong?

Do you expect others to do all the work? Or, is there an overbearing person around you that beats you down with their strong opinions? You may need to remove some people and situations from your life.

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  1. April Cook on

    Traveling with bare feet. Hot outside busy city. Perhaps cuba.

    Traveling for many hours by foot holding my cat who likes to explore. He comes to me when I call and we continue by foot.

    I see a city I do not recognize and not sure Im traveling in right direction but keep going. Finally stop at a place and go in and realize it is a bar. Talk to a stranger and before I leave a I notice a swollen large skin on my right arm a few inches from my wrist then a strange parasite an inch long moving under the skin. I freak out and say help and the parasite mutates fast then comes out of my skin on my arm and is gone.

    The stranger assists me outside to help me find my way and I continue on foot holding my cat as I walk.

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